Double Rumble is a game mode for Just Dance 2018. The mode is exclusive to Nintendo Switch.[2] It includes five choreographies, and uses both of the JoyCons and their vibrations to simulate actions, such as cooking or playing in a Mariachi band.


For the first time, Just Dance 2018 will use the HD rumble technology to develop interesting Double Rumble choreographies based on this vibration system, which makes the overall Just Dance experience even more immersive.

5 exclusive Double Rumble choreographies put the control in both of your hands for the first time in a Just Dance game – hold a Joy-Con in each hand, and feel the vibrations as you experience what it’s like to play in a Mariachi band, or take charge of a 5 star kitchen.

Replicate the moves and feel the vibes of the music in the palms of your hands thanks to the Joy-Cons’ unique HD Rumble vibration system. Also, more exclusive choreographies are to be announced exclusively for the Nintendo Switch![2]


  • All 5 Double Rumble dancers have 2 gloves (left glove blue - right glove red) which represent the neon colors of the Joy-Cons from the Nintendo Switch.
    • Therefore, the left-handed moves count.
  • None of the routines have pictograms.
  • Every routine usually has a countdown on the bottom-center of the screen which counts down from four.
  • The Double Rumble routines do not have Gold Moves.


Routine Artist Image
Better Call The Handyman Just Vibes
Switchhandyman cover generic
El Sabor Del Ritmo
Switchmariachi cover generic
Food Paradise
Switchchef cover generic
Sports ’Til I Drop
Switchsport cover generic
Tales Of The Cauldron
Switchwitch cover generic


  • The background of each routine displays separate panels of the same coach doing different moves.
  • "Just Vibes" is credited on every Double Rumble routine.
  • Double Rumble marks the fourth time the pictograms are absent. It previously happened with Warm Up, Cheesy Cha Cha, and Kids Mode.
  • According to its official description, there were supposed to be more songs in the mode in latter updates. However, this never came to be.



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