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A Gold Move is a special dance move that gives a huge amount of points if done correctly. When the song reaches its Gold Move, the player will get a "YEAH" if they do it correctly, or an "X" if they miss. There is no "OK" or "GOOD" rating on a Gold Move, except in the Just Dance Kids series.

As described in the Just Dance 4 Wii U Electronic manual: "Some moves are more than just moves: they are Gold Moves. You will recognize them by the golden pictogram and special effects around the dancer. Doing these correctly will earn you a lot of points."


Main series

Gold Moves were first introduced in Just Dance 2, replacing Shake Moves in Just Dance, and has appeared in every game to date, even in spinoffs such as Just Dance Kids and the Japan-exclusive Just Dance Wii games. Unlike Shake Moves, Gold Moves appear in every song. On average, Gold Moves offer 200-300 points, and they are worth the value of five "Perfect"s[1].

In every game, Gold Moves change sound effects and the pictogram design (except in Just Dance Kids where the sound effects are not changed). The pictograms for the moves are displayed as completely golden in Solo routines; however, in Duets (except Just Dance 2), Trios and Dance Crews, the pictograms have their respective color, but they have a golden outline, except Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie and its beta routine. When the background is mainly golden, the Gold Moves in some songs are outlined in red, and keep their normal pictogram color (only for Duets, Trios, and Dance Crews), which is the case for Dark Horse, Danse (Pop Version), Macarena, Maria (Sweat), Could You Be Loved, Candy, Speedy Gonzales, and Hey Mama. In other songs, they can be outlined in pink (Don’t Worry Be Happy) or even in black and golden (In the Summertime).

Gold Moves in Duets, Trios and Dance Crews are often obtained by all the players simultaneously but not always. They can also be obtained separately or in a "wave" (for example - All Baby One More Time’s Gold Moves: P1 gets the Gold Move first, then P2 gets the Gold Move after P1, after that, P3 gets the Gold Move, and lastly, P4 gets the Gold Move). Starting from Just Dance Wii, if a Gold Move is performed correctly, the Wii-Mote and PlayStation Move will vibrate. The Wii-Mote and PlayStation Move will also make a sound if correctly received, barring Just Dance 4. In Just Dance 4 Dance Crews, when Gold Moves are performed in a row, the sound pitch gets higher. In Just Dance Now, Just Dance Controller and 舞力全开:活力派, the phone will make a sound if the player does a Gold Move correctly.

Kids series

In the Just Dance Kids games, the Gold Move pictograms have the same color as the normal pictograms but they have a rainbow or gold glow surrounding them.

Disney Party series

In Just Dance: Disney Party, the Gold Move pictograms are the same as Just Dance Kids 2 Gold Move pictograms (except for the bracelet) (See above), while in Just Dance: Disney Party 2, the Gold Move pictograms are the same color as the normal pictograms, but they have a star behind it.

Michael Jackson: The Experience and ABBA: You Can Dance

In Michael Jackson: The Experience and ABBA: You Can Dance, the circles that contain the Gold Move pictograms are golden, and the Just Dance 2 Gold Move effect sound is used. However, the score interface displays "GOLDMOVE" instead of "YEAH". In the former game, the Gold Move effect surrounds the coach’s glove. In the latter game, it appears at the top of the screen. On the PS3 version of Michael Jackson: The Experience, the glow fades at the top. On the Xbox 360 version of Michael Jackson: The Experience, the outline of the pictogram is golden instead of white.

The Smurfs Dance Party

In The Smurfs Dance Party, the Gold Move pictograms are the same color as the normal pictograms, but they have a golden glow, similar to the Just Dance Kids series.

The Black Eyed Peas Experience

Just like the Just Dance Kids series and The Smurfs Dance Party, the Gold Move pictograms are the same color as the normal pictograms. They have a circle-shaped white glow. When a Gold Move is done correctly, the points fill up the letters, just like every other move.


Here are the Gold Move pictogram colors for these games.

Just Dance 2, 3, and Wii

Light pictograms

1A: Sunglow
1B: Tangerine

Dark pictograms

1A: Candlelight
1B: Brown

Just Dance Wii 2, 4, 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2018

1A: Yellow
1B: Christine

Just Dance 2016

1A: Broom
1B: West Side


  • So far, the songs tied with the greatest number of Gold Moves in the franchise are Proud Mary and Ninja Re Bang Bang, with 9 each. The song with the most Gold Moves is Boogie Wonderland, with 10 Gold Moves, but this is only for the Xbox 360 version of Just Dance 3, as the Wii and PS3 versions, along with the remake, have only four Gold Moves.
  • Some songs from Just Dance that reappeared in later games had Gold Moves added to them, taking the place of Shake Moves.
  • In Miss Understood (Mashup) and Prince Ali (Mashup), there is a hidden Gold Move during Wild Wild West (Extreme)’s part which appears without effects or pictograms.
  • When Barbra Streisand appears with the first Gold Move in Just Dance 2014 Mashups and Party Master Modes, its Gold Move pictogram is absent, but the move is still treated and counted as a Gold Move.
  • For songs that are shorter and/or have a small amount of counted moves, the Gold Moves will be worth many more points than usual. For example, Tetris’s Gold Move is worth about 770 points.
  • In Just Dance 2, Just Dance 3, and Just Dance Wii, the golden shade of the solo Gold Move pictograms depends on the color of the normal ones: for example, Toxic has lilac pictograms and its Gold Move one is in a lighter shade of yellow; conversely, Let’s Go To The Mall has dark purple pictograms and its Gold Move pictograms appear in a very dark shade.
  • In Just Dance Kids, there are no special effects during a Gold Move. Instead, its pictograms are surrounded by a rainbow aura.
  • In all games intended for younger audiences, it is still possible to score an "OK" or "GOOD" on a Gold Move.
  • In Just Dance 2017, the effect is similar to the updated Just Dance Now effect and the "YEAH" is larger than in Just Dance 2016. However, this new effect appears only on 8th generation consoles.
    • On 7th-generation consoles, the Gold Move effect from Just Dance 2015 is still retained since all assets from that said game are used.
  • In older games, Gold Moves were usually unique poses or moves. Starting around Just Dance 2015, Gold Moves often tend to occur at the start of the song’s chorus or drop, which often results in the same move being performed several times throughout the rest of the song as a regular move. Other songs sometimes place Gold Moves at the end of the chorus or as the routine’s final move.
  • The earliest appearances of a Gold Move in a routine occur on the second pictogram. This can be seen with Gold Move 1 in S.O.S, Chicken Payback, Bad Romance (Mashup), Circus (Mashup), and the remake of Crying Blood.
  • In both Beta and final versions of Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, the Gold Move pictograms are all golden, in spite of the routine being a Duet and not a Solo routine.
  • In Just Dance 2019, the Gold Move effect from Just Dance 2018 was originally used during E3.
  • Sometimes, depending on how long the Gold Move is done, the feedback may be received before the final part of the effect is played.
  • In some Duets and Trios, the distribution of Gold Moves may be uneven such that one player may have more Gold Moves than every other player.

Conventional Pictograms

For all Gold Moves, see Category:Gold Moves.

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