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The Just Dance series originated with the Just Dance Wii game in 2009, which has players follow the dance movements of on-screen figures with popular songs playing in the background. Players can try solos, duets, trios, and quartets, and a number of alternate routines. The series has seen a number of additional titles, including the most recent game, Just Dance 2020, as well as a kids sub-series starting with Just Dance Kids (2010) and several mobile apps, including Just Dance Now (2014). A new game, Just Dance 2021, is scheduled for release on November 12, 2020.

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The iconic panda, who debuted in Just Dance 2014, has appeared 9 times throughout the series.


TheLapras34 TheLapras34 1 hour ago

Just Dance 2021 Type Of Routines prediction V5.0

Note: This was made after the reveals of Ice Cream, Lacrimosa, Without Me (Alt), and Samba de Janeiro (Alt)

Adore You-Duet (♂/♀)

Kick It-Trio (♂/♂/♂)

Rain On Me-Duet (♀/♀) Note: Uses lime green coach

Say So- Solo (♀)

The Other Side- Duet (♀/♂)

Note: U.S.A. is a japanese exclusive (♂/♂/♂/♂)


Joone Khod…

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Averagejustdanceplayer21 Averagejustdanceplayer21 22 hours ago

hey so uh

jd2021 thoughts and opinions

Dance Monkey: starting off strong here, this is one of my favorites, the song isn't really that annoying to me and the coach and background are amazing and it's really fun to dance to.

ATGGGTH: the personal best jd2021 song.... of this group of reveals. the choreo's great…

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Coasterking2020 Coasterking2020 1 day ago

My E3 predictions for Just Dance 2022

  • 1: Back for More - A-Teens (2001)
  • 2: Feel Flows - The Beach Boys (1971)
  • 3: Good as Hell - Lizzo (2016)
  • 4: Gotta Be You (너 아님 안돼) - 2NE1 (2014)
  • 5: Hard Rock Hallelujah - Lordi (covered by The Goth Rockstars) (2006)
  • 6: How You Like That - BLACKPINK (2020)
  • 7: Love, ..., Death - Fall Out Boy (2013)
  • 8: MaMaSé …
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