"OMG" por Arash en colaboración con Snoop Dogg is aparece en Just Dance 2019.

Appearance of the Dancers



P1 is a man wearing a big red-and-gold hoodie trench coat, a gold collar and a gold necklace on his neck, three gold bracelets on his right arm, a gold ring on his right middle finger, a pair of brown pants, a pair of dark brown boots with golden buckles, and a fox helmet with an earring pierced through its left ear.


P2 is a man wearing a big red-and-gold collared cape, a black latex top that covers his chest, a dark brown-and-gold-striped sash, a black-and-gold elbow glove on his right arm, two gold bracelets on his left arm, a pair of brown pants with gold trimmings and a gold buckle, a pair of dark brown boots with gold trimmings, and an Anubis helmet.


P3 is a man wearing a large red-and-gold scarf, a leather strap on his chest and right shoulder, gold bracelets and gold gauntlets on his arms, a black-and-gold loincloth, a pair of brown shorts with red shins, a pair of dark brown boots with gold tongues, and a cat mask with earrings pierced through both ears.


The dancer is a woman. She has golden shimmering skin. Her clothing includes a blue-black tank crop-top with a V-chest, and tight blue-black shorts. Over the shorts she wears a medium-green girdle, with skirt-like features. The central piece resembles a knot, with golden lining, two golden strips extending through the sides of the girdle to the back. She also wears a green hood over her head, secured in place, and over the hood she wears a golden tiara. She has multiple necklaces, two of them extending upto her chest. She wears blue-black arm bands, stockings, and and thigh-garters. She wears black shoes. She also wears a golden bangle on her right hand. Right around her shins, are two loose golden chains attached on both legs, that resemble anklets. She sports a black cateye makeup.



The routine takes place in a very dark Egyptian-themed setting, with the coaches performing on a stage built on the tip of a black pyramid. A big black statue can be seen through the building's windows and various monoliths can be seen flanking the pyramid as the camera zooms in onto the coaches. Once the song begins, the building's columns, the monoliths, and the window frames start flashing pink lights to the beat of the song.

Several light formations are created as the song progresses and flash to the beat of the song behind the coaches. The light formation then starts spinning before disappearing at the song's beat drop.

The statue, encrusted with jewels, start moving towards the stage. At the start of the chorus, various monoliths rise from the ground and obscure the building as gold stripes form on them and the statue.

Near the end of the song, the statue turns to the right. The camera then zooms out quickly at the end of the song.


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Gold Moves


There are 2 Gold Moves in this routine, both of which are the same:

Both Gold Moves: Bend over, then spread your legs and slam your hands down fast.


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  • OMG is the second song by Snoop Dogg in the series.
  • The whole line "just blaze the J" is censored.
    • However, the line was not censored during E3.
    • OMG is the tenth song to have a whole line censored.
  • OMG is the sixth song to have an Egyptian-themed routine.
  • In the gameplay teasers of the routine, some effects on the statue's head in the background are missing and the pictograms have default colors.
  • In the menu square, P1’s glove is purple, although it is pink in-game.
  • In the US gameplay teasers's thumbnail, the promotional image of P3 is shown, unlike the other US thumbnails, which features a part of the gameplay.
  • The alternate version’s coach is the third dancer in the series to have golden skin, after Dark Horse (P2-C2), and the Extreme coach of Scream & Shout.
  • On the menu icon and preview thumbnails of the alternate version, the coach is seen with her glove on her left hand.


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