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Battle Mode saw its first light in Just Dance 4. It is a game feature that, just like the name implies, allows players to battle with friends or the computer (as an A.I.) when playing alone. The new feature was seen early in the Just Dance 4 announcement trailer. Battles ceased to return after Just Dance 2014.

Just Dance 4

In Just Dance 4, there are five different Battles. All of them have to be unlocked by collecting Mojo and spinning the Gift Wheel (except in the Wii U version of the game). There are five rounds: first verse, chorus, second verse, bridge, and final chorus. Each Battle has its own background, which changes color according to the song that is currently winning (for example, the background in Beauty And A Beat VS. Call Me Maybe is in shades of blue for the former song and in shades of pink for the latter).

Battles in Just Dance 4

Just Dance 2014

Battle Mode returned in Just Dance 2014. There are four battles in the game: one is available at start, whereas the other three have to be bought with Mojocoins. The background consists of a sort of cage with the word "VS" in the middle and a picture of the background from the song that is currently winning the round (for example, when Kiss You is winning in Kiss You VS. Pound The Alarm, a picture from the background of Kiss You is displayed). The number of rounds have been reduced to three. When a song wins the battle, its coach does something bad to the other dancer (for example, when Pound The Alarm wins in Kiss You VS. Pound The Alarm, the coach will push Kiss You).

Battles in Just Dance 2014



Just Dance 4

  • According to promotional content, Battle Mode in Just Dance 4 originally had six rounds instead of five, and Gold Moves were counted.
    • In terms of graphics, the main differences were the absence of the "HIT!" sign and the HP bar, as well as a different "(Song) Wins!" card.[citation needed]
  • The loss of HP in Just Dance 4 is much harsher than in Just Dance 2014.[citation needed]
    • This is because rounds are shorter in Just Dance 4.
  • In some Battles, the winner screen sometimes displays the wrong coach.[1]


Just Dance 4

Just Dance 2014


Just Dance 4

Just Dance


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