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Community Remix, also known as Dance Mix or Star Remix, is a feature that was first introduced in Just Dance 2015, and has also been used in Just Dance Now. It is now present in Just Dance 2016, Just Dance 2017 and Just Dance 2021.


The aim of the mechanism is to allow players to record themselves dancing to the moves of a specific song. Once recorded, the game will randomly crop a few seconds of the song and players will then send their clips to Ubisoft, in which the team will pick out which clips are best for usage. Community remixes contain a variety of these clips of players dancing to the song.

On Just Dance 2015, for the camera consoles (Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4), recording can be proceeded by using the Kinect or PlayStation camera. The same can also be done with the PlayStation 3's Move camera. With the Wii U, the console's game pad's camera is required for recording. With the Wii, a separate camera must be used for recording, and the videos must be sent to the team manually.

All Community Remixes (with the exception of preinstalled ones like Happy and Uptown Funk) require an Internet connection to be accessed.

Just Dance 2015

  • A (X) indicates that the Community Remix has been removed; it is unknown if it will show up again.
Song Artist Year
Happy Pharrell Williams 2013
Problem (X) Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea and Big Sean 2014
Birthday (X) Katy Perry 2013
Love Me Again John Newman 2013
XMas Tree (X) Bollywood Santa 2014
Diamonds (X) Rihanna 2012
Burn (X) Ellie Goulding 2013
Bad Romance (Official Choreo) (X) Lady Gaga 2009
Only You (And You Alone) (X) The Platters (Love Letter) 1954
The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) Ylvis 2013
Maps Maroon 5 2014
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) Dead or Alive 1985
Built For This Becky G 2013
Bad Romance Lady Gaga 2009
Addicted To You Avicii 2013
Summer Calvin Harris 2014
I Love It Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX 2012
Dark Horse Katy Perry 2013
Black Widow Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora 2014
Holding Out for a Hero Bonnie Tyler 1984


Song Artist Year
Dancing Queen ABBA 1976

Just Dance Now

  • A (CC) indicates that the song had a contest which was later cancelled.
Song Artist Year
Sexy And I Know It LMFAO


Crazy Christmas (CC) Santa Clones 2010

Just Dance 2016

In Just Dance 2016 (with the exception of Uptown Funk), the dancers are edited into the background of the original routine; on 7th-Gen consoles however, newer Community Remixes are still in a windowed format.

  • (U) indicates that the Community Remix is exclusive to Just Dance Unlimited due to the song only being playable on Just Dance Unlimited.
  • (7) indicates that the Community Remix is streamed online also for 7th gen consoles (PS3 & Xbox 360 only)
Song Artist Year
Uptown Funk Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars 2014
The Choice Is Yours (7) Darius Dante Van Dijik 2015
All About That Bass (7) Meghan Trainor 2014
I Gotta Feeling The Black Eyed Peas 2009
Hey Mama David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha, & Afrojack 2014
Ievan Polkka Hatsune Miku 2007
I’m An Albatraoz AronChupa 2014
Break Free (U) Ariana Grande Ft. Zedd 2014
Animals (Extreme Version) Martin Garrix 2013
Taste The Feeling (Olympic Version) (U) Avicii vs. Conrad Sewell 2016


Song Artist Year
Animals Martin Garrix 2013

Just Dance 2017

On 7th gen consoles, Community Remixes are played in a full screen format rather than the windowed format.

  • (X) indicates that the song had a Community Remix but was canceled.
  • (U) indicates that the Community Remix is exclusive to Just Dance Unlimited due to the song only being playable on Just Dance Unlimited.
  • (7) indicates that the Community Remix is streamed online also for 7th gen consoles (PS3 & Xbox 360 only)
Song Artist Year
PoPiPo (X) Hatsune Miku 2008
Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (7) Beyoncé 2008
Bailar Deorro ft. Elvis Crespo 2016
Break Free (U) Ariana Grande Ft. Zedd 2014
Cheap Thrills Sia ft. Sean Paul 2016
Don’t Stop Me Now Queen 1979
Into You Ariana Grande 2016
What Is Love (X) Haddaway (Ultraclub 90) 1993

Just Dance 2021

In Just Dance 2021 via Just Dance Unlimited, there is a Community Remix for Calypso, which only involves three dancers.



  • Sexy And I Know It’s Community Remix is the only one that features a split screen with the original routine and the players’ videos.
  • Due to the final videos being the same across all platforms, players are advised to keep their controllers out of their camera’s view, though dancing with a smartphone is allowed.
    • When recording for a Community Remix entry, there is no scoring on remote consoles, as players are urged to dance without their controllers (unless using a smartphone).
    • On camera consoles, however, players are still scored.
  • Logos on the players’ clothes are usually blurred out.
  • Community Remixes were originally called "Dance Mixes", and the interface was inspired from Just Dance 2014.
    • In the game files for Just Dance 2015, there are a frame and several Dancer Cards whose design is inspired from Just Dance 2014. Their respective avatars are from that game, too.
  • In the game files, Community Remixes are designated with the letters "CMU" at the end of their codenames. This suggests that the feature was once planned to be called "Community Mashup".
    • It is further proven by a folder in the Just Dance 2015 ISO called "Community Mashup".

Just Dance Now

  • Crazy Christmas’s Community Remix was supposed to be released for January 2015 in Just Dance Now, but it was never released.

Just Dance 2015

  • On Just Dance 2015, if a player submitted their video via Wii U, their username would only be displayed on that console. On other consoles, they would be simply listed as "Just Dancer".
    • Despite this, PlayStation and Xbox players have their usernames displayed on all consoles.
  • Sometimes, the video is replaced with a white screen while the rest of the interface functions as normal, including the players’ usernames.
  • As of an unknown date, every Community Remix has been removed (except Happy, which is preinstalled), due to the shutdown of the game’s online servers.

Just Dance 2017

  • Unlike its two predecessors, Just Dance 2017 does not have a preinstalled Community Remix.

Just Dance 2021

  • The code name for Calypso’s Community Remix has the suffix "FAN", which is used for Fanmade routines, and the menu assets are based off those for Fanmade routines.


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