Just Dance: Summer Party (and its PAL counterpart, Just Dance 2: Extra Songs) are games released during July 2011. The game features most of the DLCs from Just Dance 2 and two of the Best Buy exclusives.

Track Listing

  • An asterisk (*) indicates that the song is covered in-game.
  • () indicates the artist name for the covered version of the song.
There are 23 tracks in this game.
Song Artist Difficulty Effort Year Duration Mode Dancer(s)
Firework Katy Perry 1 2 2010 3:46 Solo
SJ9E41 1bb30017 14
Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) A. R. Rahman and The Pussycat Dolls ft. Nicole Scherzinger 2 2 2009 3:48 Solo
Jaiho jd2 cover generic
Pon de Replay Rihanna 2 2 2005 3:33 Solo
Pondereplay jd2 cover generic
American Boy Estelle feat. Kanye West 2 1 2008 4:10 Duet
Americanboy cover jd2
Futebol Crazy The World Cup Girls (as Paul J. Borg) 1 2 2009 2:28 Solo
SJ9E41 b237ca81 14
Maniac* Michael Sembello
(Studio Allstars)
2 3 1983 4:01 Solo
SJ9E41 7d08c6f1 14
Skin-To-Skin Sweat Invaders 1 3 1992 2:05 Solo
SJ9E41 56b5eada 14
Song 2 Blur 2 2 1997 2:03 Solo
SJ9E41 25176142 14
Nine In The Afternoon Panic! at the Disco 1 1 2008 2:40 Duet
Nineafternoon cover generic jd2
Pump Up The Volume M/A/R/R/S 2 2 1987 3:54 Solo
PumpUp jd2 cover generic
Funkytown* Lipps Inc.
(Sweat Invaders)
1 1 1980 3:53 Solo
Funkytown jd2 cover generic
Born To Be Wild Steppenwolf 1 2 1967 3:38 Solo
Borntobewild jd2 cover generic
Professor Pumplestickle Nick Phoenix and Thomas J. Bergersen 3 1 2006 2:35 Duet
Professeur jd2 cover generic
Barbie Girl* Aqua
(Countdown Dee's Hit Explosion)
1 3 1997 3:13 Duet
SJ9E41 a59586a5 14
Here Comes the Hotstepper* Ini Kamoze
(The Hit Crew)
2 2 1994 3:33 Solo
SJ9E41 96217809 14
Why Oh Why Love Letter 1 1 2009 2:47 Duet
Whyowhy jd2 cover generic
Kung Fu Fighting Carl Douglas 2 2 1974 3:15 Duet
SJ9E41 725856ab 14
You Can't Hurry Love The Supremes 2 2 1966 2:58 Duet
Canthurrylove cover generic jd2
Down By The Riverside The Reverend Horatio Duncan and Amos Sweets 2 1 1927 1:55 Solo
Riverside cover jd2
Chicken Payback A Band of Bees 1 1 2004 3:13 Solo
Chickenpayback cover jd2
Crying Blood V V Brown 2 2 2008 2:30 Solo
SJ9E41 c46a2dad 14
Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of Monika)* Lou Bega
(The Lemon Cubes)
3 2 1999 3:31 Duet
Mambo5 jd2 cover generic
Moving on Up* M People
(The Lemon Cubes)
1 2 1993 3:36 Solo
Movingonup jd2 cover generic
Cheesy Cha Cha APM Music N/A N/A 2009 3:10 Solo N/A

Removed Songs

These are the songs that were originally planned to be in the game, but were later scrapped for unknown reasons.

Song Artist Difficulty Effort Year Mode Dancer(s)
Come On Eileen Dexys Midnight Runners 3 3 1982 Duet
Comeon cover online
Crazy Christmas Santa Clones 2 3 2010 Solo
Xmas cover online
It’s Not Unusual Tom Jones 2 2 1965 Solo
Unusual cover online
Should I Stay or Should I Go The Clash 1 2 1982 Solo
ShouldIStay jd2 cover generic
Spice Up Your Life Spice Girls 3 3 1996 Duet
Spiceup cover online


  • This game features every Just Dance 2 DLC and brand exclusive, except for the following songs:
  • On the Just Dance: Summer Party cover, the Should I Stay or Should I Go coach appears. However, the routine is not available in-game.
  • In the trailer, almost all of the routines shown are presented with incorrect pictograms and backgrounds.
  • The 3 contest winners for When I Grow Up can be found in the game's files.
    • These were likely left by mistake, as the files were left unchanged.
  • Despite there being 23 playable songs in the game, the trailer only says 21.
  • Also, the DLC placeholders from Just Dance 2 were found.
  • As in Just Dance 2 and Just Dance 3, the menu and start screen will turn golden when you achieve 5 stars on every song.
  • If you play Just Dance: Summer Party with the language set to Japanese, all of the in-game text will say “INVALID TEXT”.
  • Most of the routines have been remade for the game.

Beta Elements

For a full list of Just Dance: Summer Party’s beta elements, see Just Dance: Summer Party/Beta Elements.



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