Radical hd screenshot1
Jocuri Just Dance 2017
Artist Dyro & Dannic
An 2014
Nr. de Mișcări de aur 2 (Classic)
4 (Helmet Version)
2 (Mashup)
Nr. de Mișcări de agitație
Genul dansatorului/
/ (Helmet Version)
(Beta Alternate)
Mashup Back In the Day
Rutine alternative Helmet Version
Mod Solo (Classic/Mashup/Beta Alt.)
Duet (Helmet Version)
Culoarea meniului
Culoarea pictogramelor Orange (Classic)
Gold/Turquoise (Helmet Version)
Culoarea mănuși Green (Classic)
Light Purple/Red (Helmet Version)
Light Green (Beta Alternate)
Culoarea versurilor Instrumental
Nr. de pictograme 95 (Classic)
96 (Helmet Version)
100 (Mashup)
Total de calorii arse
Nume de cod
Audio previzualizare
Interpret Classic
Grace Bolebe
Helmet Version
Julien Durand (P1)
Cain Kitsais (P2)[1]

"RADICAL" by Dyro & Dannic is featured on Just Dance 2017.

Appearance of the Dancer


Radical Coach 1

The dancer is a woman with a box head and neon red skin. Her head has wide blue eyes, red and green skin, purple-and-orange eyelashes, and a red antenna. She wears a colorful galaxy cropped tank, blue high-waist shorts, rainbow galaxy leggings, and red and green sneaks.

Helmet Version

The dancers are the ones from Animals. The dancers are both men wearing large helmets. P1 has a blue jacket with pink and yellow stripes. P2 wears a blue jacket with sky-blue stripes.



A rainbow spotlight is seen over the dancer, spreading its lights across the dance floor. Various animated lights of different shapes come out, one variation at a time. Whenever she steps outward, vertical line lights follow her. After shortly circling around her, the lights then circle around along with her arms.

Helmet Version

The background is consistent with purple & teal gradient lines to form triangles in a black background. Like Animals, parts of this song is split screen to show an active dancer and a dancer that is slowed down.

Gold Moves


There are 2 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Move 1: Bring your arms together, then swing them back out.
Gold Move 2: Bend upwards and shake your arms over your head as if you are playing drums.

Helmet Version

There are 4 Gold Moves in the Helmet Version.
Gold Move 1 & 3: Bring your arms out, and move to the side. P1 goes left, while P2 goes right.
Gold Move 2: Bump both of your hands with your partner.
Gold Move 4: Push your hands up quickly, then lower your hands slowly.


There are 2 Gold Moves in the Mashup.
Gold Move 1: Point to the screen with your right hand. (Ain’t No Other Man)
Gold Move 2: Put both your hands down at the screen. (I Will Survive)


RADICAL has a Mashup with the theme "Back in the day".



  • This is the second routine in the series not to be chroma-keyed or have a mask. Due to this, the coach's moves look more realistic. The first was Bad Romance.
    • However, this song is fully recorded without chroma-key, while Bad Romance's chorus was captured on chroma-key.
    • Official extractions of the coach used for the menu square and coach selection screen have a thin orange outline around them, while the coach in the routine has no outline.
  • In the song's album coach image, the coach's box head has mirrored colors.
  • On some versions of the Just Dance website (like Mexico's version, for example), a GIF for this song is erroneously used for Cheap Thrills' place in the "Top Tracks" section of the website.
    • Additionally, in the GIF's file name, the artist is credited as Lorem Ipsum.[3]
  • Some parts of the song have been removed, bringing the original length of 4:36 to 3:15.
  • The coach's avatar is missing the triangular cut-out at the bottom of the mask.
  • The way the coach has a box for a head is similar to how the coach of Video Killed the Radio Star had a television for a head.
  • The routine has been shot in a dark room with real lasers and fluorescent colors, as proven at E3.
  • The background appears in the Nightclub routine in Just Dance Machine.
  • During E3 demos, the title was "Radical". However, during BGS and in other Just Dance 2017-related videos uploaded to the Just Dance UK channel, the title is "RADICAL".
    • In the final game though its title is "RADICAL".
  • Comparing the E3 gameplay with the final gameplay, you can notice that some pictograms look different.
    • Besides, the routine starts with a loud disco sound, while the E3 gameplay starts with the sound at the beginning of each preview gameplay.
    • The end of the song sounds different as well.
  • The Alternate Version was originally going to be a solo, and have a completely different dancer and background.[4]
  • The Helmet Version's coaches are recycled from Animals. Thus, this is the 6th routine with returning coaches, after This is Halloween, Hungarian Dance No. 5, Timber, I Gotta Feeling and Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).
    • Some of the gameplay gimmicks from Animals also make a return. Featuring scenes where a dancer is changed colour to grey and slowed down while the other simply is dancing in a split-screened background.
  • In the Mashup for the song, there is an unknown dancer. She wears a white shirt with a black bow and wears pants that are maroon with a black belt and black shoes. Her avatar was found in the files of Just Dance 2015. The dancer bears a slight resemblance to Janelle Monáe.
  • In the menu square, the coach looks slightly darker in colour.
  • Marcia Baila's moves are not counted on the Wii version of the Mashup.




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