Just Dance

<!-- Default-->
|Just Dance (series)
<!-- Main series -->
|1=Just Dance (video game)
|2=Just Dance 2
|3=Just Dance 3
|4=Just Dance 4
|5|2014=Just Dance 2014
|6|2015=Just Dance 2015
|7|2016=Just Dance 2016
|8|2017=Just Dance 2017
|9|2018=Just Dance 2018
|10|2019=Just Dance 2019
|11|2020=Just Dance 2020
<!-- Extension games -->
|sp|es|spes=Just Dance: Summer Party
|gh=Just Dance: Greatest Hits
|bo=Just Dance: Best Of
|ghbo=Just Dance: Greatest Hits/Best Of
|jdn|now=Just Dance Now
|jdu|unlimited=Just Dance Unlimited
|jdnu=Just Dance Now/Unlimited
|sing=Just Sing
<!-- Chinese games -->
<!-- Japanese series -->
|j1|wii=Just Dance Wii
|j2|wii2=Just Dance Wii 2
|j3|wiiu=Just Dance Wii U
|j4|yokai=Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Edition
<!-- Kids -->
|k1|kids|dj=Just Dance Kids
|k2|kids2=Just Dance Kids 2
|k3|kids2014=Just Dance Kids 2014
<!-- Disney -->
|d1|disney|disney1=Just Dance: Disney Party
|d2|disney2=Just Dance: Disney Party 2
<!-- Experience -->
|abba=ABBA: You Can Dance
|mj=Michael Jackson: The Experience
|hh|hiphop=The Hip Hop Dance Experience
|bep=The Black Eyed Peas Experience
|dob|broadway=Dance on Broadway
|tsdp|smurf=The Smurfs Dance Party
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