"Shaky Shaky" por Daddy Yankee aparece en Just Dance 2019.

Apariencia de los bailarines

Shaky coach 1
El bailarín es un hombre hecho de gelatina de naranja. Lleva una camisa rosa abotonada con una corbata de lazo amarilla, pantalones cortos azules y un par de gafas de sol.


The routine takes place in a white cylindrical room with a light in the middle and outside of the room are tubes with liquids that move to the beat. There are colored desserts (mostly orange, pink, and yellow) that jump from side to side and adjust in a line according to the rhythm of the song.

Every time "shaky shaky" is sung, gelatins in different colors are moving from side to side. When a line is finished, another gelatin is added to the background.

When "Terremoto" is sung, there are marmalades that jump up, get in line, and change places every line. Later, the background returns to the beginning. Then, the background changes into a giant tower of colored jellies.

When "Ahí es que va a apretar" is sung, various donut-shaped gummies hop forward.

Closely to the ending of the routine, there is a "rain" of rainbow sprinkles.

Movimientos Gold

There are 2 Gold Moves in this routine, both of which are the same:

Both Gold Moves: Kick the air with your right foot while your hands are in the air.


  • Shaky Shaky is the third song by Daddy Yankee in the series.
  • Shaky Shaky’s last chorus and Daddy Yankee's outro verse are cut from the song.
  • "Jodedera", "las nalgas", "sitea el dutty", "sustancia", "pargo", and the whole of the ending lyrics are censored.
  • Shaky Shaky is third routine in the series to have a fully animated coach, after Mi Mi Mi and Naughty Girl (Rabbid Peach Version).


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