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This article is about the series of games released by Ubisoft. You may be looking for the first game in the series or for Lady Gaga’s song with the same name.
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The Just Dance series is a series of rhythm-related video games developed and published by Ubisoft. Since 2009, at least one new installment has been added to the series every year until Just Dance 2023 Edition, where the game became live-service.

As well as the main series, there are also three other series: the Kids series, the Japanese series, and the Chinese series, as well as several special editions.


The main gameplay of the franchise (main series, Japanese series, Kids series, Disney Party series and Experience series) is to try to copy what the coach is dancing, with a Wii Remote, PS Move Remote, Joy-Con (Nintendo Switch Controller), Smartphone, Kinect Camera or PlayStation Camera judging the player on their performance. With the Wii Remote, PS Move Remote, Joy-Con Controller or a Smartphone, it has to be held in the player's right hand for proper scoring. While gameplay has almost been the same in all games, some new features have been added to the series. (Duets, Trios, Dance Crews, etc.)


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Just Dance 2 BBE
Just Dance 3 BBE
Just Dance 3 ZE
Just Dance 4 (Wii U)
Just dance 2017 wii u gold boxart
Jd2022 ultimate boxart
Just Dance 2
(Best Buy Edition)
Just Dance 3
(Best Buy Edition)
Just Dance 3
(Target Edition)
Just Dance 3
(Zeller’s Edition)
Just Dance 4
(Wii U)
Just Dance 2016
(Gold Edition)
Just Dance 2017
(Gold Edition)
Just Dance 2022
(Deluxe Edition)
Just Dance 2022
(Ultimate Edition)


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Just Dance 4 (PAL SE)
Just Dance 3
(Special Edition)
Just Dance 4
(Special Edition)

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