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Dance Dojo is a feature in Just Dance Wii 2 that allows the player to study part of or all of a routine.


In this mode the player can play a song normally, but without scores and with the ability to skip and repeat certain parts of a song. Using this feature, it is easier to practice without having to restart the song each time.


All backgrounds are replaced with a green dojo. It contains a taiko drum, a framed picture, poster and a banner with Japanese writings on them. There is also a clock, a couple of windows and another framed picture with the coach from Rasputin.


Pressing down on the D-Pad allows you to pause the song. Pressing it again will resume the song. Pressing right and left skips forward and backward to certain sections in the song. Blue dots indicate the beginning of a section and magenta dots indicate the beginning of chorus sections.


  • A D-Pad is shown on the bottom left of the screen to show the playback controls.
  • Lyrics do not appear.
  • In the unused English translation on the disc files, the Dance Dojo is called Training Mode, and the info box's writing explaining how to use the mode is cut off early.
    • This may be due to the fact that Japanese characters fit on screen, but the English translation contains a larger amount of characters.
  • Points are not scored for in this mode. The word "TUTORIAL" is in the score bar instead. However, the players' moves are still rated.
  • If the player selects a section after pausing, it'll go right into the countdown start with 4. The countdown speed depends on the song's BPM.
    • It also works the same way as continuing the song after pausing during normal gameplay.
    • The countdown was also recycled in Just Dance 4, but it starts at 3.


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