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Game Modes

Party Master Mode

  • Leftover files as well as a dedicated folder was found in the files of the game, indicating a possible return.

Graphics and Interfaces

  • The menu was a bit less equipped at first, as the Options section lacked the "My Profile" and the "Search" buttons.
  • The playlist names were all in caps, and there were also two unused ones named "MOST PLAYED" and "E3 SPECIAL".
  • There are some differences between the E3 and the Gamescom version of the Just Dance Machine animation:
    • The beginning is completely different.
    • The Story video is brighter and shorter.
    • The dancing emblem has a different animation.
    • The spaceship is darker and creates a much bigger and brighter light when it lands on the Earth.
    • A scene lasts longer where it starts off with a house dance party and about a minute the spaceship slowly comes down above the roof of the house.
      • However, in the Gamescom and Final release the scene is immediately shown when the spaceship abducts a dancer.
    • The man's silhouette is pink instead of black.
    • The routines' icons have different positions and the exclusive ones for Just Dance Unlimited are not shown at all.
    • An editing error from 0:58 to 1:03 (referring to the video comparison) is fixed.
  • The Just Dance Machine routines Metal Guitar and Twerk originally had different icons.
  • At the end of the songlist, there was a button that would have activated the Non-Stop Shuffle mode from Just Dance 4. In the final version, it is replaced by the Playlist button.
  • In all the demo builds, the generic player nicknames ("Happy", "Jazzy", etc.) were in mixed case like in its two predecessors. In the final version, they are in all caps ('HAPPY" instead of "Happy"). Despite this, preview footage for newly-added Just Dance Unlimited routines would still have the names in mixed case.
  • When Superstar is achieved, the effects when you're getting closer to Superstar will still appear.
  • In the Just Dance 2017 files an unused file named "feedback_perfectplus.tape" can be found, which has an animation configuration similar to the one from Just Dance 2018's Perfect feedback. This animation was discarded for unknown reasons but later used in the next game.
  • In the files, there are four unreleased "Just Dance Machine" routines. They are:
  • There is an audio in the files called Amiibo but it was scrapped for unknown reasons, that would mean that Amiibo was going to be compatible with the game in Wii U, 3 avatars were found in the files of Link, Mario and Question Mark Block.
  • Unedited assets for most songs were found on Just Dance Unlimited servers.
  • Many of the video previews that were uploaded to the Just Dance Unlimited files when the game was released have early versions of the songs or different choreographies.



  • The coach had more visible facial features, as shown in a Beta preview from the Just Dance Unlimited servers. The background was a little different, too.
    • The song files also contain a different menu color (medium blue-green instead of green) and an unused pose in the coach selection screen.
  • The avatar for Bailar was supposed to have a blue outline instead of a purple one.


  • In a Just Dance Unlimited preview, the background uses different colors and animations, the pictures of the winking women were in full opacity and colored and also the same place where the fingers had replaced the women in the final, and the lipsticks in the verses were placed horizontally and not vertically.


  • From a video filmed during development, Bonbon’s routine was shown to have a different appearance from the final product.
    • The moves were performed in a different way as well.
  • In the menu icon, the coach's outfit is less bright, and the coach is seen with an orange outline instead of the purple outline that is used in the actual routine.
  • In the Customize your Dancer Card, her avatar is seen with no sunglasses and has a collar.

Can't Feel My Face

  • The background was different, as shown in a Behind The Scenes video.

Cake By The Ocean

  • In trailers for the game, there was a very brief preview of the choreography that differed from the finalized version. The background behind the fish tank was a diner with tables, ketchup, and mustard bottles instead of a purple living room.
    • Two of the animals in the background also differed from the finalized version; the octopus was whiter and one of the seahorses had green arms instead of pink ones.
  • In the preview gameplay for the Classic routine, the Gold Move pictogram did not have the thick orange outline that is seen in the final game.
  • In the Beta menu icon for the Earphones Version, the wire for the earphones had an outline as well as the coaches. It has no outline in the final version.

Carnaval Boom

  • Carnaval Boom originally had a different title: Samba Samba. This is proven by its code name (Samba).
    • Besides, Pierre Billon was going to be credited as the artist instead of Latino Sunset.

Cheap Thrills

  • In the E3 preview for the Classic routine, the pictograms are much lighter than in the final game. Their colors were changed after the routine was released in Just Dance Now, because of the mostly white background.
    • The Beta pictograms can also be seen in the Just Dance Now preview.
  • In the E3 menu, the Classic routine's menu color is cyan instead of violet, and the menu banner is yellow instead of white.
  • In the initial menu icon for the Bollywood Version, P2's mustaches were visible. In the final version, they are flesh-colored.

Cola Song

  • A Beta color palette can be seen in the beta menu icon for the Candy Version routine:
    • P1’s costume is lighter, and also has white stripes.
    • P2’s costume is light blue, and her glove is fuchsia instead of blue.
    • P3’s glove is orange instead of light yellow.
    • P4’s costume is lighter, and its stars are light yellow instead of sky blue.
      • Additionally, none of them wears tights (which are actually used in the final routine), and P1’s costume also had a hole for his face (as seen in a Behind the Scenes picture).
        • The background in the menu icon was different as well: it was purple with rainbow sprinkles instead of mint green with swirls.
  • Early menu assets for the Classic routine can be found in the Just Dance Unlimited servers.
  • In the game files, there is an unused unlocking caption that belongs to the Candy People Version, meaning that it was not meant to be unlocked from the start at first.

Don’t Stop Me Now

  • C2 was originally going to have a light blue outline like C1, as proven by some screenshots. It was also going to have a white outline, as seen on the square. In the final version of the routine, C2's beta outline was replaced by a paper-like outline.
  • In the preview gameplay at E3, the pictograms for C2 had the same color as C1's. This was changed in the final version, where C2's pictograms are red instead of wine purple.
  • The Alternate coach was meant to have a blue, thin glow instead of a paper-like outline, as seen in its Beta menu icon.

Don’t Wanna Know

  • The coach's glove was originally more light blue, as seen in a Beta screenshot.
  • "Don't Wanna Know" originally had a different avatar.

El Tiki

  • The pictograms are much darker in the E3 preview.
  • The Trio Version was originally going to have a totally different choreography and different outfits, but it was changed due to unfixable glitches.


  • As shown on a Facebook picture, each coach was initially supposed to have his own outline color: P1's was red and P2's was blue.
    • In the same image, P2's shoes are light blue instead of pink.
  • As seen on the coach selection screen, P1’s fedora and shirt were originally light blue instead of pink.
    • Besides, there is also a white dot on his left.

Hips Don’t Lie

  • The preview gameplay has a Beta pictogram.
  • The Sumo version originally had a different square, and the coaches had a blue outline instead of a pink one.
  • In the beta routine we can see differences in coach colors from beta to final release.

I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll

  • In its early version, the background was less detailed and the background dancers were pink instead of lilac purple.
    • Very strangely, this preview plays the original version of the song instead of its cover.
  • Unedited versions of the menu assets can be found in the Just Dance Unlimited files.
  • A Beta pictogram is seen in the Just Dance Now files.

In the Hall of the Pixel King

  • An 8-bit remix of In the Hall of Mountain King was supposed to be in the game, but it was scrapped for unknown reasons. A very small part of the gameplay appears in the trailer of Just Dance 2017. The coach also appears in the behind scenes video shown during the Masterclass.
  • However, the song later made an official appearance in Just Dance 2018 with a remade routine and a remade dancer.

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

  • This song was supposed to be in the game covered, but it was scrapped for unknown reasons. A very small part of the gameplay appears in the trailer of Just Dance 2017.
    • However, the song later made an official appearance in Just Dance 2018 with a remade routine where a seahorse now takes the place of the original starfish dancer, and P1 from the original routine is now P2.
    • In its game files, it can be seen that no artist is credited, and the credit string reads "TBD" ("to be discussed") instead, which means the routine was scrapped in very early development.

Just Mario

  • The song was initially intended to be released in Just Dance 2017 for Wii U and Nintendo Switch with a different remake but was scrapped for unknown reasons. This is proven by a leaked video describing it planning to be released in the game and an avatar found in the files of Just Dance 2016.
  • The Beta Remake version can be found in the Just Dance Unlimited files.[1] The following differences can be seen:
    • The routine initially takes place in Acorn Plains from New Super Mario Bros. U rather than in front of Peach’s castle.
      • This unused background can be also seen in the Beta menu assets.
    • The soundtrack is slightly different and lacks Mario’s voice snippets (except at the end).
    • The brick block is broken with a different animation, and the pieces fade away after a few moments.
    • The rainbow background animation used during the star part is different.
    • The blue pipe that leads the coach to the second background is not crooked towards the camera, resulting in the entrance not being visible.
    • The Fire Flower disappears with no animations.
    • The Piranha Plants are bigger and their pipes do not show their entrance, either.
    • The final background is much less detailed.

La Bicicleta

  • An early version of the routine is contained in the Just Dance Unlimited servers; in it, the coaches are much closer to the screen, and the background lacks its animations and is lighter.
    • Another peculiarity of this preview is that the coaches have a light blue outline instead of a fuchsia one.
      • The Beta outline is still used in the menu assets for the routine.

Last Christmas

Lean On

  • In early beta builds of the game, P2 had a different pose in the Coach Selection Menu.
  • In the preview and in E3 gameplays, on remote-sensor consoles, many moves were counted twice (such as when the dancers swing their right arms and tap their hands on their thighs).
    • The amount of counted moves was reduced in the official release.


  • In an early version of the routine, the background clones of the coach were totally different: their palette used shades of fuchsia instead of shades of blue, their skin had the same color as their hair (making it invisible), their feet weren't faded and they had no outline.

Like I Would

Little Swing

  • In the menu banner, a sign reading "LITTLE SWING" can be seen, although it doesn't appear in the actual gameplay.


  • In the E3 menu, it can be seen that P1 and P3's positions are flipped.


  • There are some differences between the E3 gameplay and the final one:
    • In the E3 version of RADICAL, the routine starts with the sound at the beginning of each preview video. In the final version, it is replaced by a disco sound that gets louder.
    • Some pictograms look different, especially the one for Gold Move 1.
    • The end of the song sounds different as well.
  • Versions made after the E3 demo have the song name shown as RADICAL instead of "Radical".
  • The alternate version of "RADICAL" was originally a solo routine with an entirely different coach, choreography and background, but it was later replaced by the Helmet Version.
  • The Helmet Version's menu colors were orange and blue-grey instead of purple and light brown, and the coaches had a pink and fuchsia glove respectively instead of a light green and a magenta one. The menu banner is also different.

Run the Night

  • "Run the Night" has an early version in the Just Dance Unlimited servers, along with unedited menu assets.[2]
  • As seen in an early concept art, the coach's hair was going to be red and ponytailed.
  • Originally, both Gold Moves were not Gold Moves.


  • As seen in the E3 menu, September’s menu colors were light brown and gold instead of wine purple and orange.
  • In the gameplay video, September’s pictograms were lemon yellow, wine red and green instead of the in-game cobalt, light orange and fuchsia.

"September" has a Beta Gold Move, which is seen in its gameplay preview. The Disco Fitness Version coach's belly warmer was much darker than in the final version. This Beta element appears in its Beta menu icon. The routine's G2|jdu files also contain a different menu banner (showing the same background as the menu icon’s) and a different coach selection image.

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

  • Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) has an early version in the Just Dance Unlimited servers.


  • In the demo, the lyrics color is carmine red. In the finalized version, it has been changed to yellow.
  • A different background with elements from the first pre-chorus was initially used as menu banner in the E3 version. However, the finalized menu banner uses elements from the verses.
    • The menu color was different as well, being purple instead of fire red.
  • The Extreme Version was meant to be a Trio of girls performing the official choreography of the song, but the idea did not make it into the final game for unknown reasons. An Autodance showing brief snippets of the unused routine can be found in the Just Dance Unlimited servers.


  • Titanium originally had an alternate routine, but it was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • All pictograms for the beta alternate are placeholders.
    • They also show that the color scheme of the coaches were different.
  • "Titanium" was supposed to have a different background for the routine.

Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)

  • Before the song was announced, P3's outfit was darker along with the other players having a smaller color change.
  • Also before the song was announced, the pictograms had different colors, and there was a beta pictogram.
  • The Family Battle Version had a faintly different menu icon: some elements were slightly moved, and P2 and P3's knees were visible.

What Is Love

  • The classic version originaly had the artist name of "Ubisoft Cover"
  • The menu icon for the Car Version originally had some additional light effects on the background.

Worth It

  • In the song's album coach and coach selection image from the E3 demo, the coach is seen with a yellow glove instead of a pink glove, and the menu banner shows the two statues' heads instead of the columnate at the beginning of the routine.
    • The menu colors were different as well, as they were all in shades of light blue.
    • The lyrics were also different, being pink-gold instead of purple.
  • The coach's outline was light blue in the E3 announcement trailer but it is magenta in the final game.
  • In the preview video and some screenshots, the pictogram color is light brown, but in the E3 demo and final game, the pictograms are magenta.

Just Dance 2017 Beta Skins

These skins were found in the files of Just Dance 2017 and for some reason were not used in the final version of the game; however, the Gear skin can appear when your actual skin is loading. The X skin appears when your skin can not be loaded.

Skins are not available on 7th-Gen consoles.
Skin Represents How to unlock Cost (in Mojo) Remarks
Gear Skin (Beta)


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