"Done For Me" by Charlie Puth featuring Kehlani is featured on Just Dance Unlimited and Just Dance Now.

Appearance of the Dancers


P1 is a woman wearing a short pink ruffled dress, with a red laced under-skirt. She also has orange slicked back hair. She has mutiple accessories including square hoop earings, a large gold colored necklace, and a black belt with a silver buckle. She also has an ankle-high front covering black high-heels.


P2 is a man wearing a blue and light pink bowling shirt. He also has longer black hair that is parted in the middle. He sports dark blue pants that are cut off above the ankle and is held with a black belt. He also wears turquoise loafers with a black strip across the front. His accessories include a gold bracelet matching the color of P1’s necklace.


The background takes place in a city at night that conists of various alleyways that are decorated with neon light displays, mostly in blue and pink. The alleyways are made of brick. The displays flicker on in accordance with the songde Jus lyrics. Besides the lyrics, the displays also depict romantic schemes and schemes that correspond with the lyrics. For example, when "I lie for you baby" is sung, a pair of lips with an index finger over them as if to shush someone appears next to the lyrics. The background changes as well, with more zooming in and out of the alleyways.

Gold Moves

There is 1 Gold Move in this routine:

Gold Move:

  • P1: Put your right hand in P2’s right hand.
  • P2: Bring your right hand out for P1 to hold.


  • The track is extended slightly with the final chorus being extended.
  • There are inconsistencies with the in-game lyrics and the background lyrics, in which the in-game lyrics are correct:
    • The background lyrics read "You say you are leaving", but the in-game lyrics read "You say you’re leaving".
    • The background lyrics read "No baby no", but the in-game lyrics read "No oh oh baby no".
  • An unnecessary apostrophe appears before the word "uncomfortable" during Kehlani's first verse.


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