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Thus far, the Just Dance series comprises of Just Dance, Just Dance 2, 3, 4, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.


The main gameplay of the franchise (main series, Japanese series, Kids series, Disney Party series and Experience series) is to try to copy what the on-screen dancer is dancing, with a Wii Remote, PS Move Remote, Joy-Con (Nintendo Switch Controller), Smartphone, Kinect Camera or PlayStation Camera judging the player on their performance. With the Wii Remote, PS Move Remote, Joy-Con Controller or a Smartphone, it has to be held in the player's right hand for proper scoring. While gameplay was almost the same in all games, some new features were added to the series. (Duets, Trios, Dance Crews etc.)


NTSC Covers

Main Series

Limited Editions

Special Editions

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Just Dance 2
(Best Buy Edition)
Just Dance 3
(Best Buy Edition)
Just Dance 3
(Target Edition)
Just Dance 3
(Zeller's Edition)
Just Dance 4
(Wii U)
Just Dance 2016
(Gold Edition)
Just Dance 2017
(Gold Edition)


Main Series

Limited Editions

Special Editions

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Just Dance 3
(Special Edition)
Just Dance 4
(Special Edition)

Japanese Series

Chinese Games

Mobile Apps


  • Not including spinoffs, Katy Perry is the most prolific artist (13), beating Nicki Minaj (9), Ariana Grande (8) Rihanna (7), and One Direction and Shakira (tied at 6).
  • The NTSC cover for Just Dance is the only game so far to not feature any in-game dancers on the front cover.
  • The most common frequently appearing Ubisoft artists in the game is Sweat Invaders (10), the second is The Girly Team (7), and the third is the Sunlight Shakers (4).
  • Dancers have either a glove (short, long, or without fingers) on their left hand, a wristband on their left arm, or having something on their left arm being a different color than the other arm (except for the first game in the series.) to instruct the players that they have to hold the Wii remote, Joycon Controller, Playstation remote or a phone on their right hand (for controller-based platforms) and to serve as a reference point (for camera based platforms).
  • The series holds the Guinness World Record for being the best-selling third party Wii game.
  • The highest score that can be reached from Just Dance 2 onward is 13333.
    • However, in Puppet Master Modes, it is possible to exceed 13333 points.
    • One can achieve more than 13333 points on Simon Says too.
  • All of the main games, with the exception of the NTSC version of Just Dance 2019 (which was rated E), have been rated E10+ by the ESRB, and 3 by PEGI.
  • The game covers in the PAL regions are very different from their NTSC counterparts.
    • There is yet to be a game in the series where both regions share the exact same game cover.
  • Fatboy Slim, Katy Perry, Pitbull, Ariana Grande, Sia, and Nicki Minaj have had three of their songs in one game:
  • According to Alkis Arkgyriagis, the developer for Just Dance, the concept for the game was derived from a mini-game in the Raving Rabbids game.[1]
  • On October 25, 2016, Ubisoft released a playlist with 18 songs which appeared in the Just Dance series. It is available on various music platforms like iTunes, Spotify and Deezer.
  • On January 14, 2019, it was reported that Screen Gems was making a movie based on the franchise.[2]


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