"Why Oh Why" by Love Letter is featured as a DLC on both Just Dance 2 and Just Dance 3. It is also featured on the main tracklist of Just Dance: Summer Party and Just Dance Now.


The dancers are clothed in Siberian fashion.


P1, a woman, has black short hair and wears a black wrap, a purple dress, a necklace, a red belt and heels.


P2, a man, wears a Siberian hat, a red jacket, purple shirt underneath, mustaches, red pants and white shoes.

In their remake, their outfits are more realistic, but they remain the same colors. P2's jacket has been toned down in shade a bit, however.


The background looks like a flat/restaurant with pink neon lights at the top of the windows, a piano, a candle stand with candles, a couch, a table, a polar bear carpet that lip syncs "Why Oh Why? Baby Oh Why?" and a fireplace.  In the sky, there are lots of heart shaped lights.

In the Xbox version, the flat looks darker and it has a more romantic atmosphere. 

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Moves 1 & 3: Put your right hand on your forehead as if to search for something.
Gold Move 2: Put your right hand on the face in a disco pose.


  • This is the first song to have a cutscene, followed by (I've Had) The Time Of My Life, The Lazy Song and Blame It on the Boogie.
  • This is the first song by Love Letter; the second is their cover of Only You (And You Alone).
  • P2 sometimes lip-syncs the lyrics.
  • This is the first time a dancer exits the screen during the choreography, and then comes back on-screen. This will later be seen in Kurio ko uddah le jana and then in Mahna Mahna.
  • The song is not a cover; rather it is an original song by Love Letter.
  • If you look at the Just Dance Now pictogram sprite, you can notice 2 things; One pictogram is brighter than the others, and there is just an empty space. Usually, empty spaces would have a placeholder pictogram in them.
    • If a placeholder was added, this would've been the 5th song to have a Placeholder pictogram added in their pictogram sprite.



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