"Diggy" by Spencer Ludwig is featured on Just Dance 2018 and Just Dance Now.

Appearance of the Dancer

Diggy coach 1

The dancer is a man with black sunglasses and a black fedora. He wears a pink, purple, and orange shirt with a black jacket over it. He has ripped orange pants and pink shoes. He has a double-lined white outline that is one solid line and one dotted line.


The background of the routine is mainly the same. It is a wall with patterns and silhouettes of trumpets. At parts of the songs, the background changes colors. At the verses it's orange and the trumpets are purple, and the trumpets are "playing" the instrumental.

At the pre-chorus, the wall turns black with pink spots, and a giant pink trumpet is seen as if the camera moving. At the chorus, the background turns orange with a big pink spot in the middle of the background, with 3 pink trumpets on each side and purple trumpet which are line up like a gate. During the chorus, the spot turns orange. After the Gold Move, the background is orange, and 3 trumpets in different colors (pink, purple and orange) are moving from left to right, and some "echo" is coming out the trumpets. Also, there are small pink trumpets that moving fast.

During the bridge, the background turns pink, with 6 real-life trumpets, with some strips are getting out of the trumpets.

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine, all of which are the same:

All Gold Moves: Bring your hands up in front of your mouth at right angles to your body as if you are surprised.


  • Diggy is the first song by Spencer Ludwig in the series.
    • If his appearance as a member of Capital Cities in Safe And Sound, this is his second appearance in the series.
  • The thumbnail for the American preview, uploaded on justdancegame, increased in quality a day after its release.


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