"Chantaje" by Shakira featuring Maluma is featured on Just Dance 2018 and Just Dance Now.

Appearance of the Dancers


The routine is a duet between a woman and a man.


P1 has short, purple hair in a bob, and wears a yellow dress that is opened in the middle, maroon high waist shorts, black leather belts with gold rivets, and black stiletto sandals with calf-high leg straps. She has an orange outline. She has a orange bracelet on her right wrist.


P2 has short, black hair and a beard, and wears a black blazer, a yellow shirt, maroon pants with holes in the knees, and black and gold shoes. He has a rad wristwatch on his right wrist. He has an orange outline as well.

At one verse, and by the end of the song, both dancers darken drastically, and the woman's hair and skirt are pink and red respectively.

Subway Version

The Subway Version routine is performed by a trio of women.


P1 has black hair in two pigtails, a pair of sunglasses, two golden pendants, a black and light blue collar with a matching low-necked shirt, a magenta bracelet on the right wrist, yellow high-waisted pants and black heels.


P2 has a violet cap over pink hair in a tail lying on the left, sunglasses, star-shaped pendants, a yellow sleeveless T-shirt with purple silhouettes of violins, two magenta macrame bracelets on her left wrist and a black watch on the right one, fuchsia pants with yellow extremities and magenta sneakers.


P3 has blonde hair done in a bob. She wears a pair of sunglasses with a light blue frame, a magenta shirt with a black and gold necklace, a black bracelet on her left wrist, a violet skirt and black heels.



The background is dark red with orange squares and a circular illusion that darkens the dancers that walk into it. The scenery softly flashes red. During the chorus, in some of the larger squares, side views of the dancers’ heads can be briefly seen lip-syncing "Puro, puro chantaje" while facing each other (P1 also lip-syncs "Eh eh eh, nadie"). When the dancers are at their darkest, the scenery is bright orange with a sun-like background.

Subway Version

The Subway Version routine takes place on a subway with the coaches seated, in which pineapples and pandas are strictly prohibited. There are posters for Just Dance 2016, Just Dance 2017, and Just Dance 2018, as well as a missing person poster featuring the Panda from I Gotta Feeling. A subway transit map can also be viewed, which lights up as the routine progresses. Outside the window of the subway car, three stations can be seen at separate points in the routine, as well as a tunnel that lights up in various colors. In the chorus the background for Summer Sweetie also appears outside the window. The routine ends when the subway stops at the final station.

Gold Moves


There are 3 Gold Moves in the Classic routine:
Gold Move 1: Scoop your right arm out while moving your legs side to side.
Gold Move 2: Same as Gold Move 1 but slower and with no leg movement.
Gold Move 3:

  • P1: Point your right arm to P2.
  • P2: Float out your arms.

Subway Version

There are 3 Gold Moves in the Subway Version routine:

Gold Move 1: Throw your arms out as if to shrug. P1 and P2 do this while facing P3, and P3 does this while facing P2.
Gold Move 2: With your right leg slightly out, cross your wrists in front of you while angled towards the left.
Gold Move 3: While turned left, punch your right arm straight up.


  • Chantaje is the fifth song by Shakira in the series.
    • Chantaje is also the second song by Maluma in the series.
  • On the cover from Ubisoft’s website, P2’s glove is pink instead of purple.
  • The US preview is the fourth one in the series to show the end of the song. It is preceded by that of It’s Not Unusual, Make It Shine , Je sais pas danser, and followed by that of The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody).
  • "Loba" is censored.
  • In the US preview description, Shakira’s name is misspelled as "Shakire".
  • The Subway Version routine features several Easter Eggs:
    • On the left metro wall, there is a flyer that reads "Notice for missing person", with a silhouette of I Gotta Feeling; on the right wall, there are two prohibition signs with a pineapple (referencing P3 of In the Summertime) and a panda head (referencing the Panda from many routines of the franchise).
    • In the chorus, some parts of the background from Summer Sweetie can be seen through the windows.
      • This is the first routine to have refrences from the Chinese Series.
    • Several ads for different Just Dance games appear throughout the routine (i.e, outside the subway as a poster).
    • The singers’ names and the song name appears on a tiled wall outside the subway.
  • Since the Subway version is sitting down, this is the seventh song that requires sitting down. The first one being the Chair version of Rich Girl, the Seated Dance version of Diamonds, Under the Sea, the Car Version of Teacher and What Is Love, and the Bicycle version of Side To Side.
  • The Subway Version is the second routine to be set in a train, after Dance My Generation and followed by John Wayne.
    • It is the third to have a train theme, the first being Part of Me and the second being Dance My Generation. It is succeeded by John Wayne.
  • In the Just Dance Now version, the letter C is not capitalized.
  • Unusually, the square for the Subway Version has the word Sweat on the wall in the background instead of any of the words that actually appear (Shakira, Maluma, or Chantaje).


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