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Cheap Thrills
Game(s) Just Dance 2017
Just Dance Now
Artist Sia ft. Sean Paul
From the
Year 2016
Released Date(s)
No. of Gold Moves 2 (Classic)
4 (Bollywood Version)
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s) (Classic)
/ (Bollywood Version)
Mashup Sunglasses
Alternate Routines Bollywood Version
Dance Mode Solo (Classic)
Duet (Bollywood Version)
Menu Color
Pictogram Color Studio (Classic)
Purple (Classic/NOW)
Ocean Green/Monza (Bollywood Version)
Glove Color Energy Yellow
Lochmara/Orange Peel (Bollywood Version)
Lyrics Color Butterfly Bush (Classic)[1]
Emerald (Bollywood Version)
Scampi (Mashup)
Pictogram Count 153 (Classic)
109 (Bollywood Version)
130 (Mashup)
Total Calories
Burnable (kCal)
Code Name CheapThrills
Preview Audio


Choreographed By Anissa Thai (Classic))[2]
Performed By Anissa Thai (Classic)
Indian Version
Shweta Shetty (P1)
Lalit Potdar (P2)

"Cheap Thrills" de Sia ft. Sean Paul é apresentado no Just Dance 2017 e Just Dance Now.

Appearance of the Dancer


The dancer is a woman that has black tied up hair with purple highlights. She wears a loose purple transparent tunic with gold necklaces, a black bra and black pair of shorts underneath, orange and black knee high socks, with green and white platform heels.

Bollywood Version


P1 is a woman. She has dark brown hair and a pair of blue glasses. She has a blue t-shirt and a long yellow skirt. She also has a pair of blue dollshoes.


P2 is a man. He has dark brown hair. He is wearing a yellow jacket over a red t-shirt. He has a yellow bracelet on his left wrist and he is wearing a pair of black pants. He is also wearing a pair of cyan shoes.



The background is at first seen inside an animated waiting room, complete with a red and black chair, a purple brick wall, and a red door. Going outside the nearby window, there is a large city similar to that of Uptown Funk's. The buildings greatly vary in color and the floor has colorful flowing loops. The coach makes various painted effects with some dance moves. A couple of sketched cars are drawn out, slowly driving on a pink and orange striped road.

In the chorus, the coach is on a road that is shown horizontally. As long as the coach dances, many sketches create and colour by themselves appear: they show many skyscrapers, stars and lipsticks.

At the end, all buildings disappear and are replaced by a sky made of colorful animations. The floor is animated with waves made of lines in shaded of blue, purple and lime green.

Bollywood Version


Gold Moves


There are 2 Gold Moves in the routine, all of which are the same.
Both Gold Moves: Put your left hand on your waist while swinging your right one in semicircular movements above your head.

Bollywood Version

There are 4 Gold Moves in the routine.

Gold Moves 1, 2, & 3: Rapidly raise your arms up and your left leg once, like you are partying.

Gold Move 4: As if romantically dancing, slowly raise your right arm up while keeping the left to your hip, holding the other person's arm if applicable. This is the last move of the routine.


The song has a Mashup on Just Dance 2017. It contains dancers with sunglasses, much like the Mashup for Blame (from Just Dance 2016).



  • The mashup shares the same theme, "Sunglasses", as Blame from 2016.
  • This is the second song by Sia in the series, after She Wolf (Falling to Pieces). It is followed by Titanium and The Greatest.
    • However, this is the first song in which Sia is the main artist rather than a featured artist.
  • The song was used in the trailer for Just Dance 2014.
  • This is the first choreography Anissa Thai has created for the game.[3]
  • The dancer has the same outline as Hangover (BaBaBa).
    • Coincidentally, both P1's routine of Hangover (BaBaBa) and this routine are performed by the same dancer (Anissa).
  • On some versions of the Just Dance website (like Mexico's version, for example), a GIF for Radical is erroneously used for the song's place in the "Top Tracks" section of the website.
  • This is the second song to spell out reggae lyrics phonetically, after Jamaican Dance.
  • This is the second song to have an alternate routine named 'Bollywood Version' after It's My Birthday.
  • In the lyrics, some lines sung by Sean Paul do not appear, including the following: "You worth more dan diamond more dan gold", "Free up urself get outa control", and "Bada bang bang".
  • The line "Mi nah touch a dollar on mi pocket" (sung by Sean Paul) is written as "I'm nah touch a dollar in mi pocket".
  • This song was available for 7 days in Just Dance Now for the Fashion Week.
  • The background was shown as a teaser in the #June13 sneak peeks.
  • The background is seen in Wherever I Go.
  • In the Just Dance Now version, the pictograms and their arrows are darker. This edit is used in the final version of the game, since the background is mainly white.
  • In the Just Dance 2017 menu, the background looks different: every element of it appears as a fuchsia silhouette, while the floor and the sky are yellow.
  • In the Mashup, the color switch in the background is slightly delayed.





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