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Just Dance 2017 is the eighth installment of the Just Dance franchise. The game was first teased on June 10, 2016[5], and was officially revealed at E3 2016. The game was released in North America on October 25, 2016. The Nintendo Switch version of the game was released worldwide on March 3, 2017 as a launch title.[6] In addition, a Chinese version, 舞力全开2017, was later announced on March 22, 2017.

Gameplay and Features

  • Just Dance Controller (for Android and iOS only, Windows Phone version is not updated to work with Just Dance 2017)
    • Your smartphone acts as a tracking device and scores your moves - no camera, Kinect, or PS Move required!
    • Take photos of your Just Dance moments, apply fun filters, and share them on your favorite social networks!
    • Access Just Dance TV video content anywhere, anytime. Watch, like, and share exclusive videos including autodances, dance lessons, behind the scenes videos and Just Dance Minutes. For the Xbox 360 version, you would need a Hard Drive to use this feature.
    • Play with up to 6 players simultaneously.
    • Edit your avatar and skin on the go!
  • Just Dance Unlimited (8th-gen and PC only)
    • The dance-on-demand service is back and brings fresh content to all game modes!
    • More than 250 songs will be available at launch and more content, including EXCLUSIVE songs, will be added throughout the year!
    • New search tools and customized playlists will help you find your favorite tracks to dance to and keep the party going.
    • A 3-month trial (PAL, given as a reward after completing your first Dancer Card)[7] of Just Dance Unlimited comes in every box of Just Dance 2017[8]. For NTSC, there are two boxes. The "Regular Package" includes a 48 hour pass and "Just Dance 2017 Gold Edition" includes a 3 month pass plus a 48 hour pass for Just Dance Unlimited.
  • Just Dance Machine (8th-gen and PC only)
    • Aliens have abducted you! They need your dance energy to refill their spaceship's batteries and go back home.
    • Each Dance Machine session is composed of five short exclusive and unique dance experiences that span different types of dance: Flamenco, Charleston, Ballet, Haka, French Cancan... Never seen before on Just Dance!
    • If you have provided the Aliens with enough energy, they will unlock new dance segments for you to try and help them out!
  • Sweat + Playlists
    • Make workouts fun by creating playlists with your favorite tracks, or launching the non-stop shuffle mode! Track your calories burnt, time spent dancing, and number of songs played!
  • World Dance Floor
    • The player-vs-player feature will be returning to all 7th and 8th-gen consoles including PC. [9] This year, you get to defeat a boss who's trying to defeat everyone's high score (8th-gen and PC only)
  • Skins (8th-gen and PC only)
    • Customize the background of your avatar with skins!
  • World Video Challenge(PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, and PC only as Video Challenge, Challenge Mode for 7th-gen)
    • The video challenge returns to Just Dance this year! Compete with other people around the world while watching them dance!
  • Dance Mashup (8th-gen, PC and Wii only)
    • Mashups return from Just Dance 2016 and the background returns from Just Dance 2015 and Just Dance 2016!
  • Dance Quest (8th-gen and PC only)
    • The Dance Quest feature from Just Dance 2016 returns.
  • You are a Superstar!
    • When you reach a score of 11,000 in any song in this game, you'll receive a Superstar! That means the letters are now shown on the score bar and the 5 golden stars are changed to Platinum.
    • Keep an eye out after the Fifth Star is achieved, the score bar will flash if you are about the achieve the Superstar. The letters will appear on the top of the stars you achieved as a player in the routine.
    • NOTE: This feature is only available if you are doing the routine in Rivals. Co-Op will not get this new feature.
    • This feature also works on all songs in Just Dance Unlimited from this game.




Menu and Design

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Track List

  • An asterisk (*) indicates that this song is covered in-game.
  • The song colored in is playable on the demo version.
  • A (WD) indicates that this song is playable on the Wii U demo.
  • An (S) indicates that this song is an exclusive routine on the Nintendo Switch.
  • An (S-JDU) indicates that this song is an Unlimited exclusive on the Nintendo Switch.
  • An (RU) indicates that this song is a Russian exclusive. This song can also be played in other countries via Just Dance Unlimited.
  • On eighth-gen consoles, the song list is ordered alphabetically, while on seventh-gen consoles, the tracks are ordered as they are below.
The game contains 41 tracks.
Song Artist Year Mode Square
Cake By The Ocean DNCE 2015 Solo
Cakebytheocean cover generic.png
Cheap Thrills Sia ft. Sean Paul 2016 Solo
Cheapthrills cover generic.jpg
DADDY PSY ft. CL of 2NE1 2015 Trio
Daddy cover generic.png
Sorry (WD) Justin Bieber 2015 Solo
Hips Don’t Lie Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean 2005 Solo
September* Earth, Wind & Fire (Equinox Stars) 1978 Trio
Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) Beyoncé 2008 Solo
Singleladies cover generic.png
Don’t Stop Me Now Queen 1978 Solo
Dontstopme cover generic.jpg
Lean On Major Lazer & DJ Snake ft. MØ 2015 Dance Crew
Can’t Feel My Face The Weeknd 2015 Solo
PoPiPo Hatsune Miku 2008 Trio
Popipo cover generic.png
Into You Ariana Grande 2016 Solo
Intoyou cover generic.png
Don’t Wanna Know Maroon 5 2016 Solo
Bang Anitta 2015 Solo
Bang cover generic.png
Ghost In The Keys Halloween Thrills 2016 Dance Crew
RADICAL Dyro & Dannic 2014 Solo
La Bicicleta Carlos Vives & Shakira 2016 Duet
Bicicleta cover generic.png
Like I Would (S-JDU) Zayn 2016 Solo
Wherever I Go OneRepublic 2016 Solo
Whereverigo cover generic.png
Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) Silentó 2015 Dance Crew
Naenae cover generic.png
I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll* Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
(Fast Forward Highway)
1981 Solo
Bonbon Era Istrefi 2016 Solo
Groove Jack & Jack 2014 Duet
Groove cover generic.png
Oishii Oishii Wanko Ni Mero Mero 2016 Duet
Oishii cover generic.png
Worth It Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink 2015 Solo
Last Christmas* (S-JDU) Wham!
(Santa Clones)
1986 Duet
Carnaval Boom Latino Sunset 2016 Solo
Samba Cover Generic.jpg
All About Us Jordan Fisher 2016 Trio
Leila Cheb Salama 2016 Solo
Cola Song INNA ft. J Balvin 2014 Solo
Colasong cover generic.png
Little Swing AronChupa ft. Little Sis Nora 2016 Duet
Run the Night Gigi Rowe 2016 Solo
Runthenight cover generic.png
Dragostea Din Tei O-Zone 2003 Trio
Dragosteadintei cover generic.png
Scream & Shout will.i.am ft. Britney Spears 2012 Dance Crew
Screamnshout cover generic.png
Tico-Tico No Fubá* Zequinha de Abreu
(The Frankie Bostello Orchestra)
1917 (2016) Duet
Bailar Deorro ft. Elvis Crespo 2016 Solo
Bailar cover generic.png
Titanium David Guetta ft. Sia 2011 Solo
Te Dominar Daya Luz 2016 Trio
What Is Love* Haddaway
(Ultraclub 90)
1993 Solo
Whatislove cover generic.jpg
El Tiki Maluma 2015 Duet
Chiwawa (S) Wanko Ni Mero Mero 2015 Solo
Chiwawa cover generic.png
William Tell Overture (S) Rossini 1829 Duet
Imya 505 (RU) Vremya i Steklo 2015 Solo

Ubisoft Connect Exclusives

These songs can be unlocked on Just Dance 2017 through Ubisoft Connect.[10] Note: Let Me Love You was unlocked at the start. It has since become a Just Dance Unlimited exclusive.

Additional note: These songs are not available in-game for the Nintendo Switch, as Ubisoft Connect is not available for the said console. Due to this, these songs must be played through Just Dance Unlimited, with the exception of William Tell Overture, due to it being on the main track list of the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Song Artist Year Mode Square
Drop the Mambo Diva Carmina 2015 Solo
Electromambo cover generic.png
Kool Kontact Glorious Black Belts 2015 Duet
Let Me Love You DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber 2016 Duet
Blackmamba cover generic.png
William Tell Overture Rossini 1829 Duet

Removed Songs

These are the routines that were originally planned to be in the game, but were later removed for unknown reasons.

  • A (2018) indicates that the song was later released on Just Dance 2018.
  • An (N2018) indicates that the song was released with a new routine on Just Dance 2018.
  • An (RD) indicates that the song was removed from the demo of the game for every console, except the Wii U.
  • An (AR) indicates that the alternate routine for this song was replaced with a different routine.
Song Artist Year Mode Square
In the Hall of the Pixel King (N2018) Dancing Bros 2016 Solo
Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 8.01.19 AM.png
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini* (N2018) Brian Hyland
(The Sunlight Shakers)
1960 Duet
Itsybitsy cover generic.png
Just Mario (2018) Ubisoft Meets Nintendo 2017 Solo
Marionx cover generic.png
RADICAL (Alternate) (AR) Dyro & Dannic 2014 Solo
Radical alt beta.png
Sorry (RD) Justin Bieber 2015 Solo
Sorry (Alternate) (AR) Trio
Sorryalt beta.png
Titanium (Alternate) David Guetta ft. Sia 2011 Trio
Titanium alt beta.png

Alternate Routines

Alternate routines appear in Just Dance 2017. On 8th-generation consoles and the Nintendo Switch, non-Extreme alternate routines can be unlocked for 2,000 Mojocoins each, whereas Extreme routines can be unlocked for 10,000 Mojocoins each. On 7th-generation consoles, they are unlocked via regular gameplay in the order presented in the following table. In both cases, Cola Song (Candy Version) is unlocked at the start of the game.

There are 15 alternate routines in this game.
Song Routine Mode Square
Cola Song Candy Version Dance Crew
Colasongalt cover generic.png
Don’t Stop Me Now Panda Version Solo
Dontstopmealt cover generic.png
Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) Family Battle Version Dance Crew
Cake By The Ocean Earphones Version Duet
Cakebytheoceanalt cover generic.png
RADICAL Helmet Version Duet
DADDY Father/Son Version Duet
What Is Love Car Version Duet
Whatislovealt cover generic.png
Lean On Scarf Version Solo
Hips Don’t Lie Sumo Version Duet
Cheap Thrills Bollywood Version Duet
El Tiki Trio Version Trio
September Disco Fitness Version Solo
Sorry Extreme Version Solo
Worth It Extreme Crew Version Dance Crew
Scream & Shout Extreme Version Solo
Screamnshoutalt cover generic.png


Note: On eighth generation consoles, Switch and PC, the Mashups are playable via Just Dance Unlimited​, excluding Scream & Shout (Mashup). However, they do not require a paid subscription. On Wii, Mashups are unlockable via Mojo Coins. Mashups are unavailable on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

Song Theme Mode Square
Cheap Thrills Sunglasses Solo
DADDY K-Pop Solo
Daddymu cover generic.png
Ghost In The Keys Swag Solo
Hips Don’t Lie Caliente Solo
Lean On World Solo
RADICAL Back In The Day Solo
Scream & Shout (O) American Dream Solo
Screamnshoutmu cover generic.png
September (2016R) Sweatember Solo
What Is Love Icebreaker Duet
Whatislovemu cover generic.png
Worth It Tease Me Duet

Community Remix

This is a list of Community Remixes available for play in Just Dance 2017.

Song Contest Entry Dates Release Date
PoPiPo October 27, 2016 - November 3, 2016 Cancelled
Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) November 3, 2016 - December 8, 2016 December 15, 2016
Bailar January 5, 2017 - January 31, 2017 March 30, 2017
Cheap Thrills February 23, 2017 - March 16, 2017 June 15, 2017
Don't Stop Me Now April 10, 2017 - May 3, 2017 July 27, 2017
Into You June 22, 2017- September 3, 2017 August 24, 2017
What Is Love September 3, 2017 - TBA Cancelled

Just Dance Unlimited

  • An (F) indicates that the song was originally exclusive to Just Dance Unlimited when playing in France, Luxembourg or Belgium, but has since been made available worldwide.
  • An (S) indicates that the song is exclusive to Just Dance Unlimited on the Nintendo Switch.
Song Artist Year Mode Square Release Date
YOUTH Troye Sivan 2015 Solo
Youth Cover Generic.jpg
October 25, 2016
Imya 505 Vremya i Steklo 2015 Solo
October 25, 2016
Ona tańczy dla mnie Weekend 2012 Duet
OnaTanczyDlaMnie Cover Phone.jpg
October 25, 2016
Je sais pas danser Natoo 2016 Solo
October 25, 2016 (F)
February 23, 2017 (W)
Cake By The Ocean (VIP) DNCE 2015 Duet
CakeByTheOceanVIP Cover Generic.png
November 14, 2016
The Greatest Sia 2016 Solo
TheGreatest Cover Generic.jpg
November 24, 2016
Oishii Oishii (VIP) Wanko Ni Mero Mero 2016 Solo
OishiiVIP Cover Generic.png
November 24, 2016
Hips Don’t Lie (VIP) Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean 2005 Solo
November 24, 2016
Juju On That Beat Zay Hilfigerrr & Zayion McCall 2016 Duet
Juju Cover Generic.png
December 21, 2016
Don’t Worry Madcon ft. Ray Dalton 2015 Duet
DontWorryMadcon Cover Generic.png
January 26, 2017
Chiwawa (Remastered Version, by Barbie) Wanko Ni Mero Mero 2015 Solo
Barbie Cover Generic.png
January 26, 2017
Me Too Meghan Trainor 2016 Solo
MeToo Cover Generic.png
February 23, 2017
How Deep Is Your Love Calvin Harris & Disciples 2015 Solo
HowDeep Cover Generic.png
March 3, 2017 (S)
June 22, 2017 (W)
HandClap Fitz & the Tantrums 2016 Trio
HandClap Cover Generic.png
March 23, 2017
Don’t Let Me Down The Chainsmokers ft. Daya 2016 Duet
DontLet Cover Generic.png
April 20, 2017
Ain’t My Fault Zara Larsson 2016 Solo
AintMy Cover Generic.png
May 30, 2017
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
(From The Emoji Movie)
Wham! 1984 Duet
WakeMeUpALT Cover Generic.png
July 20, 2017
(World Cup Champion Version)
Fitz and the Tantrums 2016 Solo
August 31, 2017
Let Me Love You DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber 2016 Duet
Blackmamba cover generic.png
January 18, 2018


ESRB Rating

Resources can be found here

Category: 2000px-ESRB 2013 Everyone 10+.svg.png

Content descriptors: Lyrics

Other: Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB

Rating Summary: This is a rhythm-and-dance simulation game in which players perform choreographed routines by following the movements of on-screen characters. Players score points by accurately moving their bodies in time to the music and scrolling indicators. Some songs contain suggestive references: “He. . .scanned everything I had under my top”; “A little less conversation and a little more touch my body.” Other song lyrics contain allusions to violence (e.g., “Machine gun firing at the ones who run”) and alcohol references (e.g., “Wasted, and the more I drink the more I think about you”).

PEGI Rating

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Category: PEGI3 Rating Symbol.png

Rating Summary: The content of this game is suitable for all persons.


Steve Hannley of Hardcore Gamer noted that Ubisoft had defied his prediction that Just Dance Unlimited would be the future of the franchise and that would be no further physical releases, but felt that Ubisoft had put a larger effort into the on-disc content of 2017 than 2016 (which he described as being a "last minute afterthought" to introduce Unlimited). The Just Dance Machine mode was considered to be "pointless" due to being a basic concept driven by its presentation, but was "a concept that's never been done before in rhythm games and an example of the innovation the series needs to warrant a another physical release". Hannley also praised the higher quality of the game’s soundtrack, including more recent hit music, fewer "joke" songs, and surfacing Gigi Rowe’s "impressive" debut single "Run the Night". In conclusion, Hannley continued to assert that Ubisoft should focus more on providing more immediate access to recent music rather than requiring players to wait for the next annual physical release, but that Just Dance 2017 was "thankfully a marked improvement over its predecessor."[11][12]

Just Dance 2017 received "mixed or average" reviews on Metacritic holding a metascore of 73/100 on both PS4[13] & Xbox One[14] and 72/100 on Nintendo Switch.[15]



  • Just Dance 2017’s title was revealed in a video uploaded by Ubisoft Brasil on YouTube, which also confirmed a virtual reality mode. The video later went private for a few hours before being released to the public again.
    • However, Ubisoft Brasil claimed that the game would not feature a virtual reality mode. This was later proven to be false.[16]
  • On the first day of E3 2016, a total of five coaches (Sorry, Worth It, Lean On, PoPiPo, and Can’t Feel My Face) were revealed on the Facebook page of Ubisoft Brasil.[17][18]
  • Following the announcement of Just Dance 2017 at Ubisoft’s E3 conference, the entire team at Ubisoft paid respects to the victims of the Orlando shooting on June 11, 2016.
  • Just Dance 2017 is the most linguistically diverse, containing songs performed in the following eleven languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Albanian, Romanian, Russian, French, Turkish, and Polish.
  • Just Dance 2017 is the first main series game not to have a song by Katy Perry in the main track list or appear as an original/recycled DLC.
    • Including the Japan-exclusive Just Dance Wii, Just Dance 2017 is the second game overall in the entire franchise (excluding the Just Dance Kids and Experience series) in which a Katy Perry song is not featured.
  • Just Dance 2017 is the first game in the main series to be available for PC (via Steam and Ubisoft Connect) and Nintendo Switch. To date, it is the only title that is available on the PC.
  • To date, Just Dance 2017 has the most console releases (eight) of any title in the main series.
  • The game was 'released' in France two weeks before it was meant to be officially released.
  • The Gold Move effect for this game was revealed through Just Dance Now’s routine previews and Just Dance Unlimited announcements.
    • However, the Gold Move effect from Just Dance 2015 is retained on seventh-generation consoles since all assets from that game are used.
    • The Gold Move effect from this game is used in Just Dance 2018 in a similar way but with less particles and a red glow effect.
      • In the preview video of Me Too on Just Dance Now, the full Gold Move effect uses a similar red glow effect.
      • Starting with Just Dance 2020, the Gold Move effect was modified while keeping the red glow effect.
  • From January 16 to March 30, 2017, Just Dance’s Brazilian Facebook page held a contest where Brazilian participants could win a copy of Just Dance 2017 along with Mexican singer Anahí’s album Inesperado. In order to have a chance to win, one had to give a like to Just Dance and Anahís’ Facebook pages, like the post that announced the contest and share it on their profile with the sentence "Vou dançar RUMBA da Anahí e jogar muito Just Dance 2017 esse ano."[19][20][21]
  • Just Dance 2017 is the sixth game in the series to be nominated for Favorite Video Game at the Kids’ Choice Award. The only exceptions are Just Dance and Just Dance 2015.


  • Just Dance 2017 has the fewest Classic Quartets of any game, with four.
  • Like the previous two games, Just Dance 2017 has captions for every alternate routine that is unlocked, but only on seventh-gen consoles. Here are the captions attributed to each routine, in order of when they are unlocked (NOTE: Cola Song’s alternate routine is unlocked at the start):
    • Don’t Stop Me Now - Never say no to Panda!
    • Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) - Dance with your family!
    • Cake By The Ocean - Ready for a date?
    • RADICAL - Put your helmet on!
    • DADDY - Ready for a little workout?
    • What Is Love - In the mood for a road trip?
    • Lean On - Don't step on the scarf!
    • Hips Don’t Lie - Follow my hips!
    • Cheap Thrills - Want to be a Bollywood star?
    • El Tiki - The more the merrier!
    • September - Are you ready to sweat?
    • Sorry - Do you need a second chance?
    • Worth It - Ready to rock the stage?
    • Scream & Shout - Golden is not silence!
  • Just Dance 2017 is the second game where where the first song in the menu is not performed by a solo female. On seventh-generation consoles, the first song is Cake By The Ocean, which is performed by a solo man; on eighth-generation consoles, the first song is All About Us, which is performed by a trio of a man and two women. This was preceded by Just Dance 2014, where Kiss You, an all-male Dance Crew, was the first song.
  • All three returning Ubisoft Club Exclusive songs are from Just Dance 2016.
  • The digital Gold Edition for Xbox One does not contain three months for Just Dance Unlimited.
    • With physical copies of the Gold Edition, an attempt to redeem the three months code for Just Dance Unlimited may instead cause the entire game to download without requiring the disc.
  • All of the Dance Crews are mixed gender Dance Crews except for Worth It (Extreme Crew Version).
  • Just Dance 2017 has the fewest Mashups (10) and is the first game since Just Dance 3 to not have Party Master Mode.
    • On the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Just Dance 2017 is the first game since Just Dance 2 to not have any Mashups. It is later followed by Just Dance 2018.
  • When viewing Autodances, videos of What Is Love, I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll, and Last Christmas, all of which are covered in the game, will play the original versions of the songs.
  • On seventh-generation systems the covers for Bonbon, Scream and Shout, Groove, Lean On, and Can’t Feel My Face have the glass-like effect from Just Dance 2014’s squares.
  • When the Nintendo Switch was launched it did not include the songs Like I Would or Last Christmas. Instead, those two songs were only playable on Just Dance Unlimited.
    • They were replaced by Chiwawa and William Tell Overture.
    • Coincidentally, William Tell Overture is only available on other consoles through Ubisoft Connect. It is not available on the Switch.
  • All of the Mashups on the game end with the last dancer performing the end of their routine (for example, Hips Don’t Lie’s Mashup ends with the dancer for Stuck On A Feeling performing the last moves of his original routine). This is the first game in the series to do this.
  • All of the Mashups except for Cheap Thrills and What Is Love start the audio before the player can see the entire background.
  • Just Dance 2017 marks the first game in the series where Ubisoft’s reward system, Uplay, changed its name to Ubisoft Club. You can still see the Uplay logo on the back of the game case and on 7th-gen consoles when entering the browser. Uplay is also the name of Ubisoft's PC launcher app. However, it was later merged with Ubisoft Club to become Ubisoft Connect.
    • This was also the last game in the series to have the Ubisoft Connect feature on Xbox 360 and PS3.
    • Just Dance 2017 is also the first game in the main series to support the display of Chinese characters, after Just Dance 2016 added Chinese language support.
      • However, Chinese translations are not available for seventh-gen consoles.
  • There is a glitch where when the player is about to get superstar, the first "S" is delayed.
  • On the Wii, when another player gets Superstar during the Superstar sound effect or up to 4 players get Superstar at the same time, it will play multiple times in unison or as a chain for up to 4 times. On other consoles, it cuts off and plays for the next player when another player gets Superstar during the Superstar sound effect or plays once when up to 4 or 6 players get Superstar at the same time.
    • This also happens when one player reaches 5 stars, and another gets Superstar.
  • When attempting to play a Community Remix while having an expired Unlimited pass, Break Free and Taste The Feeling will not have an "Unlimited" marker, and when trying to play the two routines, the game leads you to the normal screen to sign up for Unlimited while playing a preview of the song.
    • However, choosing Playlist followed by an attempt to play one of the two Community Remixes will result in a warning on the coach seletion screen reading that the Ubisoft server is down; after that, the game will return to the startup screen.
  • Scores and dancer cards saved on Just Dance 2017 will be imported to any copy of Just Dance 2018 that is played on the same console.
  • Due to the heavy storage that this game requires for the Wii U, the game can tend to freeze frequently, as often as every 30 minutes of play time.
  • For the karaoke function to work on the Wii, a handheld USB microphone has to be connected to the Wii.
  • Just Dance 2017 is the first game since Just Dance 3 to have a downloadable/Unlimited-exclusive song from a year earlier than 2003 (in this case, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (From the Emoji Movie)). This would happen again in the next game.
  • Just Dance 2017 is playable on the Nintendo Switch Lite, but original Joy-Cons are required to be connected to the console to play.
    • This also applies to other games in the series available on the Nintendo Switch.

Beta Elements

For a full list of Just Dance 2017’s beta elements, see Just Dance 2017/Beta Elements.


For a full list of Just Dance 2017’s achievements, see Just Dance 2017/Achievements.


Game Files

Promotional Images

Behind the Scenes





Promotional Content

Making of a Just Dancer




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