Aurélie Sériné is a dancer and choreographer for Just Dance. She started performing and choreographing routines for Just Dance when development for Just Dance Wii 2 began.

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You may now know her name, but she’s known you for years. Despite starting to dance fairly late on (age 19), Aurélie Sériné is now a young professional dancer full of life who has always supported the Just Dance community.


She performs in stage shows and in a number of music videos, also performing for Just Dance.

She dances to various routines such as Problem, Diamonds, Bang Bang, and many others.

She also has a number of challenges on World Dance Floor. One can try to beat her scores on Get Low, Birthday and Holding Out for a Hero in Just Dance 2015.


  • Aurélie is the first Just Dance VIP on the Dance Floor to be an employee at Just Dance.
  • Even though the site says she dances to Holding Out for a Hero, the routine is not featured on the World Dance Floor.
    • This is most likely an error made by Ubisoft.
  • When she enters the World Dance Floor, she says "Hello! It’s me Aurélie, let's play". When she exits she says "That was crazy! See you soon."
  • When she dances to Get Low, she dances with a panda.
  • While dancing to Birthday, at the part "Happy Birthday", she gets a cake and puffs out the candles.



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