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"J’suis pas jalouse" by Andy Raconte is featured on Just Dance Unlimited and Just Dance Now.

Appearance of the Dancers

The routine is performed by a duet composed of a man and a woman.


P1 is a man, he is wearing a light pink cap with a golden crown with blue and green jewels. He wears a pink and blue sweater with blue clouds, a rainbow and a yellow cat's face with a blue horn, blue pants with a golden chain, and pink shoes with white laces and soles.


P2 is a woman. She has a dark purple braid sliding down her left side. She wears a golden crown with motifs and emblems carved into it and a red oval gem, with blue cushions to support the base of the crown. She wears a light pink short sleeved shirt with a cartoon-like explosion design in the front, with lips covered in blue glitter near it, a black leather jacket with loose belts and gold chains, a large blue ballgown skirt, black knee-high socks, and yellow leather combat boots with pink laces.


The routine takes place in a royal and luxurious lounge, with large, gold-framed mirrors that are hung or float around the background; a sofa with purple highlights and black center, a desk with a mirror and a lamplight, and a cabinet with another mirror, which sits on top. The flooring is made of dark purple wood. Waves with sharp ends move about on it. A purple curtain drapes around a tinted glass mosaic. The glass and some mirrors show Andy's face or her eyes.

The background then switches to a golden cage with heart locks and golden chains, which then breaks into pieces, bringing the routine back to the lounge.

Gold Moves

There are 2 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Move 1:

  • P1: Move your arms back and forth in a catching way while moving to the left.
  • P2: Blow kisses with both hands while moving to the left.

Gold Move 2: Throw your right and left arm up consecutively.


  • J’suis pas jalouse is the fifth French-language song in the series.
  • J’suis pas jalouse is the fifth song in the series by a YouTube personality, current or former, after Gibberish, YOUTH, Je sais pas danser and Beep Beep I’m A Sheep.
  • J’suis pas jalouse translates to "I am not jealous".
  • Love You Like A Love Song, P1’s shirt, P2’s outfit and the routine appear on the music video for J’suis pas jalouse.
  • The line "Dans mon cœur t’es mon Jon Snow/Dans le tien je suis Cersei", as heard in the music video, is changed to "Pour moi t’es le prince charmant/toi j’te refile des allergies" in the game.
    • Also, the line "C'était moi photoshoppé" in the music video is changed to "C'était moi grave retouchée" in the game.
  • J’suis pas jalouse (Andy) is the fifth song in the series to have a code name that is derived from the artist’s name, after Applause (LimaGolf1), Roar (KiloPapaDLC), Same Old Love (StarGate), and Je sais pas danser (Natoo).
    • This is the second that directly mentions the artist, after Je sais pas danser.


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