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"Boombayah" (stylized as "BOOMBAYAH") by Blackpink is featured on Just Dance 2022, Just Dance Now, and 舞力无限. Although it functions as a Classic routine, it is labelled as an "Extreme Version".

The song has an Alternate Version which is unlocked to play at the start.

Appearance of the Dancers

The coaches are four women wearing animal themed clothes with punk elements. They all have glowing orange outlines.


P1 is Kyung. She is themed after reptiles. She has a dark olive-green cap styled like a head of a lizard, with yellow eyes with black slit pupils and yellow triangular teeth attached on the bill, where pink messy hair flows behind her back. Her hair contains black strands, and is styled in thick, tied braids. Covering her mouth is a dark olive-green mask, with numerous white circular filters on it. She also has pink visible eyebrows.

She wears a dark olive-green parka-style jacket with a large arm hole cut in the right side that leaves it sleeveless and a left sleeve covering up to her elbow and has three black belt straps on the arm, and a light green bra with a black leather belt-like strap with white metallic holes. She also wears a pair of black waist-high shiny latex jeans, with a large black leather belt over two smaller leather black belt, three loose golden chains that are attached from the left side to her back, a long light green triangular cut of fabric to represent a tail, and four diagonal cuts around the thigh area of the jeans that are held together by a pair of black strands on each leg, and light green rectangular patches below the cuts. She also wears a pair of dark olive-green combat boots. She wears a black latex elbow length glove in her right arm, with dark olive-green spikes above her wrist, and a dark olive green fingerless glove at the end of it, as well as a thin black bracelet with golden spike stubs.


P2 is So. She is themed after a panda. She wears a large white fuzzy cap with black large faux ears, styled after a panda. Under it is her light blue and pink split-colored hair in pigtails with small golden bands tied at the end of the pigtails, as well as light blue visible eyebrows.

She wears a shiny blue sleeveless crop top, with thin banded strands that wraps around the neck region as well as a heart-shaped cleavage. Over her crop top is a black bulky and fuzzy cropped open jacket, with small black garters above the wrists. The crop top has two diagonal straps with black heart-shaped bands that move inwards, attaching to a small plush head of a panda with a winking expression. She also wears dark violet denim ripped shorts with a triangular rip at the front center, where it has large golden chains wrap around her waist. She also wears a black leather garter belt in her right thigh with a strap that goes up, large bell-shaped fuzzy black and white leg warmers, and shiny blue shoes with thick white soles, which are partially obscured by the leggings. Her accessories include a black choker with a golden heart-shaped buckle, few golden bands and a very small loose chain, a thin golden bracelet above her left wrist, a golden ring in her left ring finger and a light blue glove.


P3 is Hea. She is themed after a jaguar. She has black tied hair, which forms a long thick strand with golden ribbons wrapped around it and has a long thin strand of loose hair in the right front side of her hair, black cat ears placed on the bun and black paint eye mask with faded edges.

She wears a neon purple leotard with a dark purple jaguar print and large cuts at the side of her abdomen, with a shiny black bra placed over it. The straps above the cups are M-shaped and wraps around her neck like a choker, with two pairs of loose golden chains that attaches on the center of the choker segment. Numerous loose golden chains are also attached at the center of the bra and wrapped around below her chest. She wears a neon purple open parka that half covers her back, exposing her shoulders, and the parka is designed with smooth black interior and black sleeve garters. She also wears a waist-high latex micro shorts with two belt segments and thin white lines, and a pair of mismatched thigh-high leggings, which both have black shin guards and ends with black leather high heeled boots with four belt straps. The left legging is neon purple with a dark purple jaguar print, a black band at the end of the legging, and a shiny black knee guard. The right legging is black, has several rips that shows her skin, and a black strap that attaches to her micro shorts. She also wears a thick golden bangle in her left wrist and a neon pink glove, which as long and sharp golden claws on each finger.


P4 is Bong. She is themed after an owl. She wears a very large and elaborated feather headdress styled after a horned owl, with red main feathers, yellowish orange highlight feathers and orange feathers at the tip of the wings. The owl-shaped head is red and has a sharp red crest, and orange eyes with black pupils, and part of the headdress is attached to her shoulders with a choker segment around her neck. Under her headdress is a bluish violet hair styled in numerous braids, which is supported by bits in black and golden. She also has bluish violet visible eyebrows.

She wears a black strapless shiny leather leotard with sharp metallic bits under the cup, as well as a black belt wrapped around her waist and dark golden loose chains that are attached between the cleavage, which has another set of dark golden loose chains between the chains that also has loose hanging chains. The golden chains are connected to the choker segment of the headdress, where the chains are in a V-shape. She also wears black fishnet tights, with black leather garters that are attached with two loose leather straps that goes up and attach on the waist belt, and black stiff straps behind her legs that goes up to her bodysuit. Lastly, she wears red below-the-knee length wedge boots with five straps with golden buckles and black soles. She has a red glove.


The routine takes place on a desert of various rock formations in the distance and a circular platform where the coaches stand, surrounded by four rocky rings that spin, arranging themselves accordingly to the choreography. Each ring has a junk totem with mechanized articulation that represent each coach. Throughout the song, there's sand dust flowing near the ground.

The map starts on a title card stylized with a tribal-like font floating over the desert before turning into dust. Hawks can be heard on this bit. When the song starts, there's an intro sequence that shows each coach either standing by or sitting on their respective totem. It cuts to a front view of the coaches. P2's and P3's totems are already in frame, while P1's and P4's come in simultaneously as them.

When the first verse starts, only P1's totem stays. It consists of a base and an U-shaped structure made of dirty tires, tubes, cables, both ends resembling crocodile heads. Later, P2's totem takes its place. It resembles a panda with its arms out. It has gears for eyes and a torso built with speakers. Before the pre-chorus starts, all totems align behind the coaches and then move away from each other. As the chorus is about to start, the sky turns from noon to sunset, and the totems align again for a bit before returning to their position. Their eyes light up with the beat of the song. On the post-chorus, only the totems of the coaches on the front stay in frame.

Before the second verse starts, it turns noon again and only P3's totem stays. It resembles a purple and yellow jaguar with its arms and claws out. P4's totem takes it place. It resembles a red owl with its wings spread open, forming an U. There's a big tire leaning on it. The second pre-chorus stays the same as the first, except it only has the panda totem on screen when P2 slides on the ground.

On the first war cry of the second post-chorus, the ground lights up with white and yellow lines, which keeps happening until the song ends, and in sync with the totems' eyes lighting up. After the first time it happens, an eclipse occurs, causing the sky to reveal a starry night sky. When the outro begins, glowing paint appears on the totems. They align one last time and the song ends with the sky turning back to noon.

Gold Moves

There are 2 Gold Moves in this routine:

Gold Move 1:

  • P1: Between P2 and P4, throw you arms out to your left in a circular motion.
  • P2: While kneeling on your left knee in front of the other players, put your arms down and pull them back in two parts to your torso.
  • P3: Same as P1 but to the right.
  • P4: Behind the other players, put your arms up and lower them down in two parts.

Gold Move 2: Raise your arms up.

Release History

This section details the release and removal history of Boombayah.

Game Date Added Date Removed
Just Dance Now November 4, 2021 November 11, 2021
March 7, 2022 N/A
舞力无限 November 4, 2021 N/A

Appearances in Playlists

Boombayah is featured in the following playlists:

Just Dance Now

  • Sneak Peak - Just Dance 2022!



  • Boombayah is the seventeenth Korean-language song in the main series.
    • It is the first of four Korean-language songs to be announced for Just Dance 2022.
  • Boombayah is the fourth song by Blackpink in the series.
  • "Henny" and "Middle finger up, F-U" are censored.


  • Boombayah is the first routine for a song by Blackpink to not be choreographed by Mehdi Kerkouche.
  • Black Mamba, Boombayah, Jopping, and Pop/Stars are the third through sixth Classic routines to be rated Extreme for difficulty, after Part of Me (in Just Dance 4) and Drum Go Dum.
  • The routine uses a slightly simplified version of the official choreography.
  • P4’s coach selection image has a faint yellowish line at the top.
  • Boombayah’s teaser was prematurely uploaded two hours prior to Girl Like Me’s teaser on September 21, 2021. It was then deleted after a few minutes and reuploaded the following day.
  • As confirmed by @justdancegame on Twitter, the coaches are respectively named Kyung, So, Hea, and Bong.[4]
  • Due to the lack of an album background for the song, the Just Dance Now cover featured a placeholder background upon Boombayah’s release on the service.
    • This was later fixed with an updated cover.
  • When Boombayah was temporarily released in Just Dance Now, the song selection menu on computer placed the map before any other whose song title started with the letter B.
    • However, on mobile, the map was placed correctly.
  • When searching for "panda" in Just Dance 2022, the song does not appear, despite its alternate showing up.
  • In a behind the scenes video, it can be seen that a mattress is placed on the green screen during the choreo when P2 slides on the floor, which explains the cuts in the routine.[citation needed]


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