Scream & Shout
Доступно в Just Dance 2017
Исполнитель will.i.am ft. Britney Spears
Из фильма
Год выпуска песни 2016
Дата выхода танца
Кол-во золотых движений 4 (Классическая версия)
1 (Экстрим версия)
2 (Mashup)
Кол-во "трясущихся" движений
Пол(ы) танцоров ///
(Экстрим версия)
Альтернативные версии
Режим Квартет (Классическая версия)
Соло (Экстрим версия)
Цвет в меню
Цвет пиктограмм
Цвет перчатки
Подсветка слов
Кол-во пиктограмм 153 (Классическая версия)
109 (Болливудская версия)
130 (Mashup)
Калорий сжигаемо (кКал)
Кодовое название

"Scream & Shout" исполнителей will.i.am ft. Britney Spears доступна в Just Dance 2017.

Appearance of the Dancer


В танцевальной группе 2 парня и 2 девушки. They are surrounded by a gold outline. ==== '''P1''' ==== '''P1''' wears a black beanie, beard, sunglasses, a black sleeveless jacket, an ochre shirt with a black bow tie and a long black vest, a bracelet on his left wrist, black ripped jeans and a pair of black and golden oxford shoes.

==== '''P2''' ==== '''P2''' wears a golden fedora, sunglasses, a black and golden cape (Jacket), a black crop top, black and gold leather pants with a long skirt behind, and black and gold studded lace up block-heeled boots.

==== '''P3''' ==== '''P3''' wears a golden folded hat, circular sunglasses with yellow rims, a black leather vest (with a cape). He's also wearing golden necklaces, a charcoal-black button down shirt, a pair of shiny golden pants and black combat boots.

==== '''P4''' ==== '''P4''' has black hair in a long braid, a yellow crop top with black suspenders, a transparent black long sleeve shirt, black high waist shorts with golden garters connected to black knee high socks, black pantyhose, and golden and black heels.

The gold attributes of their outfits turn silver during specific parts of the song.

<gallery position="center" hideaddbutton="true" columns="2" spacing="small" captionalign="center" bordercolor="transparent"> ScreamNShout Coach 1.png|P1 ScreamNShout Coach 2.png|P2 ScreamNShout Coach 3.png|P3 ScreamNShout Coach 4.png|P4 </gallery>

Extreme Version

[[File:ScreamNShoutALT Coach 1.png|164px|left]] The dancer is a man with gold skin and a brown beard. He wears welder goggles, a black backwards cap, a sleeveless black hoodie with gold stripes, loose black and gold track shorts, a gold necklace, black boots with red spots, and a tall black sock on his left leg. He has a golden highlight around him.<br clear="all">


Classic Version

A blue electric circle with small yellow lights is first seen, which multiples until there are 128 of them. The background zooms into one of them, revealing a dark blue, with neon blue circular lights panning sideways, having copies of itself. Each time a blue circle transitions, a gold spark flashes. The blue circle becomes a large outline for a created golden circle. This created circle splits in half, recreates itself, shorts out, and floats upward. Towards the end of the song, the background becomes pitch black while the coaches are displayed in a faded tint of purple. After that, during the last verse where each coach has solo moves, a golden circle spotlights each coach as they dance, starting with P4 and ending with P1.

Extreme Version

The background consists of many corrupted geometric shapes that roughly syncs with the dancer's moves. These shapes change color at different points of the routine. Every step the dancer takes, he leaves a golden residue at the area he stepped on, and will fade away after four seconds. He also sprinkles gold dust at some points. A gold pixelization is used during will.i.am's first solo verse. At his second solo verse, a copied black and gold silhouette of the dancer appears in the background.

==[[Dance Mashup|Mashup]]== ''Scream & Shout'' has a Mashup available on ''Just Dance 2017''. This mashup features dancers/coaches that wear costumes with an American theme, predominately red, white, and/or blue colors.


* ''[[Break Free]]'' * ''[[Good Girl]]'' * ''[[Gentleman]]'' (Sweat) * ''[[Never Gonna Give You Up]]'' * ''[[What Is Love]]'' * ''[[American Girl]]'' * ''[[Can’t Take My Eyes Off You]]'' (Alternate) * ''[[Ain’t No Other Man]]'' * ''Can't Take Me Eyes Off You'' (Alternate) * ''Ain't No Other Man'' * ''[[Fame]]'' (Remake) * ''[[Never Can Say Goodbye]]'' * ''Gentleman'' (Sweat) * ''Never Gonna Give You Up'' * ''[[Dare]]'' (Remake) '''[GM1]''' * ''Ain't No Other Man '' * ''Gentleman'' (Sweat) * ''Never Gonna Give You Up'' * ''What Is Love'' * ''American Girl '' * ''Can't Take My Eyes Off You'' (Alternate) * ''Ain't No Other Man'' * ''Can't Take My Eyes Off You'' (Alternate) * ''Ain't No Other Man'' * ''Fame'' (Remake) * ''Never Can Say Goodbye'' * ''Break Free'' * ''Good Girl '' * ''Dare'' (Remake) * ''Can't Take My Eyes Off You'' (Alternate) '''[GM2]''' * ''Break Free'' * ''Dare'' (Remake) * ''Fame'' (Remake) * ''American Girl''

Gold Moves

Classic Version

There are 4 '''Gold Moves''' in this routine:<br /> '''Gold Moves 1, 2 and 3 '''occur every time will.i.am says "Bring the action"''':''' *'''P1:''' Put your right hand to your shoulder and cross your right leg in front of your left. *'''P2:''' Raise your right arm up and hold your golden fedora. *'''P3:''' Place your left arm to your left, and your right arm to your right. *'''P4:''' Raise your right arm up to raise your imaginary long ponytail up.<br /> '''Gold Move 4:''' Slowly lower your arms. This is the final move of the routine.

<gallery position="center" columns="2" hideaddbutton="true" bordercolor="transparent" captionalign="center"> 000000aa.png|Gold Moves 1, 2 and 3 SASGMingame.gif|Gold Move 1, 2, and 3 ''in-game'' 0000007a.png|Gold Move 4 SASGMingame2.gif.gif|Gold Move 4 ''in-game'' </gallery>

Extreme Version

The Extreme Version has only one '''Gold Move''':

'''Gold Move:''' Put your hands on your mouth as if you were yelling and kick your right leg to the back. <gallery position="center" bordercolor="transparent" captionalign="center" hideaddbutton="true"> Scream&ShoutExtremeGM.png|Gold Move ScreamAndShoutALTGM.gif|Gold Move ''in-game'' </gallery>


The Mashup has 2 '''Gold Moves'''.<br /> '''Gold Move 1''':''' '''Put your right arm in front of your face while kneeling. (''[[Dare]]'')<br /> '''Gold Move 2''': Blow a kiss with your right hand. (''[[Can’t Take My Eyes Off You]]'') (Alternate)

<gallery position="center" columns="2" bordercolor="transparent" captionalign="center" hideaddbutton="true"> Daregm02.png|Gold Move 1<br>(''[[Dare]]'') Canttakemyeyesalt Gold Move 1.png|Gold Move 2<br>(''[[Can’t Take My Eyes Off You]]'') File:Gold_Move_1-_Scream-.gif|left|Gold Move 1 in-game File:-----.gif|Gold Move 2 </gallery>


* The official UK Radio Edit version of the song (which replaces ''you gotta turn the sh*t up'' with ''you gotta turn turn it up'') is used in-game. ''B***h'' is replaced by a clap. * This is the third song by will.i.am in the series, after ''[[ThatPOWER|#thatPOWER]]'' and ''[[It’s My Birthday]]''. This is also his sixth entry, after ''[[Pump It]]'', ''[[Mas Que Nada]]'' and ''[[I Gotta Feeling]]'', if his work as a member of The Black Eyed Peas is counted. Counting the removed ''[[Lets Get It Started|Let’s Get It Started]]'', this would be his seventh. * This is the sixth song by Britney Spears in the series, after ''[[Womanizer]]'', ''[[Toxic]]'', ''[[Baby One More Time]]'', ''[[Oops!...I Did It Again]]'', (despite all four of these songs being covered) and ''[[Circus]]''. This is also the first time in the series where Spears appears as a featured artist. * P3 wears the same shaped glasses as the dancer from ''[[I Love It]]''. The only difference is the colors. * The song was confirmed by Ubisoft during E3, but information about it was removed later. * The background, choreography and costumes are inspired by the music video. * This is one of the several multiplayer routines where the pictogram color is the same as their glove colors. This is due to the outfits' matching colors.

  • P1 and P2 appear in the {{G|jdu}} icon in the main menu. The black parts of their outfits have a deep purple gradient.
  • All coaches appear on the Gold Edition cover of {{G|2017}}.

* A Brazilian flier containing information for the World Cup was leaked and said that the song would have an alternate routine. This was later proven to be true. * The Extreme Version coach is the first dancer in the series to have golden skin. It is also the only routine in ''Just Dance 2017'' to have pictograms in ''[[Just Dance 2016]]'' style, and the routine with the highest pictogram count in the entire series (289). * The Extreme Version is believed to be the most complex and difficult routine in the entire series. * In the Mashup, ''[[DARE]]'' has new pictograms created exclusively for the Mashup. * The sunglasses that the coach in the Extreme version wears is almost identical to the ones worn by the coach in Extreme Version of ''[[Animals]]'' from ''Just Dance 2016''. ** This is made obvious by their avatars. * Although the coach in the Extreme Version of this song has gold-colored skin, his avatar's skin points to a more brighter shade of yellow. * Some of the scoring files in the Classic Version are named after Céline Baron, Julien Durand and Juliana Herrera, three of the routine's performers. ** There are also two of these files inappropriately named; one is named ''screamnshout_fap'', and the other is named ''screamnshout_goatse''. * This is the longest song in ''Just Dance 2017'', with a time of 4:17. *The Alternate version of ''Scream & Shout'' makes both will.i.am and Britney Spears the only artists to have more than one Extreme routine, after ''[[ThatPOWER|#thatPOWER]]'' and ''[[Circus]]'' having an Extreme routine. *The Mashup for this song is the only Mashup on eighth generation platforms not to require an Internet connection.

  • On seventh generation consoles, when the dancer "pops out of the square", the glass effect which is used in {{G|2014}} squares can be seen in the background square.

** This is also the case with ''[[Junto a Ti]] ''on [[Just Dance 2016|''Just Dance 2016'']]'', [[Bonbon]], [[Groove]], [[Lean On]], ''and'' [[Can't Feel My Face]] ''on the same game. *The Wii version of the Mashup leads immediately to the score screen once the song is finished; on the other consoles, there is a small pause where ''[[American Girl]]'' makes her final pose before showing the score. * The alternate version of ''Scream & Shout'' is one of the songs selected for the digital qualifications of [[Just Dance World Cup/2016|''Just Dance 2016'' World Cup]].<ref>http://www.justdanceworldcup.com/bundles/applicationsitegeneral/pdf/2016/rules_jdwc_en-20161115.pdf</ref> * According to an advertisement, ''Scream & Shout'' was going to be added in [[Just Dance Now|''Just Dance Now'']] as part of the New Year's Playlist.

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