"I’m An Albatraoz" by AronChupa is featured on Just Dance 2016, Just Dance Now, and Just Dance Unlimited.

Appearance of the Dancer

Albatraoz coach 1 big

The dancer is a woman, meant to resemble a ballerina from inside a music box. She wears a pink dress with a glittery top, a purple poofy skirt, red shorts and a blue tiara. She wears light lavender leggings and purple ballet slippers. She also has curly magenta hair pulled to the right, with a bow on the opposite side. At the drop, she turns black with a purple outline. During the French lines, her outfit turns into a monochrome lavender. Her dance moves are a combination of mechanical moves and a ballet inspired attitude.


Inspired by the mix between electronic music and the retro cabaret style, the routine takes place inside of a vintage music box. It is mainly brown and golden, but it darkens and flashes pink lights as the dancer darkens. The background and the dancer heavily zooms in and out at specific parts of the song.

Gold Moves


There are 4 Gold Moves in the Classic routine:

Gold Moves 1 and 2: Push your arms forward while crossing them slightly.
Gold Move 3: Bend and throw your hands down, similar to a deactivating robot.
Gold Move 4: Lie down with your arms and your legs up. This is the final move of the routine.


There is 1 Gold Move in the Mashup:

Gold Move: Put your arms behind your head in frustration while turning half clockwise. This is the final move of the routine. (I Love It)


I'm Am Albatraoz has a Mashup with the theme Merry Go Round, which can be unlocked for 1000 Mojo Coins (or 20 Mojo Coins on the Wii).


[GM] indicates a Gold Move.

Dance Quests


  • Lightning

Community Remix

I'm An Albatraoz has a Community Remix. The following are featured:

(No repeats)

  • RosanneSmango (United Arab Emirates)
  • Joskeldym (Peru)
  • GiannisInLove (Greece)
  • FlintySquare549 (USA)
  • fraclajaz (Canada)
  • Draketastic (USA)
  • DAD76-_- (Italy)
  • AleJorgeNS (Brazil)
  • teeven (France)
  • Sam_Bol19 (USA)
  • SurferOfSouth (Brazil)
  • Sandy381 (France)
  • VitorHCL (Brazil)
  • MorocanCrusher3 (France)
  • KotoyamaD (Russia)
  • Of Hugo (France)
  • coffebeanz (USA)
  • Manongotswag (France)
  • jaytaty24 (USA)
  • elskaligr (USA)
  • dangerniel (Germany)
  • SiVi0Mango (Russia)
  • thecreator0512 (Russia)
  • Celeste91 (Netherlands)
  • Draketastic (USA)
  • Troudl93 (France)
  • gabisthebest (Canada)
  • coffebeanz (USA)
  • Bentendlo (Germany)
  • ludmilalv17 (Brazil)
  • elrubius034 (Colombia)
  • coffebeanz (USA)
  • Snakepit76 (France)
  • luanzInk (Brazil)
  • Of Hugo (France)
  • ninja kitten654 (UK)
  • nijishoujo (USA)
  • lauragaming (UK)
  • nijishoujo (USA)
  • cece59111 (France)
  • robertokirby386 (USA)
  • urinyan (Japan)
  • Awesomstarguy (USA)
  • Nano Pro en GD (Mexico)
  • Danielopesbrown (Brazil)
  • UnknitTerror691 (UK)
  • cc1celina (Germany)
  • Caiolobo59 (UK)
  • cc1celina (Germany)
  • HerClient697 (USA)
  • reginissima (Mexico)
  • phillips5boys (USA)
  • fraclajaz (Canada)


  • I’m An Albatraoz is the first song by AronChupa in the series.
    • Even though she is uncredited both in-game and in the official release, Nora Ekberg, AronChupa's sister, provides the vocals for this track.
  • "B**ch" and "hoe" are censored, and "f**k" (from the line "But f**k that little mouse") is replaced with "who's".
  • There were missing pictograms between 0:58 to 1:00 in the preview, but in the Just Dance 2016 Song List part 2 trailer, there are pictograms in it.
  • This dancer freezes at many points due to the song also freezing at many points.
  • There is a beta element in the square for this coach - the dancer's hat is light blue in-game, but the menu square shows a pink hat.
  • In Hunter Pence’s Just Dance 2016 Surprise, a different background for I’m An Albatraoz can be seen when they are playing the track.[1]
  • In the Mashup, when Addicted To You dancer appears at the beginning, she does not spin around or walk in a circle.
    • Although, in the dancer's original routine, she does spin.
  • As seen in a few videos, the background was less detailed in an early version of the routine.
    • This background makes an appearance in the video preview of the song.
  • Some lyrics are misinterpreted: Smoked that cheesn' like a baoz is displayed as Smoked the cheese and light it out, Money Money flow is displayed as Money money blow and Chinka chinka chingka-flow is displayed as Katching katching katching kablow.
  • In the Just Dance Now files for I’m An Albatraoz, a pictogram is shown to be named after the song.
  • In Just Dance Now, I’m An Albatraoz and These Boots Are Made For Walking initially could not be bought with the Just Dance 2016 pack. This was later fixed.
  • The song was played during the play-off of the Just Dance World Cup 2015.[2]
  • During the chorus and bridge, the coach’s glove disappears.
  • The game uses the music video version, which slightly extends the song.


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