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Challengers or Challenge Mode is a feature that allows users to compete against other players online. The player can push "add challengers" to fill in the remaining three (or five, on six-player consoles) slots with scores from other random players, saved high scores, or a set of default Ubisoft employees. Prior to the shutdown of online services in November 2018, non-Wii players could also send challenges to their friends. Currently, as a result of the shutdown, players can only compete with the default competitors on the console. This feature is only still fully functional on Just Dance Now, which had removed the ability to send challenges in August 2017.

Just Dance 2015-Just Dance 2018

Challenge mode was described on the back of the box with the following descriptions:

  • Just Dance 2015 - CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS! With the new Challenge Mode, you can show off your skills as you compete against anyone, anytime.
  • Just Dance 2016 - NEVER DANCE ALONE! Challenge your friends and family at the same time with the Challenger Mode feature!

The feature was twofold. The player could simply add challengers by clicking the button in the top right corner of the coach selection screen to fill in the open slots with challengers or they could also send and receive challenges to and from friends if they were on a non-Wii console. The latter feature was made unavailable following the shutdown of the online services.

The following default challengers are available and are the only ones that would show up, other than previously saved high scores, if the player had no Internet connection. As a result of the online services shutdown, these are the only available competitors:

  • JD DOG
  • JD SNEHAL - Sweden
  • JD MOUSS - France

Note JD Gauthier was introduced in Just Dance 2016.

Speech bubbles showing messages would show up before and after the song. These include:

  • Before the song:
    • Hi!
    • Hello!
    • Let’s start!
    • Start the song!
    • I love [country]!
    • [country] IS THE BEST!
    • I’m from [country].
    • I’m level [level number]
  • After the song, if you have won:
    • You’re too good...
    • Nice moves!
    • Well done.
    • You’re amazing!
  • After the song, if you have lost:
    • I’m better than you!
    • Keep dancing!
    • Try again!
    • Better luck next time!

Just Dance Now

The feature was introduced via an update on April 14, 2015, and worked similar to the console games. However, one could also send and receive challenges to and from Facebook friends and any other player the player had previously shared a room with. Additionally, there are no default challengers. The ability to send and receive challenges was removed in the August 2017 update, but the ability to add challengers is still present in the game.

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