Breakdown Mode is a feature in Just Dance Wii 2 that allows the player to study parts of a routine.


In this mode the player can play a song like normally, but without scores and with the ability to skip and repeat certain parts of a song. With this feature, it is easier to practise certain moves over and over again, without having the need to restart the song each time.


All backgrounds are replaced with a picture of a dojo with a green floor. It contains a taiko drum, a framed picture, poster and a banner with Japanese writing on them. There is also a clock, a couple of windows and another framed picture with the coach from Rasputin.


Pressing down on the D-Pad allows you to pause the song. Pressing right and left skips forward and backward to certain sections in the song. Blue dots indicate inticate the beginning of a section and magenta dots indicate the beginning of chorus sections. Press down to resume.


  • A D-Pad is shown on the bottom left of the screen to show the playback controls.
  • Lyrics do not appear.
  • In the unused English translation on the disc files, the info box explaining how to use the mode's writing is cut off early.
    • The Japanese characters fit on screen, but the English translation contains a larger amount of characters.
  • Points are not scored for in this mode. The word "TUTORIAL" is in the score bar instead. However, your moves are still rated.
  • If the player selects a section after pausing, it'll go right into the countdown start with 4. The countdown speed depends on the song's BPM.
    • It also works the same way as continuing the song after pausing during normal gameplay.
    • The countdown was also used in Just Dance 4 but with the countdown starts at 3.




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