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  • Four PSMove controller icons were found in the files of the demo, possibly indicating that there were plans for a PS3 port of the game, but those ideas were scrapped for unknown reasons.

Graphics and Scoring

  • Scores had different effects.
  • The Gold Move effect was different.
    • The Gold Move feedback effect was different, too. In some videos, the yellow X was replaced by the red X. However, the yellow X was used in the final version.
    • The "YEAH!" feedback icon was also designed differently.
  • The effect that removes the "On Fire!" on the score tracker was different, too: it had a blink at the end of the On Fire phase, which has been removed.
  • The "cloud" (the graphic that contains the player’s score and name) was smaller.
  • The Sweat gauge was different: it was circular and grey with a sweat drop, instead of cloudy and blue.
  • The scoring seemed to be the same as in Just Dance; one could reach up to 20000+ points. In the final game, it would be 10 stars.
  • The pictograms were meant to look like those in Just Dance, as proven in the files of Soul Bossa Nova and The Power.
  • The Just Sweat meter had a yellow color palette instead of a light blue one.
  • The OK feedback icon was red instead of purple, as seen in the teaser for Moving on Up.
  • The game would be in high definition along with the backgrounds as seen in the promotional images of the songs and the pictograms would have a stronger outline and the effect "On Fire!" It would be much bigger as seen in the promotional images of Just Dance: Summer Party and DLC.
  • Originally, the coaches' facial features were much more visible like on Just Dance 3, (does not include songs from Just Dance: Summer Party and DLC) as seen in the promotional images of Holiday, Crazy in Love (Beta), A-Punk, I Got You (I Feel Good), JumpHot StuffSway (Quien Sera) and the menu icon for Alright.

Songs and Routines

In Just Dance 2, there is a lot of known content that was unused or changed. Most of these elements are known because of videos like the official trailer video as seen below and individual trailers for songs that have been featured in the game.[1]


  • In the trailer of Just Dance 2 when P1 from A-Punk was seen alone (to make the new Duet feature a surprise) his suit was orange but he was later seen again with P1 in the final cut with the regular color scheme.
  • The coaches were mirrored: P1 was going to be P2 and vice-versa
  • The choreography had a different intro: the coaches weren't frozen, and they looked at each other before starting.[2]


  • According to a promotional picture, the following differences could be noticed between the early version of the routine and the final one:
    • The piano tiles in the background were white and had a brighter frame.
      • This Beta element can still be seen in the menu icons of Just Dance 2, Just Dance 3 and Just Dance: Greatest Hits/Best Of.
    • The green element on the bottom right corner was bigger.
    • P1 had a slightly different color scheme, as he green parts of her outfit were sky blue and the orange parts were green.
    • The pictograms were light blue for P1 and purple for P2.
      • Additionally, the early pictogram model was used instead of the final one.

American Boy

  • In the Just Dance Now files, there are several beta pictograms for both coaches.

Baby Girl

  • Baby Girl has a beta pictogram.

Barbie Girl

  • The pictograms were both magenta, as shown in a photo. These particular pictograms do not represent any moves performed in the actual routine, which makes it likely that the choreography was different at some point in development.

Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

  • Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) had a different hairstyle and some minor changes in the color scheme. A silhouette of this Beta version can be seen in the Medley menu icon.
  • Some beta pictograms are seen in Just Dance Now files. One is a placeholder.

Born To Be Wild

  • The fur for the werewolf costume that the dancer is wearing was originally going to be purple. This can be seen in the menu square and some screenshots. However, the fur is blue in the actual gameplay.

Call Me

  • Call Me has two Beta pictograms.
  • The coach appears on the NTSC cover of the game with a different color scheme (purple instead of green).

Come On Eileen

  • As seen in a promotional picture, the background was in a higher resolution and the scenery was more zoomed out like to the remake.

Crazy Christmas

  • The Beta version had a background in a shade of light blue instead of a shade of red.
  • A Beta pictogram can be found in the Just Dance Now files.

Crazy in Love

  • Based on an early screenshot, Crazy in Love’s coach had a different color scheme, didn’t wear sunglasses, and had slightly longer hair.
  • 5 beta pictograms (including one beta pictogram which was supposed to not be a Gold Move) can be seen in the Just Dance Now files.

Cosmic Girl

  • The Just Dance Now files contain several unused pictograms that are yellow instead of pink, and some of them are surrounded by a white space.

Crying Blood

  • The beta gameplay displayed "INVALID TEXT" on both folders for the red line that is supposed to display the song title and artist at the beginning.
  • The routine was supposed to have 8 Gold Moves instead of 4. This beta element was used in the remake.
  • A beta pictogram appears in the Just Dance Now files.


  • D.A.N.C.E. has 1 Beta pictogram.
  • The Gold Move was supposed to be counted based on all moves during the line "Do the DANCE.", meaning that the players first had to open their arms and then put them up, and not just put them up.


  • The coach's skin color was a bit more greenish-bluish.
  • The song was going to be called Electro Tribal. Despite it being changed, ElectroTribalDLC is still used as the code name for Just Dance Now files.

Down By The Riverside

  • Down By The Riverside has a Beta pictogram that appears in the Just Dance Now files. It is light blue instead of ultramarine blue.
    • Two other Beta pictograms, which are recolored, can be found as well.
  • In the preview gameplay, the artists are credited as "Extreme Music".

Futebol Crazy

  • The coach's color scheme was light blue and purple instead of green and yellow, as shown in a preview gameplay.[3]
  • An unused pictogram can be seen in the Just Dance Now files.
  • The "1" on the back of the coach's jersey was initially reversed; this mistake was fixed in the final version.
    • However, the "1" is reversed again in the Just Dance Now remake.

Infernal Galop

  • Infernal Galop by Jacques Offenbach can be found in the game files, meaning that it was planned to be featured in it.[4]


  • P1 had a different color scheme.
    • She still appears with that color scheme in the menu icon, where P2 has a different color scheme as well. The dancers have also switched positions.

Hey Ya

  • In the Just Dance Now files, there are two unfinished pictograms with their arrows drawn roughly.


  • The dancer for Holiday had a different color scheme (which can be seen on the back of the game's cover) and the pictograms were pink instead of orange.
  • In a promotional picture that showed the Just Sweat mode, "Let’s Sweat!" was part of the background.
  • A placeholder pictogram can be seen in the Just Dance Now files.

Hot Stuff

  • Hot Stuff had a lot of changes to the final cut.
    • The choreography was different, displaying the male as P1 and the female as P2 and having several changes in the dance moves.
    • The dancers' color schemes were different (it can be seen also in the back of the cover) as well as both dancers' pictograms as they were magenta.
      • In the Promiscuous Mash-Up in Just Dance 3 the used dance-recording in Just Dance 2 is featured but the color schemes and pictograms have been inverted, Purple is Yellow, Yellow is Purple.

I Got You (I Feel Good)

  • Based on the Just Dance 2 (James Brown) trailer, the color scheme of I Got You (I Feel Good) was different than the final released one.
    • In the E3 version of the game, the coach did not disappear from the screen after the end of the song, and there were marginal differences in the lyrics (for example, "My love won't do you no harm" was displayed fully instead of being split into two lines).

I Gotta Feeling

  • I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas was planned to be featured in the game, but the song was ultimately removed for unknown reasons.[5]
    • It was later featured in Just Dance 2016 with a completely different routine.

I Want You Back

  • I Want You Back has an unused Gold Move that can be found in the Just Dance Now files.[6]
    • There is also an incorrectly colored pictogram, whose props are ochre instead of light blue.

I Feel Love

  • I Feel Love was originally planned to be released in-game as a downloadable track, but the routine was never released and was eventually postponed to Just Dance 3. The song's name and artist can be found in the game's DLC localisation files.


  • Idealistic had different color pictograms and different bars before. As was the case with TiK ToK, a higher scoring can be shown in an official video. This suggests that all songs were like this at one point.[7]
  • The Gold Moves weren't even counted as a move, as seen in a preview.[8]
  • There are floating triangles in the beta background. 

Iko Iko

It's Not Unusual

  • Three Beta pictograms can be found in the Just Dance Now files, and another one can be seen in a promotional picture.

Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)

  • Two Beta pictograms are included in the Just Dance Now files.


  • The dancers’ positions were flipped.
  • In another Beta picture, Gold Moves 1 and 3 are seen consecutively and not counted as Gold Moves. 
  • An unused pictogram can be found in the Just Dance Now files.

Jump in the Line

  • In the menu icon, the coaches appear to have faintly different color schemes, showing the dark blue parts changed to green.

Jungle Boogie

  • A Beta pictogram is seen in the Just Dance Now files.

Just Dance

Kung Fu Fighting

  • There are several Beta pictograms in the Just Dance Now files. The first one, however, is used in Just Dance: Greatest Hits.

Let’s Get It Started

  • Let’s Get It Started by The Black Eyed Peas was planned to be featured in the game, but it was ultimately removed for unknown reasons.[10] The coach can be seen in the front cover of the PAL edition of Just Dance 2, as well as many promotional content for the game.

Monster Mash

Move Your Feet

  • Based on an early teaser, the background originally had "Everybody" and "Move your feet" popping up every time they were sung.
    • Also, the lyrics read "Got the dance energy" instead of "We’re going downtown".
  • The Just Dance Now pictograms sprite contains three unused pictograms, and the preview video contains one too.

Moving on Up

  • In the trailer, the pictograms are red instead of purple, and the OK icon is red instead of purple.
  • In another preview, it can be seen that the background initially lacked the dancing audience and the four women behind the coach.

Mugsy Baloney

  • Mugsy Baloney has some beta single pictograms, found in Just Dance Now files.
  • In the square, the dancers' clothes have heavily different color schemes: P1 has a magenta feather on her hair and a red dress, while P2 wears an orange hat, a dark pink shirt, darker suspenders, darker pants, and a lighter orange tie; the background is also lighter and their positions are also mirrored.

Nine In The Afternoon

  • The beta version of this song features the dancers standing in reversed positions (male as P1 and female as P2) and a much brighter sun.


  • Perfume by an unknown artist was planned to be featured in the game, but the song was ultimately removed for unknown reasons.[11]

Pon de Replay

  • The coach's skin was initially meant to be white, but it has been changed to black. In another screenshot, she has black skin but the pictograms are a darker blue. The white skin version appears on the back of the Just Dance: Summer Party cover. There are also errors in the pictograms.
  • A Beta pictogram can be seen in the Just Dance Now files.
  • In the trailer, the line "All de gyal pon de dancefloor" was written correctly; in the final release, however, it is misspelled as "All the gals on the dancefloor".

Professor Pumplestickle

  • The coaches had slightly different color schemes.
  • In another picture, both pictograms had the same color.
  • They can be seen in  Maniac’s background.

Proud Mary

  • This song has a Beta pictogram.
  • In a beta picture for this song, one of the pictograms looks slightly different, with the arrowhead on only one side.

Pump Up The Volume

  • A beta pictogram is in the Just Dance Now files.


  • Rasputin has a Beta pictogram.
  • The coach was going to have different colored boots (green instead of black-green).

Rockafeller Skank

  • The routine has three unused pictograms, one of which shows that the Gold Move was not supposed to be a Gold Move.
  • According to a promotional gameplay picture, the background initially had brighter lights.

Satisfaction (Isak Original Extended)

  • On the menu icon, the coach’s color scheme is more green-gray than blue-purple, and the button on his chest is yellow instead of green.
  • Eight beta pictograms can be found in the Just Dance Now files.

Should I Stay or Should I Go

  • The song may have been intended to be a downloadable track for non-Best Buy copies, as seen in the DLC files.

Smooth Criminal

  • Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson can be found in the game files, meaning that it was planned to be featured in it.[12]


  • In the beta version of S.O.S., the pictograms were purple instead of lime green and some were incorrect (there were also pictograms replaced with white squares).
    • Also, the part during "La la la la la la la la la oh" does not give points and as a consequence, there are no Gold Moves.
      • Also, the coach was originally going to have a flashing, fiery glow around her.
  • In the preview, "You got me stressin’"/"Incessantly pressing"/"The issue" was spelled as "You got me stressin’,"/"incessantly"/"pressing the issue".
  • In the Just Dance Now files, some dark purple pictograms can be found in the pictogram sprite. Also, they show some completely different moves that are not featured in the actual routine (including a beta Gold Move), suggesting that the choreography was different in a early development of Just Dance 2.

Spice Up Your Life

  • In a promotional picture, the pictograms are in completely different colors (sky blue with a green glove emblem for P1 and bright magents with a blue-violet glove emblem for P2).

Soul Bossa Nova

  • The dance had incorrect I Want You Back pictograms, a slightly more animated background and different color schemes for the coaches.
    • Also, the video features a completely different scoring design, featuring a "GREAT" scoring and no Gold Moves (like in Just Dance).
  • Some 3D-like pictograms that resemble Just Dance pictograms can be found in the Just Dance Now files, along with three non-transparent pictograms.
    • Besides, some pictograms for P2 are ochre yellow instead of orange.
  • In the menu icon, the background has four fuchsia spotlights, which are not seen in the final routine.

Take Me Out

  • The Beta background for Take Me Out was much lighter in color and featured differently colored umbrellas; it also lacked the kites and the crabs.
    • The coach's outfit was different as well, as it was pointed to a red tone and the green parts were more saturated.

That’s Not My Name

  • The dancer was originally going to wear a hot pink mask, yellow lipstick, and a red undershirt. This can be seen in the menu icon.
  • The amount of Gold Moves was likely going to be 3 instead of 6, as a Beta pictogram in the Just Dance Now files shows.

The Power

  • The pictograms were blue instead of purple and they were in 3D style like Soul Bossa Nova. Also, there wasn't any special effect when the singer says "I've got the power."
  • Plus, an unfinished pictogram is in the Just Dance Now files.

The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)

  • This routine has some unused pictograms.


  • In an early version of TiK ToK, the scoring system was different from the final game. The video shows that with a score of 20000+, 5 stars would be achieved (instead of 10000 like in later games).
    • Also, "1,2,3,4" appeared on the pictogram bar before starting the song, like in Just Dance.[13]
  • The pictograms were different and Gold Moves 2 and 3 were not counted as Gold Moves.


  • The Beta version of Toxic features different shaped doors, and in the beginning, they open until Britney starts to sing; this intro was changed for unknown reasons. Also, the dancer became darkened instead of black during the chorus. In Just Dance Wii, these Beta elements are used.
  • 2 beta pictograms are found in Just Dance Now files.
  • On the menu icon, the big hazard sign has two little hazard signs inside of it, even though they are not present in-game.

Video Killed the Radio Star

  • Video Killed the Radio Star was originally planned to be released in-game as a downloadable track, but the routine was never released and was eventually postponed to Just Dance 3. The song's name and artist can be found in the game's DLC localisation files.

Walk Like an Egyptian

When I Grow Up

  • Based on an early screenshot, When I Grow Up had a different choreography (not including the contest winners) and a different color scheme.
    • The Beta color scheme also appears in the menu icon and the preview gameplay, which also shows Beta pictograms similar to those in the previous game.
    • The Beta color scheme was also used at E3 2010.


  • Y.M.C.A by Village People can be found in the game files, meaning that it was planned to be featured in it.[14]

Unknown Dancers

  • A female wearing an outfit consisting of a white and red cap, purple dreadlocks, a red cropped jacket over a purple and white checkered bra, a red bracelet on her left wrist, red jeans with a red belt, red short socks and white sneakers can be seen on the front cover of the PAL version of Just Dance 2. Fans have speculated the song to be either Turn Me On by Kevin Little or I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas (which, as said above, was scrapped from the game).
  • A female with a big pink and yellow dress, a blue mask and blue shoes can be seen in promotional images. In other images, her dress is fully pink. Fans have speculated it to be a Lady Gaga song, Often speculating Just Dance (which was also scrapped from the game), or Poker Face.
None of the dancers above were officially revealed for the songs that fans speculated for them, nor do they have other sources indicating that they're dancers and choreographies for other songs. They could be beta dancers and early choreographies for other songs in the game or they could have been completely scrapped. The choreographies could have been fully or partially recycled by another dancer of another song in the series.


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