"Havana" por Camila Cabello aparece en Just Dance 2019 y Just Dance Now

Apariencia del Bailarín


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La bailarina es una mujer con el pelo oscuro atado en una coleta, un vestido de flamenco violeta, pendientes de aro de oro, un brazalete de oro y tacones con correas dorados y negros.

Tango Version


The dancer is a man with a mustache. He wears a yellow dress shirt and black slacks with purple suspenders. He wears a blue fedora with a black strap around it, purple socks and loafers.


The dancer is a woman with curly hair. She wears a blue transparent lace top with a purple bra over it. She also has a purple split skirt with a black garter belt. She has black heels.



The background features vintage, Cuban style scenery. It features an outdoor café, with palm trees displayed all around. People frequently appear within the landscape. It resembles Havana City.

Background Dancers

Four background dancers can be seen in the background.

The first background dancer is a woman. She has a short hair, half pink shirt, long pink pants, and pink high-heels. She also wears a golden bracelet on her left hand and a yellow bracelet in her right hand.

The second background is a woman. She has a brown hair, tied into a ponytail. She wears a half-tricot yellow shirt, with yellow shirts, and yellow high heels. She also wears golden bracelets.

The third background dancer is a man. He has a curly black hair and a mustache. He wears yellow open shirt, with a yellow undershirt, long yellow pants, and yellow and white sneakers. He also has a brown bracelet on his right hand.

The fourth background dancer is a man. He has a curly hair. He wears a light blue fedora, light blue tank top, blue shorts, and light blue sneakers.

Tango Version

The background uses a sample of the Classic routine’s background. It starts with a black filter and two orange spotlights coming from the right and left sides, focusing on the coaches for the entire routine. As the song starts with each clap, it flashes a part of the Classic background in different places, creating a montage colored in violet, red, blue and green (depends on the parts). These flashes bump along with the beat.

Gold Moves


There are 2 Gold Moves in this routine:

Gold Move 1: Shake both of your hands down five times.
Gold Move 2: Blow a kiss to the right of the screen. This is the final move of the routine.

Tango Version

There are 2 Gold Moves in the Tango routine:

Gold Move 1:

  • P1: Quickly put your right hand near P2’s leg
  • P2: Grab P1’s neck with your right hand.

Gold Move 2: This is the final move of the routine.

  • P1: Hold P2 with your left hand and lean to the left.
  • P2: Lean back and put your right hand near P1’s chin.


  • Havana marks Camila Cabello’s solo debut in the series.
    • Including her appearance as a member of Fifth Harmony in Worth It, this is her second appearance in the series.
    • It is also her first song on Just Dance 2019.
  • The orchestral instrumental version of Havana was used as one of the songs in Ubisoft’s E3 2018 press conference.[4]
  • Havana was initially meant to be revealed in the E3 tracklist, but the announcement of the song was officially postponed to Gamescom for unknown reasons. Nonetheless, the track appears in multiple pre-Gamescom teasers[5], has an appearance as a playable song in the E3 demo, and its preview was released before Gamescom.
  • The solo version of the song without Young Thug is used in the game.
  • Havana appeared in the product description of Just Dance 2019 on the Ubisoft store website before its official announcement, but was removed.[6]
  • The coach from Isidora can be seen in the routine in several color schemes.
  • A different preview is used in the News section on the Nintendo Switch and in the teaser from the Ubisoft Southeast Asia YouTube channel. It has no pictograms, and it goes from the second half of the first verse to the first half of the second one.[7]
  • During the first seconds of the song, a 123RF watermark can be seen in the background.
  • Although not credited, Pharrell Williams does occasional background vocals for the song.
  • When Bang Bang Bang was added to the Favorites playlist during its first release in Just Dance Now, Havana could appear before it in spite of it being removed.
    • The menu icon for Havana was shown as a blank square with no song title and no stars. When the icon was clicked on, the song title and the artist name from Bang Bang Bang appeared, but Havana’s cover was shown.
  • Havana is used as the musical track in the TV spot for Just Dance 2019.[8]
  • The last line, “Havana oh na na”, is not displayed in the lyrics.
  • In spite of the Classic routine being removed from Just Dance Now, the coach’s avatar is still available in-game.


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