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  • Most of the icons for selecting the game modes featured different coaches and had slower transitions when picking a song and selecting a dancer.
  • The Ubisoft logo animation movie was different: when the disco ball appeared, the Ubisoft letters still appeared and had different particles to transition to the logo. However, in the final version, the letters disappear.
  • Earlier gameplays featured similar Gold Move feedbacks as those from Just Dance 2015. However, in the final version, a different effect that resembles a firework is used.
  • In the Beta menu, Summer (Fitness Dance) appears in the "Sweat & Playlists" icon instead of This Is How We Do (Aerobics Version).
  • The World Video Challenge menu had a different design: the icon showed a screenshot from the player’s Autodance instead of the background from the original routine, and its album coach was displayed at the top (similar to the song selection menu).
  • Originally, the scoring screen had simpler graphics.
  • In the E3 demo, players could earn up to 15 Mojocoins, depending on how many people were dancing.
  • 3 avatars were found in the files of Link and Question Mark Block but is unused
  • An unused avatar resembling Just Mario was found in the files. This could have meant that the song could have been either a UPlay unlockable (on the Wii U) or on the Nintendo versions of the service.

Songs and Routines

All About That Bass

  • The routine had turquoise pictograms in the preview gameplay recorded at E3 2015, and some Beta screenshots show other pictograms; most of them are blue instead of pink. One of these blue pictograms appears in the Just Dance Now files.
  • The menu icon was different as well, as the background was mint green instead of lilac.
  • In the Just Dance Unlimited servers, there is a Beta preview of the Flower & Bee version, showing a totally different background and two shadows behind the coaches to make them look like paper cutouts.


  • In the E3 demo, the coaches are posing differently in the menu icon: P1 has his arms bent 90° and P2 is crouching.
  • The original choreography was going to have a Community Remix, but it was unknown for no reasons. It can be found in the Just Dance Unlimited Files.

Balkan Blast Remix

  • In the Just Dance Now files, it is shown that none of the Gold Moves in the routine were originally intended as Gold Moves.


  • The song has a different design from his appearances on the PAL box art. On the box art, his glove is yellow instead of blue, his hair is brown instead of black, his beard is shaped differently, his sunglasses expose his eyes more, his shirt has buttons instead of rhinestones, and his pants are black instead of blue. As of October 2015, the covers were updated to match his in-game design.
  • Blame also has 3 Beta pictograms, and Gold Move 2 originally was not a Gold Move.
  • In the beta gameplay, the line "To let her through the door" was written as "Too little to the dawn".

Born This Way

  • As seen in a rehearsal for the song, P3 was supposed to be performed by Aurélie Sériné. However, in the final game, she is performed by Grace Bolebe.[citation needed]
  • The early version of the routine was very different. The coaches had a different color scheme, and the background was much less detailed.


  • The coach has a different look on the PAL cover of the game. Her hair looks somewhat different, her headdress looks less voluminous, her tank top is pink instead of yellow, her glove is more purple than blue, the dog heads on her tank top are less saturated and the left side of her leg is more red than fuchsia.
    • However, when the covers were updated, the Beta coach was kept, unlike Blame.
  • In a Behind the Scenes video for the routine, the coach performs a move that is not seen in the final routine.
  • At BGS 2015, a Community Remix contest for this song was seen in the menu. However, in the final game, the Community Remix that was included with the game was Uptown Funk’s. It is unknown if this Community Remix will ever be released.


In the menu square and images of the Extreme coach, the coach's glove is more green rather than cyan.

Drop the Mambo

  • The dancer was planned to be played by an actual female, but in the track's preview, Alkis and Veronique stated that they decided to let Mehdi Kerkouche perform the routine after seeing his choreography because he was more energetic.
  • The song has two unused pictograms.


  • In the Just Dance Now files, some placeholder pictograms can be found. They show the coaches with partially greyed out clothes; they are in front of a different background and "FANCY" is written in a different font.
    • The files also show a Beta pictogram.


  • Like Fancy, the song has placeholder pictograms in the Just Dance Now files.
    • The song also has a Beta pictogram.

Hangover (BaBaBa)

  • The audio intro was shorter at E3 2015.

Hey Mama

  • In the E3 version, "nana" was not censored.
  • In the preview gameplay, the sampled part from Rosie was covered.

Hit The Road Jack

  • In the menu icon, cover and coach selection screen, P2 has a brown glove instead of a magenta one.

I'm An Albatraoz

  • The routine was meant to have a completely different choreography.
    • The coach’s appearance was different, too, as her hair was messier and her skirt was bigger.
  • The hat of the coach was originally going to be pink instead of light blue. This element can be seen in the menu square (along with screenshots).
    • Also, the background was less detailed in its original version.

I Gotta Feeling

  • Gold Move 2 was not originally going to be a Gold Move, as seen in the Just Dance Now files.

Ievan Polkka

  • In the preview gameplay, the Project DIVA version of the song is used. However, the final game uses the original version.

Kool Kontact

  • The code name was meant to be "KungFu", but was changed to "KungFunk" in the final version due to "KungFu" being used for Kung Fu Fighting.


  • The song has two beta pictograms that can be found in the Just Dance Now files.
  • In the beta routine we can see differences in coach colors from beta to final release.

No Control

  • The coaches from No Control were supposed to have a blue glowy outline instead of a thick paper outline, as seen in a short video leaked on Twitter.


  • Rabiosa had a different background during the verses.

This Is How We Do

  • This Is How We Do was supposed to have diferent colors and a different background in the routine.

Uptown Funk

  • Uptown Funk had a different square in which the background was the city with the bridge shown during the second part of the verses. In the final version, it only shows a light blue house.
  • As shown in a Just Dance Minute video, the lyrics were initially purple instead of pink.[1]

Want To Want Me

  • The song has some placeholder pictograms.
    • The song also has a Beta pictogram used in the Mashup of Let's Groove.
  • The menu icon was different in the E3 demo: it only showed a black background with a sparkle and two female silhouettes.

William Tell Overture

Want To Want Me

  • In the Just Dance Unlimited files, an unreleased Star Remix/VIP can be found featuring Jason Derulo dancing to the Classic routine.

Game Features

  • In the E3 Master Class, there were some Dance Quests that didn't appear in the final game:
    • Twilight Zone
    • Worldwide
    • Star Light
    • Night Club
    • Celebrations
      • It can also be seen that each Dance Quest was originally going to have four songs playable instead of three.[2]
  • An unused Dance Quest avatar can be found in a fankit Ubisoft released; the avatar resembles a pair of blue swimming flippers.[3]
    • In addition, the gem on the avatar for the Ring Quest was light blue instead of purple.
  • The AutoDance screen for the game originally didn't have the names for the songs and the artists; instead, in their place, the name for the feature was seen instead.
  • In the game files, there is unused game script saying that exclusive Mashups and avatars can be unlocked by playing each month. However, not all months have an exclusive Mashup.


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