Yo-Kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version (also known as 妖怪ウォッチダンス:ジャストダンススペシャルバージョン) is a Japanese game in the Just Dance franchise that was released in Japan on December 5th, 2015.[1] The game is a crossover with the Yo-Kai Watch series and is the fourth Japanese Just Dance release.

The game has been revealed in September's CoroCoro Magazine issue, were Level-5 announced that they collaborate with Ubisoft's 'Just Dance' series. The title of the game has been revealed as well, as well as that song from the Yo-kai Watch series will be included in the game. An official release date of the game has not been revealed in the magazine.

Level-5 announced on their website that the game will be released on December 5, 2015. Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version will go for 4,662 yen when it releases, and will also be available as part of a “Wii Remote Plus Set” for 7,236 yen. The game will also include the “Bully Captain Song Medal.” The Wii U GamePad can also read QR codes for the game. In addition to a look at the game cover, Level-5 revealed that the game will have some of the newer songs like “Uchuu (Space) Dance” and “Jinsei (Life) Dramatic,” along with Yo-kai Watch’s heroine Inaho and the Yo-kai Upton.[2]

Interface Appearance

The game runs on an updated version of Just Dance 2014's engine, just like its predecessor, meaning the menus of 3 games look similar to each other.


There are a total of 10 songs.

Song (English/日本語) Artist (English/日本語) Year Mode Icon
Geragerapō No Uta (ゲラゲラポーのうた) King Cream Soda (キングクリームソーダ) 2014 Dance Crew
Geragerapoori cover generic.png
Yō-kai Taisō Dai-ichi (ようかい体操第一) Dream5 2013 Duet
Yokaitaisodaiichi cover generic.png
Matsuribayashi de Geragerapō (祭子でゲラゲラポー) King Cream Soda (キングクリームソーダ) 2014 Solo
Geragerapomat cover generic.png
Hatsukoitōge de Geragerapō (初峠でゲラゲラポー) King Cream Soda (キングクリームソーダ) 2014 Solo
Geragerapohatsukoi cover generic.png
Dan Dan Dubi Zubā! (ダン・ダン ドゥビ・ズバー!) Dream5 and Bully-Taichō (ブリー隊長) 2014 Duet
Dandandubizuba cover generic.png
Grippo Dance Train (ゲポ・ダンストレイン) King Cream Soda (キングクリームソーダ) 2015 Duet
Gerappodancetrain cover generic.png
Idol was Ooh-Nya-Nya no Ken (アイドルはウーニャニャの件) NyaKB with Tsuchinoko Panda (ツチノコパンダ) 2015 Solo
Idolwaunyanyanoken cover generic.png
Yō-kai Taisō Dai-Ni (ようかい体操第二) Dream5 2015 Duet
Yokaitaisodaini cover generic.png
Jinsei Dramatic (人生ドラマチック) King Cream Soda (キングクリームソーダ) 2015 Duet
Jinseidramatic cover generic.png
Uchū Dance! (宇宙ダンス !)  Cotori (コトリ) with Stitchbird (ステッチバード) 2015 Dance Crew
Uchudance cover generic.png


  • Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Edition is the second game to be exclusive to the Wii U, after Just Dance Wii U.
  • Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Edition is the first Just Dance crossover title.
  • The autodance feature for Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Edition is "hosted" by Dandoodle.[citation needed]
  • Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Edition is the fourth Japan-only title in the series.
  • Mojo coins are replaced by "JD" coins, like in Just Dance Wii U.
    • You can use them to play a Gashapon minigame, which will unlock avatars representing characters from the Yo-Kai Watch series.
  • Stars are replaced with Jibanyan's head.
    • Various Yo-Kai's heads (all colored in gold) also appear when a Gold Move explodes.
  • Scanning the QR Codes present on the Yo-Kai Medal toys in Japan with the Wii U GamePad will award you with special coins which you can also use to play the Gashapon minigame.
    • There are 2 types of special coins. Silver coins are for normal Yo-Kai Medals and Gold coins for legendary Yo-Kai Medals.
  • Karaoke and highlighted lyrics are not available in the game.
  • Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Edition has the fewest songs out of all the games in the franchise, with only 10 songs playable in the game.
  • The menu squares do not show the coaches for the song, who appear only on the cover.
  • Eight songs from the game have been found in the files of Just Dance Unlimited.[3]
  • Unlike the other games in the entire series, all of the coaches in this game have a outline that is in full opacity instead of a faded outline. Also, most of the coaches have their faces censored out.
  • King Cream Soda has the most songs in the game with 5, followed by Dream5 with the second most with 3.
  • Kenichiro Saigo (西郷 憲一郎) is the composer of the Menu tracks in the game.
  • The star sound effects are similar to Just Dance 2015, but altered.
  • The Gold Move visual effect and sound effects from Just Dance 2014 are altered.
  • All of the avatars (known as Yo-Kais) are voiced by their corresponding voice actor or actress.
  • All the menu sound effects from Just Dance Wii U are used.
  • The credits are both in English and Japanese.
  • On every game, the dancer from a song appears on their square icon. On this game, however, none of the dancers from their respective routine appears on their icon. This is the first time in Just Dance history where this occurs. This game is also part of many cases where somebody who had no white makeup on them was featured on a square.




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