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"Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith (covered by The Just Dance Kids in-game), is featured on Just Dance Kids 2.

Appearance of the Dancer

They are school girls.

The lead dancer has black shoes, yellow leggins, a pink t-shirt, a red jacket and ponytails.

The backup dancers have black shoes and ponytails too, the P1 has a pink jacket and a lightblue t-shirt. P3 has a pink t-shirt and a red and black jacket.


The background appears to be in a middle school classroom, much like the music video. The classroom has windows, wooden cubbies, a door, a tiled ceiling, a chalkboard, desks facing the chalkboard, and a carpet.

Gold Moves

All : Make a circle with your head.

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  • The background and dance bares resemblance to the music video.
  • The song is shortened by almost a minute.


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