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Game(s) Just Dance 2014 (NTSC)
Artist Ivete Sangalo
From the
Year 2013
Released Date(s) November 26, 2013 (PAL)
Difficulty Medium
No. of Gold Moves 3
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s)
Alternate Routines
Dance Mode Solo
Menu Color
Pictogram Color Red
Glove Color Yellow
Lyrics Color Yellow
Pictogram Count 114
Total Calories
Burnable (kCal)
Code Name Dancando
Preview Audio
Choreographed By
Performed By Juliana Herrera

"Dançando" de Ivete Sangalo é apresentado no a versão NTSC de Just Dance 2014. Também está disponível como DLC para a região PAL.

Appearance of the Dancer

The routine is performed by a woman with a black afro. She wears golden earrings, an indigo necklace with blue triangles, a red dress with a black belt, a red fluffy skirt, and a pair of black gladiator heels.


The background is inspired by Hawaii. On it are some blue, green, pink, yellow panels of different widths and lotus leaves. It shows some lyrics from the chorus of the song. There are silhouetted dancers in the background, all of whom look like hula dancers.

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in the routine:

Gold Move 1: Pose facing your left side with your arms behind your body while shaking your body at the same time.
Gold Move 2: Similar to Gold Move 1, but done repeatedly.
Gold Move 3: Do a circle in the air backwards while slightly crouching.

Appearances in Mashups

Dançando appears in the following Mashups:


Dançando appears in Party Master Modes. Here are the captions attributed to her dance moves:

  • Que Calor
  • Baila Con El Fuego


  • This choreography is based off of the official choreography from the music video.
  • Many elements from the music video are shown in the background, such as the lyrics in the paint style font, and the backup dancers.
  • Ubisoft Brasil uploaded a video of Ivete Sangalo presenting the song for the game.[1]
  • The dancer has two available avatars: one of them being unlocked with 5 Mojo coins in the game, and another that comes with the PAL DLC version. Both avatars are the same.
  • The coach for this song looks similar to P1 of Bailando.
    • Coincidentally, "Dançando" means "Bailando" in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • The avatar for this song is different: the avatar has green glow and a blue and yellow necklace, while the coach has a little pink or red glow and an indigo necklace.
  • This is the second Portuguese song in Just Dance series, preceded by Mas Que Nada and succeeded by Hangover (BaBaBa), Te Dominar, Bang, and Carnaval Boom.
  • The backup dancers are based off the following songs:
  • In an official Fankit that Ubisoft released, a remade version of the avatar was found; in the remade avatar, the necklace now has red triangles and the hair is flattened and has been slightly relocated.
  • In the lyrics, the word "dançando" is misspelled as "dançado".





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