Not to be confused with Dance Juniors which was released as "Just Dance Kids" in the NTSC region.

Just Dance Kids 2 (or Just Dance Kids in the PAL region) is a video game for the Wii, PlayStation Move for PlayStation 3 and Kinect for Xbox 360, and is part of the Just Dance video game franchise. Just Dance Kids 2 is a dance-based music game but with popular kids' songs.[1] The game was released on October 25, 2011 and contains 40 songs.[2]


This game contains 39 tracks.

  • A "#" indicated that the song can be played in different languages.
Song Artist Difficulty Effort Year Menu Icon
"Accidentally in Love" Counting Crows
(Studio male singers)
2 1 2004
Accidentally jdk2 cover generic.png
"Alright" David Choi 2 2 2011
Alright jdk2 cover generic.png
"Are You Sleeping"# Traditional
(The Just Dance Kids)
1 2 1995
Areyousleeping jdk2 cover generic.png
"Barbara Ann" The Beach Boys
(Studio male singers)
1 1 1965
Barbaraann jdk2 cover generic.png
"Burnin' Up" Jonas Brothers
(Studio male singers)
3 3 2008
Burningup jdk2 cover generic.png
"Crocodile Rock" Nelly Furtado & Elton John
(Studio singers)
2 3 2011
Crocodilerock jdk2 cover generic.png
"Despicable Me" Pharrell Williams
(Studio singers)
2 1 2010
Despicableme jdk2 cover generic.png
"Dumb Love" Sean Kingston
(Studio male singers)
2 2 2010
Dumblove jdk2 cover generic.png
"Feeling Good" Michael Bublé
(Studio male singers)
2 2 2005
Feelinggood jdk2 cover generic.png
"Five Little Monkeys" Traditional
(The Just Dance Kids)
1 3 -
Monkeys jdk2 cover generic.png
"Follow the Leader" The Wiggles 1 2 2007
Followtheleader jdk2 cover generic.png
"Girls Can Too" Tyler Van Der Berg 2 3 2011
Girlscantoo jdk2 cover generic.png
"Hand In Hand" The Just Dance Kids (Unknown studio male singers) 2 2 2011
Handinhand jdk2 cover generic.png
"Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes" Nadia Gifford
(The Just Dance Kids)
1 2 -
Headshoulders jdk2 cover generic.png
"Hokey Pokey" Traditional
(The Just Dance Kids)
1 1 1940
Hokeypokey jdk2 cover generic.png
"Hold Still" Yo Gabba Gabba! 1 2 2007
Holdstill jdk2 cover generic.png
"I'm A Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)"# Gummibär
(The Just Dance Kids)
1 1 2007
Gummy Bear.png
"I'm Gonna Catch You" The Laurie Berkner Band
(Studio female singers)
1 2 2002
Imgonnacatchyou jdk2 cover generic.png
"Intuition" Selena Gomez & the Scene
(Studio female singers)
2 2 2010
Intuition jdk2 cover generic.png
"Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" The Four Lads
(Studio singers)
3 2 1953
"Itsy Bitsy Spider"# Traditional
(The Just Dance Kids)
1 1 1910
Itsybitsy jdk2 cover generic.png
"Jingle Bells"# Traditional
(The Just Dance Kids)
1 1 1822
Jingle jdk2 cover generic.png
"Jump Up!" Imagination Movers 2 3 2009
Jumpup jdk2 cover generic.png
"Just The Way You Are" Bruno Mars
(Studio singers)
2 1 2010
Justthewayyouare jdk2 cover generic.png
"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"# The Tokens
(Studio singers)
1 1 1961
Thelionsleepstonight jdk2 cover generic.png
"Lollipop" Ronald & Ruby
(Studio female singers)
1 2 1958
Lolipop jdk2 cover generic.png
"Love Me" Justin Bieber
(Studio singers)
2 2 2009
Loveme jdk2 cover generic.png
"Mah Nà Mah Nà" Piero Umiliani
(The Just Dance Kids)
2 1 1968
Mahnamahna jdk2 cover generic.png
"On Our Way" The Just Dance Kids
(Studio male singers)
1 2 2011
Onourway jdk2 cover generic.png
"Party Goes Down" The Just Dance Kids (Studio male singers) 2 2 2011
Partydoesdown jdk2 cover generic.png
"Positivity" Ashley Tisdale
(Studio female singers)
3 2 2007
Positivity jdk2 cover generic.png
"The Robot Song" Yo Gabba Gabba! 2 2 2008
Robotsong jdk2 cover generic.png
"Rocketeer" Far East Movement ft. Ryan Tedder
(Studio singers)
2 1 2010
Rocketeer jdk2 cover generic.png
"Shake Your Groove Thing" Peaches & Herb
(Studio singers)
2 2 1978
Shakeyourgroovething jdk2 cover generic.png
"The Shimmie Shake!" The Wiggles 1 2 2008
Theshimmieshake jdk2 cover generic.png
"Something That I Want" Grace Potter
(Studio female singers)
2 2 2010
Somethingthatiwant jdk2 cover generic.png
"Song 2" Blur
(Studio singers)
1 3 1997
Song2 jdk2 cover generic.png
"Start All Over" Miley Cyrus
(Studio female singers)
2 3 2007
Startallover jdks2 cover generic.png
"Summer School" Twirl 2 3 2011
Summerschool jdk2 cover generic.png
"Whip My Hair" Willow Smith
(Studio female singers)
3 3 2010
Whipmyhair jdk2 cover generic.png


  • All the songs, excluding those by Yo Gabba Gabba, The Wiggles, Twirl, David Choi, Imagination Movers, and Tyler Van Der Berg, are covers.
    • The songs are either covered by The Just Dance Kids or Studio Singers.  
  • A cover of Kids in America from the previous Kids game plays in the starting screen.
  • This is the only game where Gold Moves have words other than YEAH! or X.
    • These words are OK and GOOD.



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