"New Face" por PSY aparece en Just Dance 2018.

Appearance of the Dancers

Throughout the routine, the heads of the dancers constantly switch through different photos of faces.


P1 and P3 are women wearing long-sleeve leotards with green torso outlines, knee-length pink socks with single black stripes, and yellow shoes. Their default heads are wearing circle sunglasses and a red, yellow, and blue hats covering short, blonde curls with black streaks.


P2 is a man wearing a lime green shirt with a red torso shield, a yellow bracelet on his left arm, is wearing navy blue glitter pants, and yellow and green shoes. His default head wears a pair of sunglasses.


The background consists of a small room with large, illuminated squares that switch between different colors throughout the routine. The room switches between shades of pink, yellow, and blue. There are ten clones of the backup dancers, each with their own face photos. At the end of the routine, the message "From the Just Dance Team with love ♡" is written.

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine:

Gold Moves 1 and 3: Shake your right hand in front of your face twice. Gold Move 3 is the final move of the routine.
Gold Move 2: Perform a "dab" move by raising your right arm to your face and your left arm outwards.


  • New Face is the fourth song by PSY in the series.
  • New Face is the fifth Korean song in the main series.
  • New Face is the second routine to show CGI faces on the dancers, after Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (From The Emoji Movie). It is followed by Happy Farm.
  • The faces on the dancers belong to members of the Just Dance development team, such as Mouss Otakool and Alkis Argyriadis.
  • At the end of the routine, a message is displayed, which says "From the Just Dance team, with love".
  • The routine uses several moves from the original choreography.
  • P2 messes up his moves by jumping very high and almost falling at the beginning of the second chorus.
  • The menu banner on 7th-Gen consoles is different than the background in the menu square.
  • This is the second Trio routine where P2 has a different color outline than P1 and P3, after The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?). It is followed by Work Work.


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