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Welcome to the Just Dance Wiki! This wiki is about the #1 dance video game series in the world, Just Dance!

The Just Dance series originated with the Just Dance Wii game in 2009, which has players follow the dance movements of on-screen figures with popular songs playing in the background. Players can try solos, duets, trios, and quartets, and a number of alternate routines. The series has seen a number of additional titles, including the most recent game, Just Dance 2022, which will release in November 2021. The award-winning series has also had a kids sub-series starting with Just Dance Kids (2010), as well as several mobile apps, including Just Dance Now (2014).

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At a length of 1:05, Acerola Taiso no Uta is the shortest song in the entire series.
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JackLSummer15 JackLSummer15 2 days ago

My thoughts on Just Dance 2022

Hey everyone. I haven't been on the jdwiki in 2 years since Just Dance 2020 came out. I've stepped out from this franchise because of how boring the games are nowadays with the same menu and modes and generic dances for songs. Every since Just Dance 2022 was revealed, I though it would be pretty mu…

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JD4EVR JD4EVR 2 days ago

JD2022 Rankings (So Far)

This is my ranking of every song revealed to us so far.

1. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

2. Buttons

3. good 4 u

4. Levitating

5. Human

6. Judas

7. Mood

8. Rock Your Body

9. Believer

10. Sua Cara

11. Chandelier

12. Smalltown Boy

13. Mr. Blue Sky

14. Level Up

15. Flash Pose

16. China


18. Funk

19. Run Th…

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InsertMemeHere InsertMemeHere 3 days ago

holy crap

dang, i have 800 posts on this wiki. I still cringe about the things I did during my Just Dance hyperfixation to this day

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