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舞力全开2017 is a game in the Just Dance series. It is a Chinese version of Just Dance 2017, and is on the Xbox One and PS4, akin to the Chinese version of Just Dance 2015. The game was first revealed by Sony PlayStation China.[1]


The Chinese version of Just Dance 2017 shares similar features with its international counterpart. Here is a list of the features:


  • 一般 (OK) - roughly translates to "average" in English
  • 优秀 (Good) - roughly translates to "excellent" in English
  • 完美 (Perfect) - direct translation
  • 耶! (Yeah) - roughly translates to "yay!" in English


  • Just Dance Controller (for Android and iOS only)
    • Your smartphone acts as a tracking device and scores your moves - no camera, Kinect, or PS Move required!
    • Take photos of your Just Dance moments, apply fun filters, and share them on your favorite social networks!
    • Play with up to 6 players simultaneously.
    • Edit your avatar and skin on the go!
  • Just Dance Machine
    • Aliens have abducted you! They need your dance energy to refill their spaceship's batteries and go back home.
    • Each Dance Machine session is composed of five short exclusive and unique dance experiences that span different types of dance: Flamenco, Charleston, Ballet, Haka, French Cancan... Never seen before on Just Dance!
  • Sweat + Playlists
    • Make workouts fun by creating playlists with your favorite tracks, or launching the non-stop shuffle mode! Track your calories burnt, time spent dancing, and number of songs played!
  • Skins
    • Customize the background of your avatar with skins!
  • Dance Quest
    • The Dance Quest feature from Just Dance 2016 returns.
  • You are a Superstar!
    • When you reach a score of 11,000 in any song in this game, you'll receive a Superstar! That means, the letters are now shown on the score bar and the 5 stars are changed to Platinum.
    • Keep an eye out after the Fifth Star is achieved, the score bar will flash if you are about the achieve the Superstar. The letters will appear on the top of the stars you achieved as a player in the routine.
    • NOTE: This feature is only available if you are doing the routine in Rivals. Co-Op will not get this new feature.
    • Known as **超级明星** in the Chinese version.

Track List

  • An asterisk (*) indicates that this song is covered in-game.
  • (1.01) indicates that this song was added in the new update.
  • The song list is ordered alphabetically.
The game contains 41 tracks.
Song Artist Year Mode Menu Square
English 中文
All About Us 关于我们的一切 Jordan Fisher 2016 Trio
Bailar 跳舞 Deorro ft. Elvis Crespo 2016 Solo
Bailar cover generic.png
Bang 爆炸 Anitta 2015 Solo
Bang cover generic.png
Bonbon 棒棒糖 Era Istrefi 2016 Solo
Cake By The Ocean 海边蛋糕 DNCE 2015 Solo
Cakebytheocean cover generic.png
Can’t Feel My Face 无法感知我的脸颊 The Weeknd 2015 Solo
Carnaval Boom 狂欢节的热潮 Latino Sunset 2016 Solo
Samba Cover Generic.jpg
Cheap Thrills 廉价的快乐 Sia ft. Sean Paul 2016 Solo
Cheapthrills cover generic.jpg
Cola Song 可乐颂 INNA ft. J Balvin 2014 Solo
Colasong cover generic.png
Don’t Stop Me Now 不要现在阻止我 Queen 1978 Solo
Dontstopme cover generic.jpg
Don’t Wanna Know 不想知道 Maroon 5 2016 Solo
RedMangoose Cover Generic.jpg
Dragostea Din Tei 绿柠檬树下的爱 O-Zone 2004 Trio
El Tiki 埃尔提基 Maluma 2015 Duet
Ghost In The Keys 钥匙里的小鬼 Halloween Thrills 2016 Dance Crew
Groove 沉迷 Jack & Jack 2014 Duet
Groove cover generic.png
Hips Don’t Lie 身体不撒谎 Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean 2005 Solo
I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll* 我爱摇滚乐 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
(Fast Forward Highway)
1981 Solo
Into You 为你钟情 Ariana Grande 2016 Solo
Intoyou cover generic.png
La Bicicleta 自行车 Carlos Vives & Shakira 2016 Duet
Bicicleta cover generic.png
Last Christmas* 上个圣诞节 Wham!
(Santa Clones)
1986 Duet
Lean On 依赖 Major Lazer & DJ Snake ft. MØ 2015 Dance Crew
Leila 蕾拉 Cheb Salama 2016 Solo
Like I Would 就像我会做一样 ZAYN 2016 Solo
Little Swing 小摇摆舞 AronChupa ft. Little Sis Nora 2016 Duet
Oishii Oishii 好吃好吃 Wanko Ni Mero Mero 2016 Duet
PoPiPo 蔬菜汁 Hatsune Miku 2008 Trio
Popipo cover generic.png
Qia La Yong Yuan OK - Future Underworld Mix 卡拉永远OK Alan Tam (谭咏麟) 1990 Solo
Karaokeforeverchn cover generic.jpg
RADICAL 激进 Dyro & Dannic 2014 Solo
Run the Night (1.01) 在夜幕下奔跑 Gigi Rowe 2016 Solo
Runthenight cover generic.png
Scream & Shout 尖叫&欢呼 will.i.am ft. Britney Spears 2013 Dance Crew
Screamnshout cover generic.png
September* 九月 Earth, Wind & Fire (Equinox Stars) 1978 Trio
Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) 单身贵妇(为她戴个戒指) Beyoncé 2008 Solo
Singleladies cover generic.png
Sorry 对不起 Justin Bieber 2015 Solo
Sorry cover generic.png
Te Dominar (1.01) 主宰你 Daya Luz 2016 Trio
Tico-Tico No Fubá* 玉米面和堤可鸟 Zequinha de Abreu
(The Frankie Bostello Orchestra)
1917 Duet
Titanium David Guetta ft. Sia 2011 Solo
Tui Zhi Ge 腿之歌 Lulu (黄路梓茵) 2016 Solo
Legsongchn cover generic.jpg
Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) 看着我 Silentó 2015 Dance Crew
Naenae cover generic.png
What Is Love* 什么是爱 Haddaway
(Ultraclub 90)
1993 Solo
Whatislove cover generic.jpg
Wherever I Go 无论我去哪儿 OneRepublic 2016 Solo
Whereverigo cover generic.png
Worth It 值得 Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink 2015 Solo

Alternate Routines

Song Routine Mode Year Dancer(s)
English 中文
Cake By The Ocean 海边蛋糕 Earphones Version Duet 2015
Cakebytheoceanalt cover generic.png
Cheap Thrills 廉价的快乐 Bollywood Version Duet 2016
Cola Song 可乐颂 Candy Version Dance Crew 2014
Colasongalt cover generic.png
Don’t Stop Me Now 不要现在阻止我 Panda Version Solo 1978
Dontstopmealt cover generic.png
El Tiki 埃尔提基 Trio Version Trio 2015
Hips Don’t Lie 身体不撒谎 Sumo Version Duet 2005
Hipsalt cover generic.png
Lean On 依赖 Scarf Version Solo 2015
RADICAL 激进 Helmet Version Duet 2014
Scream & Shout 尖叫&欢呼 Extreme Version Solo 2012
Screamnshoutalt cover generic.png
September 九月 Disco Fitness Version Solo 1978
Sorry 对不起 Extreme Version Solo 2015
Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) 看着我 Family Battle Version Dance Crew 2015
What Is Love 什么是爱 Car Version Duet 1993
Whatislovealt cover generic.png
Worth It 值得 Extreme Crew Version Dance Crew 2015

Removed Songs

Song Artist Mode Year Dancer(s)
English 中文
Bad Girl 坏女孩 Wu Yi Fan (吴亦凡) 2015 Solo Jdcbadgirl cover generic.png
Bang Bang Bang
BIGBANG 2015 Trio Jdcbangbangbang cover generic.png
Bedtime Stories 床邊故事 Jay Chou (周杰倫) 2016 Dance Crew Bedtimestorychn cover generic.png
Big Dreamer 大梦想家 TFBOYS (加油男孩) 2015 Solo Bigdreamerchn cover generic.png
Deep 海底 LuHan (鹿晗) 2015 Solo Jdcdeep cover generic.png
Growl 咆哮 EXO-M 2013 Dance Crew Jdcgrowl cover generic.png


  • 舞力全开2017 is the third Chinese game in the series.
  • 舞力全开2017’s exclusive routines are the first routines from the Chinese series to be added to Just Dance Unlimited and Just Dance Now.
  • DADDY has been removed in this version of the game.
    • DADDY was removed due to the fact that China had blocked K-pop music and other elements of South Korean culture in protest of South Korea’s implementation of the THAAD system.[2][3]
    • However, the C2 version of P1/P3 still appears in the start menu of the game.
  • The text size in the game was changed due to the size of the Chinese characters in the fonts used for the game.[4]
  • This game, along with 舞力全开2015, were packaged together as a bundle.
  • There is a bug in the game where the game would unlock the wrong avatar after the player finishes a song. For example, after the player finishes dancing to Hips Don’t Lie, P3’s avatar of PoPiPo would get unlocked instead of the correct avatar.[5]
  • All online features (including Just Dance Unlimited) are removed from the game.
    • However, the game boxart still says that the online mode and the Ubisoft Club service are available.
  • Although the game is released in Mainland China, the artists from the two exclusive songs (Alan Tam, for Qia La Yong Yuan OK - Future Underworld Mix, and Lulu, for Tui Zhi Ge) are respectively from Hong Kong and Taiwan, which are both autonomous regions and not considered part of the Chinese country.
  • Run the Night and Te Dominar were originally missing from the tracklist, despite the game cover stating there were 41 songs instead of 39.
    • This was fixed on a patch released in June 8, 2017.[6]
  • When the game was first released, the Ubisoft Shanghai team was not credited. This mistake was also fixed with the patch released in June 8, 2017.
  • Like in 舞力全开:活力派, the song titles and artists’ names are translated to Chinese.
    • However, they appear over the menu banner, and not on the left (like in the previous game).

Beta Elements

For a full list of 舞力全开2017​​’s Beta elements, see Just Dance 2017 (Chinese Version)/Beta Elements.


For a full list of 舞力全开2017​​​’s Achievements, see Just Dance 2017 (Chinese Version)/Achievements




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