"Groove Is in the Heart" by Deee-Lite is featured on Just Dance

Appearance of the Dancer

The dancer is a woman. She has pink hair, a pink and yellow pajama shirt, pink-and-yellow patterned leggings, and yellow oxford high heels. She also wears pink glasses, which are only briefly visible.


The background has a spiral wall that is colored blue and aquamarine. It constantly changes from a blue to an aqua shade. It may have been inspired by the music video.

Shake Moves

There is 1 Shake Move in this routine:

Shake Move: Shake both of your arms up and down while they are low.



  • Groove Is in the Heart is the first song by Q-Tip in the series, although he is not credited in-game.
  • Groove Is in the Heart is the only song from Just Dance that has not been found in the Just Dance Now files yet (as of the major update on October 22, 2015).
  • There is an error in the lyrics: "Horton hears a who" is misspelled as "Horten hears a who".
    • In the line right before, "We’re gonna groove to" is misinterpreted as "We’re Going thru to".


  • Groove Is in the Heart and Bebe are the only songs from Just Dance that have a background that changes color.
  • Groove Is in the Heart is one of the six coaches from Just Dance to never be used in Puppet Master Modes or Mashups, along with Bebe, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Lump, Womanizer and Surfin’ Bird.
  • The routine uses some moves from the music video.
  • The coach’s hairstyle and headband also resemble Deee-Lite’s hairstyle and headband in the music video, with different colors.
  • In a similar fashion to Pump Up the Jam and Fame, a different coach is used for Groove Is in the Heart in the Just Dance trailer.
  • In the Just Dance files, an early version of the menu icon, which replaces the background with a purple horizontal gradient, can be found.
    • In addition, the coach’s facial features are more visible, the yellow parts of her outfit are in a darker shade and she has a fuchsia outline.


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