Just Dance 2015 is the sixth installment in the Just Dance series. The game returns to the Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. It was released on October 21, 2014 in the NTSC region and on October 23, 2014 in the PAL region.

This is the second game in which a year instead of the game installment number was used in the game name; the first was its predecessor, Just Dance 2014.


As with the previous games, the aim of the game is to follow the on-screen dancer’s moves, either with the use of a handheld remote (Wii, Wii U, PS3, and PS4) or a camera (Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4). There is a smartphone app called Just Dance Now, that tracks player moves by the phone as shown in E3 Ubisoft Conference Demo, and was released on September 25, 2014. A separate app was also released one day before Just Dance Now - it is called the Just Dance 2015 Controller App, and it allows players to dance using their iOS or Android phone as their scoring device. This app is only compatible with Xbox One and PS4.

  • Party Master Mode has returned to the Wii U but it did not return to the Xbox 360 or Xbox One.
  • Sweat Routines, Mashups, Non-Stop Shuffle (after its absence in the previous installment), and Extreme Versions, Alternate Routines, and Sweat Mashups also returned.
  • With the new Community Remix feature, you can be the coach in Just Dance! Record yourself dancing to one of the tracks with your console camera and share it in-game for other members of the community to vote on. The Just Dance development team will then create a playable remixed gameplay that other players can dance along to!
  • Challenge people around the world using the Challenge Mode feature. The great thing about this is players do not have to be online at the same time to challenge each other. Even when not playing at the same time, with the new Challenger Mode feature you can dance and score against previous performances of other players — from friends and family to top-ranked Just Dancers.
  • Just Dance Wall also enables you to share your stats and wildest dance performances, vote on other fans videos, make friends, collaborate, and more!
  • World Dance Floor online multiplayer mode, dance with anyone anywhere in the world, join a virtual dance crew, compete on different themes, and check fun stats and rankings!
  • With the Karaoke mode, you can sing along to the song by following lyrics displayed on screen. You can take it seriously and show off how talented you are, or just goof off with friends.
  • The upgraded Autodance™ feature records players while they are dancing to create short, funny and shareable videos. Autodance videos are now automatically generated while you are dancing, so you can instantly share it once the song is finished! For the Xbox 360 version, you will need a hard drive to have this feature.





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Just Dance 2015 (Xbox 360 PAL Classics Reissue Cover).jpg

XBOX ONE JD2015.jpg

Menu and Design

Similar to Just Dance 2014, Just Dance 2015 has remade the menu to be modern and simple but unique for the players to scroll through. Party Master Mode is now placed at the bottom of the tracklist (rather than in the routine menu, as opposed to the previous game); Sweat Mode, instead, is now replaced by a Playlist button, which offers selections of up to ten randomly-picked routines and a calories counter that can be activated to keep track of the players’ progress. The World Dance Floor is now found at the bottom of the screen, and the JD Wall is found at the top. Difficulties have been removed from the game. At the start screen, players are now be able to access Ubisoft Club by pressing a button on the controller ("+" button for Wii U, "X" button on Xbox 360/Xbox One, and the square button on PS3/PS4). Another way to access Ubisoft Club is by going to the Extras/Options menu. This template would later be used as the 7th-Gen menus for every following game.

Track List

  • "*" - Indicates that it is a covered song
  • () [parentheses] - Indicate the cover artist
  • (N) - NTSC (North and South America) exclusive; DLC for PAL region
  • (P) - PAL (Europe and Australia) exclusive; DLC for NTSC region
  • (U) - Ubisoft Club Unlockable
  • (60Min)- Play for 60 minutes to get the song; restricted in the US and Canada, but is obtainable in those countries by changing the console country (Wii U/PS3/Xbox 360/Xbox One)
There are 43 tracks in this game, including 3 regional exclusives.
Song Artist Year Mode Square
Problem Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea & Big Sean 2014 Solo
Problem cover generic.png
Happy Pharrell Williams 2013 Solo
Happy cover generic.png
The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) Ylvis 2013 Trio
Thefox cover generic.png
Love Me Again John Newman 2013 Solo
Lovemeagain cover generic.png
Dark Horse Katy Perry 2013 Trio
Darkhorse cover generic.png
Love Is All* Roger Glover & the Butterfly Ball
(The Sunlight Shakers)
1974 Duet
Loveisall cover generic.png
Me And My Broken Heart Rixton 2014 Duet
Brokenheart cover generic.png
I Love It Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX 2012 Solo
Iloveit cover generic.png
Tetris* Hirokazu Tanaka (Dancing Bros.) 1989 Dance Crew
Tetris cover generic.png
Walk This Way Run DMC & Aerosmith 1986 Dance Crew
Walkthisway cover generic.png
Let It Go* Idina Menzel
(Disney’s Frozen)
2013 Duet
Letitgo cover generic.png
Built For This Becky G 2013 Solo
Builtforthis cover generic.png
Bailando Enrique Iglesias ft. Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona 2014 Duet
Bailando cover generic.png
Summer Calvin Harris 2014 Solo
Summer cover generic.png
Don't Worry Be Happy* Bobby McFerrin
(The Bench Men)
1988 Trio
Dontworry cover generic.png
Macarena* Los Del Rio
(The Girly Team)
1995 Dance Crew
Macarena cover generic.png
Black Widow Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora 2014 Solo
Blackwidow cover generic.png
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell 1967 Duet
Nomountain cover generic.png
Get Low Dillon Francis ft. DJ Snake 2014 Duet
Getlow cover generic.png
Bang Bang Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj 2014 Dance Crew
Balance cover generic.png
Fatima* Sylvain Lux & llan Abou
(Cheb Salama)
2014 Solo
Fatima cover generic.png
Holding Out for a Hero Bonnie Tyler 1984 Solo
Holdingout cover generic.png
Birthday Katy Perry 2014 Solo
Birthday cover generic.png
Only You (And You Alone)* The Platters
(Love Letter)
1956 Duet
Onlyyou cover generic.png
Diamonds Rihanna 2012 Solo
Diamonds cover generic.png
She Looks So Perfect 5 Seconds Of Summer 2014 Dance Crew
Soperfect cover generic.png
Xmas Tree Bollywood Santa 2014 Duet
Bollywoodxmas cover generic.png
Best Song Ever One Direction 2013 Dance Crew
Bestsongever cover generic.png
Bad Romance Lady Gaga 2009 Trio
Badromance cover generic.png
Never Can Say Goodbye Gloria Gaynor 1974 Solo
Nevercansay cover generic.png
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) Dead or Alive 1984 Solo
Spinmeround cover generic.png
4x4 Miley Cyrus 2013 Dance Crew
4x4 cover generic.png
Epic Sirtaki* Cast of Zorba the Greek
(The Bouzouki’s)
1964 Trio
Sirtaki cover generic.png
It's My Birthday will.i.am ft. Cody Wise 2014 Trio
Itsmybirthday cover generic.png
Burn Ellie Goulding 2013 Solo
Burn cover generic.png
Mahna Mahna* Piero Umiliani
(Frankie Bostello)
1968 Trio
Mahna cover generic.png
Speedy Gonzales* David Dante
(Los Pimientos Locos)
1961 Duet
Speedy cover generic.png
Maps Maroon 5 2014 Solo
Mad cover generic.png
You're On My Mind Imposs ft. J. Perry 2014 Dance Crew (Mashup)
Onmymind cover generic.png
Addicted To You Avicii ft. Audra Mae 2013 Solo
Addictedtoyou cover generic.png
Till I Find You
Austin Mahone 2014 Solo
Findyou cover generic.png
Stromae 2013 Duet
Papaoutai cover generic.png
Movement is Happiness (Find Your Thing)
Avishay Goren & Yossi Cohen 2014 Solo
Findyourmove cover generic.png
Nitro Bot
Sentai Express 2013 Duet
Robotrock cover generic.png

Alternate Routines

There are 10 alternate routines in this game.
Song Routine Mode Square
The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) Campfire Version Duet
Thefoxalt cover generic.png
Happy Sing Along Trio
Happyalt cover generic.png
Diamonds Seated Dance Duet
Diamondsalt cover generic.png
I Love It Guards Dance Duet
Iloveitalt cover generic.png
Bad Romance Official Choreo Solo
Badromancealt cover generic.png
Summer Fitness Dance Solo
Summeralt cover generic.png
Walk This Way Old School Solo
Walkthiswayalt cover generic.png
It’s My Birthday Bollywood Dance Solo
Itsmybirthdayalt cover generic.png
African Dance Solo
Papaoutaialt cover generic.png
Let It Go*
Sing Along Solo
Letitgodlc cover generic.png

Community Remix

Community Remix will allow players to be in the game for other dancers to dance to. There were 20 Community Remixes in Just Dance 2015.

  • A (X) indicates that the Community Remix was removed from all consoles (excluding those affected by the November 2018 server shutdown).

Community Remix is currently available for:

Song Artist Year
Happy Pharrell Williams 2013
Problem (X) Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea & Big Sean 2014
Birthday (X) Katy Perry 2013
Love Me Again John Newman 2013
XMas Tree (X) Bollywood Santa 2014
Diamonds (X) Rihanna 2012
Burn (X) Ellie Goulding 2013
Bad Romance (Official Choreo) (X) Lady Gaga 2009
Only You (And You Alone) (X) The Platters (Love Letter) 1954
The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) Ylvis 2013
Maps Maroon 5 2014
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) Dead or Alive 1984
Built For This Becky G 2013
Bad Romance Lady Gaga 2009
Addicted To You Avicii 2013
Summer Calvin Harris 2014
I Love It Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX 2012
Dark Horse Katy Perry 2013
Black Widow Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora 2014
Holding Out for a Hero Bonnie Tyler 1984


VIP mode is very similar to the Community Remix and VIP (World Dance Floor) modes. However, instead of several different clips of players, the video is a single video of the celebrity/celebrities dancing to the song.

  • A (C) indicates that this VIP can be found in the classic version of the song.
  • An (FB) indicates that the VIP dance had a bug (no score) but it has been fixed.
  • A (N) indicates that the VIP dance is an NTSC (North and South America) exclusive
  • A (WDF) indicates that these VIP dancers are on World Dance Floor.
  • An (X) indicates that the VIP dance was removed (excluding those affected by the November 2018 server shutdown).
Song VIP Name Known For Photo
Aurélie Sériné Just Dance Choreographer
Aurelie vip.png
Get Low
Black Widow Smosh YouTube
Till I Find You
Austin Mahone Singing
Bang Bang
(WDF) (X)
Tyler Oakley & Jessie J YouTube
(Tyler Oakley)/
Singing (Jessie J)
335px-Twerking With Jessie J Tyler Oakley-2.jpg
You’re On My Mind
(N) (X)
JD Team Producing the game
Walk This Way (Old School)
(FB) (C) (X)
Santa Claus Distributing presents during Christmas
Happy Richy Jackson Dancing/Lady Gaga Choreographer
RickyJackson vip.png
(WDF) (X)
WeeklyChris Singing and YouTube
SE3E41 e6fdc622 6.png
It’s My Birthday Mehdi Kerkouche Just Dance Performer/Choreographer
Mehdi vip.png
Me And My Broken Heart
SE3E41 5a52dae9 6.png
Macarena Ubicorn Producing the game
Ubicorn vip.png
Love Me Again UbiMouss Producing the game
Mouss vip.png

Dance Mash-Ups

Dance Mashups are available in this installment. Duet Mashups make their return since their absence in Just Dance 4 and Just Dance 2014.

  • "*" - Covered
  • (U) Ubisoft Club Exclusive (or 20 Mojo coins on the Wii)
  • (S) - Sweat Mashup
  • (M) - Month Exclusive
  • (D) - Duet Mashup
  • (C) - Dance Crew Mashup
  • (N) - NTSC (North and South America) exclusive
  • (P) - PAL (Europe and Australia) exclusive
  • (W) - Wii Exclusive (or via Uplay)
  • (2016U) - Ubisoft exclusive in Just Dance 2016
Song Mode Theme Icon Dancer Gold Moves Icon
4x4 Solo Best of JD 4 Beauty and a Beat No
4x4mu cover generic.png
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Solo Funky
Forget You Yes
Nomountain mashup.png
Addicted To You
Solo Black Light (Nov) Hey Boy Hey Girl Yes
Addictedtoyou mashup.png
Bad Romance
Solo Monsters (Oct) I Will Survive Yes
Badromance mashup.png
Bailando Solo Let's Rock! We R Who We R Yes
Bailandomu cover generic.png
Best Song Ever
Solo Fitness Boomsday Yes
Bestsongever mashup.png
Birthday Solo Best of Katy California Gurls Yes
Birthdaymu cover generic.png
Built For This Solo Robots Satisfaction No
Builtforthis mashup.png
Dark Horse Solo Mystic Princesses She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) Yes
Darkhorsemu cover generic.png
Solo World Dancers (Mar) Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) No
Fatima mashup.png
The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) Solo Shamans Apache (Jump On It) Yes
Thefox mashup cover generic.png
Holding Out for a Hero
Duet Cray Cray Duet C’Mon Yes
Holdingoutmu cover generic.png
I Love It Solo Best of JD 2014 Where Have You Been Yes
Iloveitmu cover generic.png
It's My Birthday Solo Suit Up! We No Speak Americano Yes
ItsMyBirthdayMU cover generic.png
Love Is All*
Duet Sisters Duet Could You Be Loved Yes
Loveisall mashup.png
Love Me Again
(U) (W)
Solo Ex-Girlfriends I Kissed a Girl Yes
Lovemeagainmu cover generic.png
Solo Gentlemen (Feb) Fine China (Extreme) No
Macarena mashup.png
Maps Solo Best of JD 3 What You Waiting For Yes
Mad mashup.png
Never Can Say Goodbye Solo Best of JD 2 Rasputin Yes
Nevercansaymu cover generic.png
Solo Ultra Violet Gentleman (Sweat) No
Papaoutaimu cover generic.png
Duet Lovers Duet Me And My Broken Heart Yes
Problem mashup.png
Summer Solo Girl Power Summer Yes
Summer mashup.png
Till I Find You
(D) (N)
Duet Duet Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of Monika) No
Findyou mashup.png
Walk This Way Solo Ladies Only Love You Like A Love Song Yes
Walkthisway mashup.png
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
Solo Funny Guys (Jan) Sexy And I Know It No
Spinmeround mashup.png
You're On My Mind
(C) (2016U)
Dance Crew Quatro Pound The Alarm Yes
Onmymind cover generic.png

Party Master Mode

Party Master Mode is present in this installment.

Song Artist Year
Summer Calvin Harris 2014
Holding Out For A Hero Bonnie Tyler 1984
Maps Maroon 5 2014
Built For This Becky G 2013
Birthday Katy Perry 2013

Downloadable Content

  • (F) - This song is a free DLC.
  • (XF) - This song is no longer a free DLC.
  • (U) - This song was made for a previous game but was unreleased.
  • (N) - This DLC is exclusive to the NTSC region.
  • (P) - This DLC is exclusive to the PAL region.
  • (WU) - This DLC can only be found on the Wii U.
  • (NR) - This DLC is available in most regions except the USA and Canada.
  • (H) - Can be downloaded if Wii or Wii U is hacked.
  • (NXO) - Not available on Xbox One.
  • (XO) - Available only on Xbox One.

Please note that downloadable content is no longer available on the Wii due to the shutdown of the Wii Shop Channel on January 30, 2019. The ability to get Wii Points was removed on March 30, 2018.

Release Date of the Game

Song Artist Year Mode Price Dancer
Break Free
Ariana Grande ft. Zedd 2014 Solo Free
Breakfreedlc cover generic.png
Stromae 2014 Duet $2.99/300 Wii Points
Papaoutai cover generic.png
Movement is Happiness (Find Your Thing)
(NR) (XF)
Avishay Goren & Yossi Cohen 2014 Solo $1.99/200 Wii Points
Findyourmove cover generic.png
I Luh Ya Papi Jennifer Lopez feat. French Montana 2014 Solo $2.99/300 Wii Points
Luhyapapi cover generic.png
One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks) One Direction 2013 Solo $1.99/200 Wii Points
Onewaydlc cover generic.png
Don’t You Worry Child Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin 2012 Solo $1.99/200 Wii Points
Dontyouworrydlc cover generic.png
Wake Me Up Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc 2013 Solo $1.99/200 Wii Points
Wakemeupdlc cover generic.png
Sexy And I Know It LMFAO 2011 Solo $1.99/200 Wii Points
Sexyandiknowitdlc cover generic.png
Gangnam Style PSY 2012 Duet $1.99/200 Wii Points
Gangnamstyledlc cover generic.png
Die Young Ke$ha 2012 Duet $1.99/200 Wii Points
Dieyoungdlc cover generic.png
Roar Katy Perry 2013 Solo $1.99/200 Wii Points
Kilopapadlc cover generic.png
Just Dance Lady Gaga feat. Colby O'Donis 2008 Solo $1.99/200 Wii Points
I Need Your Love Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding 2012 Solo $1.99/200 Wii Points
Ineedyourlovedlc cover generic.png
Moves Like Jagger Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera 2011 Solo $1.99/200 Wii Points
Moveslikedlc cover generic.png
Beauty And A Beat Justin Bieber feat. Nicki Minaj 2012 Solo $1.99/200 Wii Points
Beautyandabeatdlc cover generic.png

October 23, 2014

Song Artist Year Mode Price Dancer
Till I Find You
Austin Mahone 2014 Solo $2.99/300 Wii Points
Findyou cover generic.png

November 25, 2014

Song Artist Year Mode Price Dancer
We Can’t Stop
Miley Cyrus 2013 Solo $2.99/300 Wii Points
Wecantstopdlc cover generic.png
Want U Back Cher Lloyd ft. Astro 2012 Solo $1.99/200 Wii Points
Wantubackdlc cover generic.png
C’Mon Ke$ha 2012 Duet $1.99/200 Wii Points
Cmon cover generic.png
Kiss You One Direction 2012 Dance Crew $1.99/200 Wii Points
Kissyou cover generic.png
Funhouse P!nk 2008 Solo $1.99/200 Wii Points
Funhousedlc cover generic.png
Just Dance 2015 Hits Pack
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) (WU)
Various Artists 2008-2013 Various $9.99

January 20, 2015

Song Artist Year Mode Price Dancer
Boom Clap Charli XCX 2014 Solo $2.99/300 Wii Points
Boomclapdlc cover generic.png
Kiss Kiss Prince Royce 2014 Solo $2.99/300 Wii Points
Kisskiss cover generic.png
Let It Go (Sing Along)
Idina Menzel (Disney Frozen) 2013 Solo $2.99/300 Wii Points
Letitgodlc cover generic.png
India Waale From The Movie Happy New Year 2014 Duet $2.99/300 Wii Points
Indiawaaledlc cover generic.png
Rock n Roll Avril Lavigne 2013 Solo $1.99/200 Wii Points
Rocknrolldlc cover generic.png

February 24, 2015

Song Artist Year Mode Price Dancer
Let It Go
Idina Menzel
(Disney Frozen)
2013 Solo $2.99
Letitgodlc cover generic.png


  • (JD2016) - The song was later added to Just Dance 2016.
  • (XDLC) - The track was meant to be released as downloadable content but was scrapped.
  • (JDU) - The song was later released on Just Dance Unlimited.
Song Artist Year Mode Dancer
C'mon (Mashup) (XDLC) Kesha 2012 Solo
Cmon mashup cover generic.png
Crazy Kids Kesha ft. will.i.am 2012 Solo
Shoopshoop placeholder square.jpg
Dancing Queen
ABBA 1976 Trio
Dancingqueen cover generic.png
Rihanna 2012 Mashup (Fashionable Men)
Diamonds mashup.png
I Love It
Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX 2012 Katy Perry VIP
I Luh Ya Papi
Jennifer Lopez ft. French Montana 2014 Mashup (Urban Latino)
Luhyapapidlc mashup.png
Just Dance
(Mashup) (XDLC)
Lady Gaga ft. Colby O'Donis 2008 Solo
Justdance mashup.png
Kiss Kiss
Prince Royce 2014 Mashup (Cowboy)
Kisskissdlc mashup.png
(Mashup) (XDLC)
Stromae 2013 Mashup (Ultra Violet)
Papaoutaimu cover generic.png
Timber (XDLC) Pitbull ft. Ke$ha 2013 Duet
You Never Can Tell*
Chuck Berry
(A. Caveman & The Backseats )
1964 Duet
Younevercan jd2015 cover generic.png


Critical Reception

Just Dance 2015 received mixed-to-positive reviews by critics; Metacritic lists the Xbox One version of the game with an aggregate score of 70 out of 100 based on 17 critic reviews.[1]

Zack Stein of IGN gave the Xbox One version of Just Dance 2015 an 8.0 out of 10; describing the game as "a welcome, surprising reinvigoration of the series", Stein praised the game for continuing to provide an overall experience catered to a casual audience, jump-in multiplayer, along with improved Kinect motion tracking in-game, and the higher-quality production of the per-song background videos, but criticized the user interface for being "as confusing and frustrating as ever" due to irregular design choices and behaviors. In conclusion, Stein felt that "It would be easy to dismiss Just Dance 2015 as the 'same-old-same-old,' but that would overlook this finely tuned party game’s special-effects-laden dance numbers, complete with chorus lines and elaborate sets and costumes, and the social integration that holds the worldwide Just Dance community together."[2]

Game Revolution, giving the game a 3 out of 5, felt that the game’s soundtrack was "high-energy" albeit catered to a casual audience, noting that "singles like Pharrell’s Happy provide a strong pop basis while oddballs like a Tetris track or an unfortunately obnoxious song about a fox explore the far reaches of danceable contemporary music." Still, Just Dance 2015 was praised for its forgiving motion detection and multiplayer experience, concluding that "of my own preferences regarding the music genre, dancing remains somewhere out of the lead when it comes to interacting with sound and visuals, though Just Dance 2015 hits on every requirement I have from anything asking me to move my feet without a pad to stomp on."[3]

Steve Hannley of Hardcore Gamer was more critical of Just Dance 2015, arguing that it did not provide enough differentiation over Just Dance 2014 to be described as anything more than a "track pack". Hannley felt that the game's social features, although well-designed, would not appeal to what he believed was the game's target audience (those playing the game for exercise, not wanting to dance in public, or are "underage"). The game's soundtrack was also criticized for being the worst in series history for "clearly catering to teeny boppers and in doing so [leaving] out practically anybody older than 21 with decent taste in music", and containing fewer "good" songs than 2014. In conclusion, giving the game a 3 out of 5, Hannley argued that "Just Dance is a series that's hard to hate as it genuinely wants players to have a good time, but 2015 is a misstep. Hardly anything has changed and practically nothing has for those who don’t partake in the online functionality".[4]

This is a comprehensive list of the critical statistics of Just Dance 2015, according to Metacritic.

Platform Metascore (/100) User Score (/10)
Wii TBA 8.7
Wii U 75 6.5
PS3 TBA 6.8
PS4 72 5.7
Xbox 360 TBA 8.3
Xbox One 70 7.3

Commercial Reception

As of December 31, 2014 Just Dance 2015 has shipped 5 million copies.[5]


ESRB Rating

Esrb E10+ RatingsIcon.png

  • Platforms: Wii / Wii U / Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS3 / PS4
  • Rating Category: E10+
  • Content Descriptors: Lyrics


  • Includes online features that may expose players to unrated user-generated content
  • Features downloadable music content that may be inconsistent with the ESRB rating

Rating Summary: This is a rhythm-and-dance simulation game in which players perform choreographed routines by following the movements of on-screen characters. Players score points by accurately moving their bodies in time to the music and scrolling indicators. Some songs reference alcohol: "La cerveza y el tequila (the beer and the tequila)"; "It's mix Moscato,"; "Pop your Pérignon." A handful of songs contain suggestive material: "So let me get you/In your birthday suit"; "Now there's a backseat lover/That's always under cover"; "School girl sleazy/...Little skirt hangin'/Way up her knee"; "Boy when you're with me I'll give you a taste."[6]

PEGI Rating

The content of this game is suitable for all people. (PEGI3)
It contains: This game allows the player to interact with other players ONLINE

PEGI3 Rating Symbol.png

  • Systems: Wii / Wii U / Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS3 / PS4
  • Genre: Music / Dance
  • Release date: 2014-10-23[7]


  • Just Dance 2015 is the first Just Dance game since Just Dance 3 to be released in the United States and Canada/NTSC region before Europe and Australia/PAL region.
  • Just Dance 2015 is the first game since Just Dance 4 to feature more than one all-female dance crew.
  • Just Dance 2015 is the first game in the main series where trios appear as Classic routines.
  • With only 42 songs, Just Dance 2015 has the third smallest tracklist in the main series, after Just Dance (32) and Just Dance 2017 (40).
  • Since its absence in Just Dance 4 and Just Dance 2014, Duet Mashups return in this installment. Dance Crew Mashups are also introduced in this game.
  • Just Dance 2015 is the second time in a Classic routine of a song that the lyrics are on the middle of the screen, rather than having it on the bottom left side of the screen. This was first used in the duets of Just Dance 2.
  • Just Dance 2015 is the first game in the series to have themed Mashups.
  • Just Dance 2015 holds the record for introducing the fewest captions for its own new dancers. This could be attributed to the fact that there are only five Party Master Modes in the game.
  • The Battle Mode and On-Stage Mode do not return in this game. Furthermore, On-Stage Mode would later return as Sing-Along routines in Just Dance Unlimited.
  • When an alternate routine is unlocked, a message announcing its availability is shown. Here are the messages attributed to each of the following alternate routines:
    • The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?): "Feel like sleeping in the tent?"
    • Happy: "Ready to sing like a crooner?"
    • Diamonds: "Find out how you can dance while sitting!"
    • I Love It: "Ready for the changing of the Guards?"
    • Bad Romance: "Are you ready for the hardest Just Dance song ever?"
    • Walk This Way: "Are you old school?"
    • It’s My Birthday: "Ready to celebrate your birthday in India?"
    • Papaoutai: "Ready for an African dance?" (PAL only)
      • Summer and Let It Go are the only alternate routines to not have a message.
  • The cost for downloadable alternate routines is $2.99/300 Wii Points in Just Dance 2015, even though in the previous game, they cost $1.99/200 Wii Points.
  • Just Dance 2015 is the first game since Just Dance to not receive a nomination for a Kids’ Choice Award.
  • Just Dance 2015 is the only game to have a downloadable routine that was released later on a certain console; Let It Go (Sing-Along) had a delayed release on the Xbox One.
  • American Girl and Can’t Hold Us appear in the manual describing how to purchase downloadable tracks.
  • On the Wii version of Just Dance 2015, there is a glitch where an avatar that has the price of five or twenty Mojo Coins will have its price changed to fifty Mojo Coins. The glitch will continue on to the next avatar unless the game has been reset after the said avatar has been purchased. Later copies of the game may have this bug fixed.
  • In the Xbox One version, since the console was updated to the New Xbox One Experience, which upgrades Windows 8 to Windows 10, there is a known bug that happens when the Xbox One console is set online. This makes the frame rate, video, and UI choppy.
  • If saved data from the previous Just Dance games is found by Just Dance 2015, the avatars for the following tracks are unlocked:
  • Just Dance 2015 is the second game to have all the dancers on the PAL cover also appear in the game rather than be scrapped, after Just Dance.
  • Just Dance 2015 is a Nintendo Selects title on the original Wii.
    • The game is also a Best Seller title on PAL Xbox 360 copies.
  • Just Dance 2015 is the last game to have downloadable content.
  • There is a rare bug that affects the cursor: although its arrow is directed to the right, it may sometimes point left.
  • There is a rare glitch that can happen on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One version of the game: when playing two songs in a row outside of the Sweat and Playlists mode, if you walk on screen immediately after starting the second song and end up in the same slot as the song before, you will start with the same amount of stars as you received in the first song, with the ones before it blank and unreceived. The scoring still does not exceed 13,333 points. Glitch on Xbox One
  • The Gold Move effect from this game is used in all subsequent games on all 7th-Generation consoles, up until Just Dance 2020 on the Wii, since all assets from this game are used. In Just Dance 2016, this extends to 8th-Generation consoles.
  • In the Wii version, lyric highlighting is very choppy due to the 30fps lock that was originally used in Just Dance 2014.
    • Also, the Wii version can play Star sound effects simultaneously. This would happen if up to 4 players earn the same or a different Star at the same time or as a chain for up to 4 times. On other consoles, it could cut off and play for the next player.
    • This would later apply to future main Just Dance games that have 7th Gen console versions.
  • As of November 19, 2018, the server the game connects to in order to offer online functionality was disabled, along with the servers for Just Dance 2014 and the 7th-Generation versions of Just Dance 2016, Just Dance 2017, and Just Dance 2018.[8] The features affected by this are the World Dance Floor, sending and receiving challenges, redeeming Ubisoft Club content, unlocking month exclusive Mashups, the in-game shop (DLCs are still available on the Nintendo eShop, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network), VIP routines, and Community Remixes (except the one for Happy, which is already included on-disc).
    • As Ubisoft Club rewards and month exclusive Mashups are already included on the game disc, the player is still able to access them if the save file they are playing on has them unlocked from the past.
    • Due to this, newer versions of the controller app removed the ability to use a smartphone as a controller in the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game. However, it is still possible to use a smartphone if the user is using an older version of the app, as it uses a different online connection than the one to Ubisoft's server.[9]
  • As of January 31, 2019, downloadable tracks are no longer obtainable for the Wii version of this game due to the discontinuation of the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo WFC Pay & Play services. The ability to add Wii Points was removed on March 26, 2018.
  • As of an unknown date, all DLC’s (with the exception of Just Dance) have been removed from the PlayStation store.
  • This is the first game since the original Just Dance in 2009 to not to be nominated for a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award. The same thing would follow again for Just Dance 2020 six years later.

Beta Elements

For a full list of Just Dance 2015’s beta elements, see Just Dance 2015/Beta Elements.


For a full list of Just Dance 2015’s achievements, see Just Dance 2015/Achievements.


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