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The Greatest
Jeu(x) Just Dance Unlimited
Just Dance Now
Artist Sia_Furler
From the
Année 2016
Date de sortie 24 Novembre 2016
Nombre de Gold Moves 3
Nombre de Shake Moves
Sexe danseur(s)
Routines Alternatifs
Mode De Danser Solo
Couleur Menu
Couleur(s) Pictogram Bay of Many to Crail
Couleur(s) de(s) gant(s) Wax Flower to Malibu
Couleur Des Paroles Half Baked
Compte Des Pictogramme 122
Total Calories
Burnable (kCal)
Code Name TheGreatest
Preview Audio
Chorégraphié By
Interprété par Shirley Henault

"The Greatest" de Sia est disponible sur Just Dance Unlimitedet Just Dance Now.

Appearance of the Dancer

TheGreatest Coach 1
The dancer is a woman with long green hair tied in a ponytail with a light purple bra with an indigo cropped tank with matching high-waist shorts, an orange glove, black and ankle boots.Modèle:Clear


The background starts in a dark room where the dancer is kept in a pink translucent box. The background has glowing lights shined on the dancer with pink and purple thin neon light poles hanging down. When "Don't give up" is sung, the poles slowly disappear by the end of the verses, it cuts to a room with huge double-doors opening with reflections of the dancer in various mirrors. When the bridge comes, the dancer is sent to the same room in the verses, except with opposite colors. The pink box and floor are now bright orange, with the box just being out of thin lines flashing every few seconds, then sent to the mid-chorus part of the background, the repeats the background from the chorus.

Gold Moves

Il y a 3 Gold Moves dans cette routine.
All Gold Moves: Open your arms in a semicircle while stomping your left foot.

Dance Quests

The Greatest apparaît dans le Dance Quest suivant:

  • Unicorn


  • The Greatest is the fourth song by Sia in the series, after She Wolf (Falling to Pieces), Cheap Thrills, and Titanium.
    • This is her only appearance in the series where she is the only artist credited.
    • Sia is the fourth artist to have three songs in a single game, after Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Pitbull. She has Cheap Thrills, Titanium and The Greatest, which all debuted in Just Dance 2017.
  • The original song features Kendrick Lamar's verse in the bridge/instrumental break, but his part is cut. This is the second time Lamar's verse is cut, after Don’t Wanna Know.
  • Despite the coach's hair being mint green, the avatar's hair is light blue with purple streaks.
  • The routine uses slightly altered moves from the music video.
  • In the earliest release of the routine, there were no special effects on the box walls when the coach performs this move. This was fixed after few days.




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