"Who Let the Dogs Out?" by Baha Men is featured on Just Dance, Just Dance 3 (as a DLC), Just Dance: Greatest Hits, Just Dance Kids, The Smurfs Dance Party (under a different name) and Just Dance Now. In the Wii version of Just Dance 3, Just Dance: Greatest Hits and Just Dance Now the song is covered by The Sunlight Shakers; in Just Dance Kids, the song is covered by The Just Dance Kids



The dancer is in a dog costume. The dog costume is a dalmatian dog with a red shirt, black shoes, and red sunglasses. He wears a bone necklace. The dancer's costume has got light-yellow fur.

Just Dance Now

Nothing much is changed in the Just Dance Now remake. However, his outlines are in higher definition.


The background are clouds with bones flying around. The bones and ground light up in the Just Dance 3 version and beyond.

Shake Moves

The routine has a total of Two Shake Moves, all of which are the same:

Both Shake Moves: Randomly swing your arms.

Gold Moves

Starting with Just Dance 3, the routine has a total of 2 Gold Moves, all of which are the same.:
Both Gold Moves: Do a wild arm shake.

Appearances in Mashups

Who Let The Dogs Out? appears in the following Mashups:


  • For Just Dance 3 and beyond, the song is covered by The Sunlight Shakers.
    • However, on the Xbox 360 version of Just Dance 3, the song is not covered.
  • In The Smurfs Dance Party, the title of the song is Who Let the Smurfs Out?, and the dancer for it is Gargamel.
  • There's an avatar of the dancer available in Just Dance 2014, only unlockable in July.
    • The avatar is also available on Just Dance 2015, but only if you have saved data from the previous games (only possible on Wii).
  • If you look closely at the dog mask, you can see the dancer's head in the mouth hole.
  • In the Just Dance version, his costume was white, but it was changed into a yellow tone. Later remakes are based on this beta element.
  • In a few lyrics on the Just Dance 3 and Just Dance: Greatest Hits versions, there is a full stop at the end of the lines, making them read Who let the dogs out. This only happens during the second, third, and fourth times in which the lyrics are sung. In the other times when it is sung, it'll say Who let the dogs out without the full stop.
    • This only happens on the Wii version on both of the games.
  • The short gameplay for this routine was the first Just Dance gameplay video to be uploaded on the American Just Dance YouTube channel.
  • This is one of the dancers with yellow skin, the other being the bride from Hot n Cold.



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