As with several other games, the Just Dance series is no exception to having its own Easter Eggs. Here, you can browse through all the Easter eggs which Ubisoft has so kindly put in the Just Dance series.

What defines an Easter Egg?

An Easter Egg could be anything - something that unlocks additional content, "cameos" from dancers outside from their own song; really anything that can be considered "secret" or "bonus" content. They could even be beta elements (although this page should be left for the best of beta elements as there are already pages for that). Also, see songs with the title in the background for more Easter Eggs.

Just Dance 2

Just Dance: Summer Party/Extra Songs

Just Dance Kids 2

Just Dance Wii

  • By playing all the songs in Just Dance Wii, Just Mario is unlocked. A 1-UP sound can be heard when unlocking it.
  • The Beta silhouette of When I Grow Up appears in the Multiplayer menu of Just Dance Wii, although the song is not in the game.

Just Dance 3

Just Dance: Greatest Hits

Just Dance Wii 2

Just Dance 4

Just Dance 2014

Just Dance Kids 2014

Just Dance Wii U

Just Dance Now

Old versions

New versions

Just Dance 2015

Just Dance 2016


Just Dance 2017


Just Dance Machine

Many backgrounds, clothes, and samples from other routines of the series are re-used in some Just Dance Machine routines.

World Dance Floor

  • Some World Dance Floor bosses refer to previous Just Dance routines.
    • Jimi Sea Horse and OctoDrum are respectively based on the seahorse and the octopus in the background of Cake By The Ocean.
    • Lazer Cat and Rocket Cat are based on the cats in the background of Holding Out for a Hero.
    • Leopold the Jester and Counselor Giraffus are based on P2 and P4 of Copacabana.
    • Muchacharacas, Muchachopeta and Muchachotarra resemble the chili peppers in the background of Speedy Gonzalez.
    • Super Santa refers to P2 of XMas Tree, whereas Figgy Snow Rider and King Jumbo respectively resemble the elves and the elephants in its background.
    • Billy the Leek, Miss Healthy and Big Red refer to the background of PoPiPo.


Just Dance 2018



The stickers have references to other dancers as shown here.

World Dance Floor

  • Some World Dance Floor bosses refer to previous Just Dance routines.
    • Chick Pea resembles the coach of Happy Farm.
    • Elpee is based on the golden boomboxes in the background of 24K Magic.
    • Leopold the Jester and Counselor Giraffus are based on P2 and P4 of Copacabana.
    • McQueck is based on the chick in the background of Don’t Stop Me Now.
    • Rabback is a Rabbid wearing a spiked choker.
    • Reing is based on the coach of Make It Jingle.

Just Dance 2019

  • The background of the PAL covers for the game feature assets from the backgrounds of tracks in the game. These include:

Game Elements


World Dance Floor

  • Some World Dance Floor bosses refer to previous Just Dance routines.
    • Panda Float is loosely based on the coach of I Gotta Feeling.
    • An unknown boss resembling Carnaval Boom could appear during the Carnival event.
    • Three bosses who respectively borrow their outfits from the coaches of 365, Old Town Road (Remix), and Vodovorot could appear on World Dance Floor during the Just Dance 2020 Celebration event.

Just Dance 2020

Game Elements

All Stars Mode

  • Just Dance 2020 features a game mode called All Stars Mode, where one has to play a routine from each previous installment in order to unlock a final special song as a reward, which is High Hopes. The routines are (in order):
  • The Panda, who has been a playable dancer in many routines of the Just Dance series, is the main character of the story.
  • Each song is represented by a small planet whose surface resembles the background from its related routine. The coaches stand on them while making poses from their choreographies.
  • Each routine is introduced by a cutscene that takes place in an environment that resembles its background. The coaches sometimes interact with the main character.
    • In the opening scene, the Panda is lost on a deserted planet and wanders looking for help, until he hears a noise from afar, which turns out to be a spaceship. While All You Gotta Do (Is Just Dance) plays, the Panda cheers up and jumps on the vehicle, which detects ten mysterious planets and then immediately takes off.
    • In Hot N Cold’s scene, the Panda lands on a planet consisting of crystals in shades of pink. Anticipated by a distant sound, the coach jumps into its arms.
    • In Rasputin’s scene, the Panda lands on a cold, snowy planet with a building that resembles the Kremlin, and is greeted by the coach, who is trapped in a rolling snowball.
    • In California Gurls’s scene, the Panda lands on a beach and sees an unattended umbrella over a blanket with a magazine on it. The Panda picks up the latter and opens it, seeing pages with pictures of the coach. The one on the left comes to life and waves at it.
    • In You’re the First, the Last, My Everything’s scene, P4 is seen working on his desk. As soon as he feels a rumble, he looks up and sees the Panda and the other coaches waving at him from the spaceship. He runs out to join them immediately afterward.
    • In Starships’s scene, the Panda jumps off the spaceship and lands on a floating disk that is identical to the coach’s. The latter waves at it and disappears with a sparkly transition.
    • In Built For This’s scene, the Panda is in a factory where cranes carry robot heads that look like the ones from the routine. An additional one appears, and the Panda performs some moves from Addicted To You, whose coach is later shown inside the head; the same situation happens with Never Gonna Give You Up right afterward. After that, the Panda performs the muscle-flexing moves from Built For This, and the scene stops.
    • In Chiwawa’s scene, the Panda lands on an environment made of pink ripped paper. Cats with a yellow cartoony body, a magenta collar, and a black-and-white real-life head with a magenta bow stand everywhere, including on a metal structure and a printer. As soon as the Panda approaches it, a chiwawa with a red cartoony body, a red collar with a golden bell and a black-and-white real-life head jumps up and barks. The Panda then gets closer to the printer and sees the coach posing in several different ways on the screen; after that, it presses a button and those poses get printed while still being animated.
    • In Lean On’s scene, the Panda lands on a desert and sees a glowing Indian-styled portal in front of it. As soon as it starts walking through it, the glow intensifies and several mandala outlines float around it; then, a blue light shines and silhouettes of the coaches are shown.
    • In Swish Swish’s scene, the coaches are seen standing on a stage in an environment that resembles the background for the routine, with people cheering for them and taking pictures. The Panda jumps among them and makes its way onto the stage.
    • In Bang Bang Bang’s scene, the Panda lands in front of a mysterious building with two small towers on the sides and a bigger one in the middle, which showcases a red rotating fan and two narrow orange lines over the entrance. As soon as the Panda goes inside, the coaches are seen doing poses from the choreography behind him while spotlights light up from below in front of them.
    • In High Hopes’s scene, many of the previous coaches are seen lying or standing over clouds, while the Panda points at an unknown direction and presses a button on a remote control, which opens a hatch on the floor of the pathway that leads to the stadium seen in the routine.
    • In the final cutscene, all coaches are seen celebrating in the stadium, until a colorful spaceship shaped like the head of a reindeer lands in the middle. The coach from Make It Jingle comes out while confetti is thrown, and gives a high-five to the Panda while All You Gotta Do (Is Just Dance) plays; then, Make It Jingle points to a galaxy, and everyone runs into his spaceship, which takes off immediately. The message "thank you for playing!" appears.



  • Stickers resembling elements from previous games can be earned through the Gift Machine or by playing specific routines three times. The items for every game are (from left to right):
  • Each page of the stickers album is symbolized by a small detail of the PAL cover of each respective game.

World Dance Floor

  • Some World Dance Floor bosses refer to previous Just Dance routines.
    • Bearman is based on the coach of Make It Jingle.
    • Kong is based on P1 of Policeman.
    • Superpanda is based on the Panda.
    • Three bosses who respectively resemble P3 of Policeman and P2 and P4 of Copacabana could appear on World Dance Floor during Season 2: Feel The Power. Their names are Hippos, Red Lion and Giraffe.


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