Me Too
Доступно в Just Dance Unlimited
Исполнитель Meghan Trainor
Из фильма
Год выпуска песни 2016
Дата выхода танца 23 февраля 2017
Кол-во золотых движений
Кол-во "трясущихся" движений
Пол(ы) танцоров
Альтернативные версии
Режим Соло
Цвет в меню
Цвет пиктограмм
Цвет перчатки
Подсветка слов
Кол-во пиктограмм
Калорий сжигаемо (кКал)
Кодовое название

"Me Too" исполнительницы Meghan Trainor доступна в Just Dance Unlimited.

Appearance of the Dancer

The coach is a woman with long blue hair tied in a ponytail with a yellow bow. She has long blue bangs and wears a purple leotard with a yellow collar and yellow and blue muffins on it. She wears a matching belt that is colored the same way and wears purple high heels.


The coach comes out of a vanilla cake with candles, frosting, a muffin on the top, spotted lights around the border and decorations such as icecream cones and cream puffs; behind the cake, there is a wall with three big windows and triangular festoons.

At the beginning, the cake is black with neon-coloured outlines, the candles are aqua and the room is black with pink light effects. In the verses, the cake turns to its normal palette (mostly yellow, purple, light blue and green), the candles turn pink and white and the room is much more illuminated; then, the cake turns to a palette composed of red and purple gradients. In the chorus, the cake has some glowing and light effects, and the palette from the verses is used, with a higher saturation; the room, instead, turns light blue with some moving spotlights. In the bridge, the background turns into the neon palette used in the beginning.

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