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"Can’t Hold Us" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton is featured on Just Dance 2014 as a downloadable track, Just Dance Unlimited, 舞力无限 and Just Dance Now.

Appearance of the Dancer

Cantholddlc coach 1 big.png

The dancer is a male with dark brown hair and a beard, who changes into three different outfits in the routine.


The first outfit is a brownish maroon vest top with holes in it. There are also black ripped jeans, black boots, and two gold chains around the dancer’s neck.


The second outfit is a pirate outfit with a large red captain’s jacket with straps. The dancer is with an orange-yellow shirt under it. The jeans and boots are the same. The dancer also has a pirate hat and gold bangles on the same wrist as the glove.


The final outfit is the first outfit with a large fur coat and a coonskin cap. The outfit has a strong resemblance to Macklemore’s outfit from the Thrift Shop music video.


The backgrounds are very colorful and bright. It starts off with a turquoise backdrop with added items as the dance proceeds. These items include clouds, mountains, cacti, a flamingo wearing a cowboy hat, a red car, and a fruit smoothie with a fish in it. They move along to the beat of the song. Once changed to the pirate outfit. It is a red sunset backdrop with clouds. The final scene shows a flag with the words The Heist at the top left, with trombones in front of the flag that go along with the song.

Gold Moves

There are 5 Gold Moves (3 in Just Dance Unlimited) in this routine:

Gold Move 1: Swing your arm.
Gold Moves 2, 3, and 5 (Just Dance 2014): Cross your arms.
Gold Move 2 (Just Dance Unlimited): Spread both arms out.
Gold Move 4 (Just Dance 2014)/Gold Move 3 (Just Dance Unlimited): Stick your right hand up in the air and shake your fist while you hold out your left arm.


Can’t Hold Us is featured in Party Master Modes. Here are the captions attributed to his dance moves:

  • I’m Out
  • It’s Me
  • Pirate’s Bow
  • Push The Boundaries
  • Respect
  • T-Pose



  • Can’t Hold Us is the first song by Ray Dalton in the series.
  • "Pimp", "s**t" and "damn" are censored.
  • The song has been shortened by 30 seconds in-game by cutting parts of the bridge and the final chorus.


  • Can’t Hold Us, Pound The Alarm (Extreme), and Wake Me Up were the first downloadable tracks to be released for Just Dance 2014.
  • Can’t Hold Us was available for free for the Uplay members who did a poll, where they were asked to choose between this song and Wake Me Up. Wii users received a gift card for 300 Wii Points and were able to choose any of the downloadable tracks.[2]
  • As seen in the Just Dance 2022 preview gameplays, the pictograms, Gold Moves, and number of counted moves in Just Dance Unlimited were originally retained from Just Dance 2014.
  • In the Just Dance Unlimited preview gameplays for Can’t Hold Us, a new pictogram bar is used. This new bar resembles the one seen in Just Dance 2018 and Just Dance 2019, but the square pulses with a different effect.
  • The Just Dance 2014 album coach is used in Just Dance Unlimited despite the thumbnails for both previews featuring a different version displaying the coach’s full body.
  • When the map was first uploaded to the old Just Dance Now servers, the original pictograms[3], Gold Moves[4], and score tracking files were used; however, in the final release, the updated files from Just Dance Unlimited were used. The cover was also more zoomed in in comparison to the final one.
    • The song description files reads "2016" in the "JDVersion" string, implying that changes had already been planned upon the launch of Just Dance Unlimited.
      • The Just Dance Now preview still uses the original pictograms and Gold Moves; however, the pictogram bar is from Just Dance 2018 and Just Dance 2019, and the Gold Move effect is from Just Dance 2020 onwards.
  • In Just Dance Now, the updated pictograms are replaced by early counterparts with default colors. A placeholder is also seen among them.
    • Additionally, the unaltered pictograms retain their original colors and are not placed more downwards (as opposed to the updated ones).
      • These Beta pictograms can also be found in the Just Dance Unlimited servers; however, in the latter, the placeholder is smaller and the new Gold Move pictogram is absent.


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