"XMas Tree" von Bollywood Santa ist auf Just Dance 2015, Just Dance 2015 China und Just Dance 2016 (als Uplay freischaltbar).


The dance appears to take place on a frozen lake with snow covering the area around it. It also takes place during the night and elephants and elves appear. A huge snowy Christmas Tree also remains in the background throughout the routine.


Both dancers have darker skin than most, similar to Papaoutai.


P1 is a woman who is wearing a green dress with two gold stripes at the bottom. She also wears a pink scarf. Her hair is black.


P2 looks like Santa Claus. He wears red and white clothes and also has a long white beard. Also, his red headwear resembles a turban.

Bollywoodxmas coach 1.png


Bollywoodxmas coach 2.png


Gold Moves

The routine has 4 Gold Moves, all of which are all the same: All: Open your arms and lift your left leg in an Indian pose (as displayed by the Pictograms).

Xmastree gm 1 type 1.png

All Gold Moves

Xmastree gm 1 type 2.png

All Gold Moves (Other side)

Appearances in Mashups

Xmas Tree tritt in folgendem Mashup auf:

  • Holding Out for a Hero (Cray Cray Duet)

Community Remix

XMas Tree hatte einen Community Remix, welches nach Weihnachten entfernt wurde.

Folgende Spieler sind im Remix:

  • UbiMous [France]
  • PrimoEndymion4 [Czech Republic]
  • KnockedStatue92 [Italy]
  • Anderlini [Canada]
  • LagArrnor [USA]
  • Vitorhcl [Brasil]
  • iFartedHereFYI [Australia]
  • Twefor [Peru]
  • danidlazzr [USA]
  • TinklyChimera44 [USA]
  • teriog85 [Italy]
  • kaarenn [Canada]
  • BigDaddy is BIG [USA]
  • Ader18 [USA]
  • SimplY4Chaos [Canada]
  • xConigonz90 [Chile]
  • DriedTortoise14 [USA]
  • JuanySaml [Mexico]
  • sonicowo [Mexico]
  • Juninxx13 [Brasil]
  • AlertChunk21 [Brasil]
  • SpinexTargaryen [Hong Kong]
  • AlissonW4ke [Brasil]


  • Die Tänzer haben den selben Hautfarbton wie Prince Ali und Let It Go.
  • This is the second Christmas-themed song in the series after Crazy Christmas by Santa Clones. All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey will likely be the third.
  • Die Tänzer sehen aus wie die meisten Bollywood Tänzer in Just Dance.
  • Es ist einer der schnellsten Songs in der Spielereihe.
  • Die Melodie basiert auf "Jingle Bells"
  • Der Originaltitel war eigentlich Bollywood XMas



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