"Sugar" by Maroon 5 is featured on Just Dance 2019. The routine also appears on Kids Mode.

Apariencia de los Bailarines

La rutina es presentada por un dueto. Los bailarines de este dueto son sacados de anteriores rutinas de , y cambian en los intervalos irregulares. Los duetos son, en orden de aparición:


The background is a collage of multi-colored photos with white outlines that have decorations that change when the camera goes to another photo. There are also dancers from the routine dancing within the photos, with two wedding rings in front of the card. There is also a photo with a white floor, pink balloons with white polka dots, white flowers, and white presents. At the back, there are cakes, atop some of which there are coaches dancing. Two cupids can be seen shooting hearts in the nighttime scene.

Gold Moves

Hay 3 Gold Moves en esta rutina:

Gold Moves 1 y 2: Dale un beso al bailarín contrario y muévete hacia el lado opuesto. P1 lo hace a la izquierda y P2 lo hace a la derecha.
Gold Move 3:Este es un movimiento Wave Gold que primero se realiza con P2 y luego con P1 .

  • P2: Abra sus brazos 90 ° frente a su cuerpo, como si le estuviera diciendo a P1 que entre en sus brazos.
  • P1: Salta a P2.


  • Sugar is the fifth song by Maroon 5 in the series.
  • “S**t” is censored.
  • The orchestral instrumental version of Sugar was used as one of the songs in Ubisoft’s E3 2018 press conference.[2]
  • Sugar marks the fourth appearance of the coach first seen in Rasputin.
  • The pictogram colors for Drop The Mambo and Love Me Again are darker than in their respective original routines.


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