"Womanizer" by Britney Spears (covered by The Gym All-Stars in-game), is featured on Just Dance.

Appearance of the Dancer

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The dancer is a woman. She wears an outfit inspired by Britney's outfit from the music video. She wears a blue dress, hair, stilettos, a white belt and some long white gloves. Her hair is blue and short, and is sometimes seen to be wearing glasses.


Just Dance

The background consists mostly of various triangles in shades of red against a dark red wall. The triangles slowly but surely light up. The floor is reflective.

Just Dance Now

In the remake, the triangles are more animated and the floor isn't reflective anymore. In the chorus, the triangles turn grey and a white light starts swaying.


  • In a beta version of Just Dance, Fame had this song's background. This coach, instead, was going to use the Girls Just Want To Have Fun background.
  • This is the first Britney Spears cover in the series. It is followed by Toxic, Baby One More Time, Oops!...I Did It Again and Circus. All of them are covered with the exception of Circus.
  • This is one of the dancers with only one color, along with Girls Just Want To Have Fun and Surfin' Bird.
  • Her appearance is the same as it is in the music video which is an office worker. She also looks similar to the female dancer from Limbo.
    • However, she is not the same dancer as Julia Spiesser left after Just Dance 4.
  • On Amazon, the singer is credited as "In The Style Of Britney Spears".
  • Lollipop is not censored, despite that it will be later censored in C'mon.
  • The lyrics say "You mistake me as a sucker" instead of "You mistake you're a sucker".
  • With a Pictogram count of 111, this song has the most Pictograms in the original Just Dance.
  • The dance reuses moves from Hot n Cold.
  • The outfit that the coach is wearing is actually black. However, the coach was recolored.
  • This routine makes a cameo in Video Killed the Radio Star.
  • In the Just Dance Now remake, the coach's shoes have a slight flickering effect.



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