Battle Mode saw its first light in Just Dance 4. It is a game feature that, just like the name implies, allows players to battle with friends or the computer (as an A.I.) when playing alone. The new feature was seen early in the Just Dance 4 announcement trailer. Battles ceased to return after Just Dance 2014.

Just Dance 4

In Just Dance 4, there are five different battles. All of them have to be unlocked by collecting Mojo and spinning the prize wheel. (except in the Wii U edition). There are 5 rounds. They are first verse, chorus, second verse, bridge and chorus.

Battles in Just Dance 4

Just Dance 2014

Battle Mode returned in Just Dance 2014. There are four battles in the game. Three of them have to be bought for Mojo coins and one is available in the game from the beginning. Battle Mode is upgraded in Just Dance 2014. The background appears to be the same in general under a cage and the format is a best of 5. When a song wins the entire battle (not just one round), the dancer for it does something bad to the other dancer. For example, when Pound The Alarm wins, the Pound The Alarm dancer will push the Kiss You dancer.

Battles in Just Dance 2014


  • The first glimpse of Battle Mode during the Just Dance 4 announcement originally showed that it had six rounds, Gold Moves, no "HIT!"-sign when one got hit, a different "[song] Wins!" card and Score! (no HP bar).
    • The six rounds were the first verse, chorus, second verse, chorus, bridge, and final chorus.
  • The loss of HP in Just Dance 4 is much harsher than in Just Dance 2014.[citation needed]
    • This is because rounds are shorter in Just Dance 4.
  • In every single battle, the color palette for both costumes are different from the original, except for She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) vs Where Have You Been.
  • In some Just Dance 4 battles, the winner screen displays the wrong coach sometimes.[1]
  • In Just Dance 4 backgrounds are different for every single battle, but Just Dance 2014 uses the backgrounds from the two competing tracks in the back.
  • Nicki Minaj is the artist with the most dance battle appearances, with Super Bass VS. Love You Like A Love Song, Beauty And A Beat VS. Call Me Maybe and Kiss You VS. Pound The Alarm.


Just Dance 4

Just Dance 2014

Just Dance 2014


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