Wiki Just dance

Appearance of the Dancers


The dancers consist of two men and two women dressed in 1950s fashion. They have an orange outline.


P1 is a man with short black hair. He wears an orange suit with black accents and lavender cuffs hidden in his sleeves, a light orange button shirt with a black string tie, orange pants secured by a red belt and black shoes with white accents on the top.


P2 is a woman with a high volume black hair, with parts of her hair resting on her shoulders. She wears a red and white sleeveless checkered top with the bottom part tied up, a long red skirt secured by a black belt and black strap-on heeled wedges.


P3 is a man with black hair styled in a pompadour. He wears a dark orange T-shirt with a black sleeveless greaser jacket over it, black jeans secured by a black belt and black shoes.


P4 is a woman with black hair in a short beehive with messy bangs. She wears a pink and red bustier with red sleeves, pink high waist pants with black buttons, pink socks and black doll heels.