Ang artikulong ito ay nangangailangan ng pagsasalin sa Tagalog.

"All About Us" ni Jordan Fisher ay itinatampok sa Just Dance 2017.

Hitsura ng mga Mananayaw

The routine is a trio; the lead dancer is a boy and the backup dancers are girls. All three of them are surrounded by a white outline line, which that is surrounded by a black line.


P1 wears a mint green beanie and brown sunglasses. She wears a blue jacket that's covering a pink shirt, a blue skirt, green socks, and black boots with a pink sole.


P2 has brown hair, a neon pink and mint green sweater, black pants with fractal patterns the same color as his shirt, and generic blue sneakers. His appearance is based off Jordan Fisher.


P3 has long brown hair brushed to the side, hipster glasses, a caped shirt that is purple on top and orange on bottom, blue ripped jeans and white sneakers with green socks.

At one point during the bridge of the song, the dancer's color scheme will temporarily consist of a bronze brown and a golden yellow. At the moment Gold Move 3 is executed, the dancers will become black with gold outlines, before returning to their regular color scheme for the final chorus.

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