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Just Dance 2021 is the twelfth game in the main Just Dance series.

Revealed on August 26, 2020 at the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner’s Showcase, the game was released worldwide on November 12, 2020 on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia and on November 24, 2020 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5, where it was the first game in the series to be released on those consoles.[3]

Gameplay and Features

Just Dance 2021 comes with an insane amount of content for all the family to enjoy!

  • Team up with friends for more fun in our Co-op mode. Co-op mode brings players together to combine scores and rule the dance floor!
  • Little ones can join in on the fun with the acclaimed Kids Mode! The dedicated mode allows the youngest players to enjoy it in full with 8 new kid-friendly curated songs, coming along with a fun dance experience tailored to kid’s needs.
  • Enjoy the new Quick-play mode where if chosen the game gives a random playlist.
  • Monitor and improve your performance! Discover your new detailed score recap and compare your score with your friends.
  • With Just Dance Unlimited, the dance on-demand subscription streaming service, you have access to more than 550 songs, with fresh content added every month! Every copy of the game comes with 1-month access!

Bust a move! The party never stops with Just Dance 2021

  • There is always something going on in Just Dance 2021! Make sure to visit the World Dance Floor to party online with the Just Dance community all year long.
  • Keep the party going with Just Dance Unlimited! More songs and content will be added throughout the year to enrich Just Dance 2021 players’ experience.

No additional accessories are required to join the fun! Just use your smartphone with the Just Dance Controller app!

  • Use your smartphone to navigate in-game, track, and score your moves - no camera, Kinect, or PS Move required! Up to 6 players can play with their phones simultaneously.



Menu and Design

The menu is generally similar in appearance to its predecessor in Just Dance 2020. The gradients have, however, been replaced with a pixelated texture. A key difference is the introduction of "Pertinence" as a menu sort option, which sorts the song selection menu algorithmically rather than alphabetically as in "Catalog". This is the default sort option when the game is connected to the internet. Alternate Routines can be unlocked by playing the corresponding Classic routine three times instead of five times.

Likewise, the Profile tab has been conserved from Just Dance 2020. The Gift Machine now appears in a cheetah print design and rewards players with avatars, stickers, aliases, and skins. The sticker albums are themed on the background of Without Me which can be unlocked by danced songs from the map in the main track list two times in order to unlock a sticker.

Track List

  • An asterisk (*) indicates this song is covered in-game.
  • The songs colored in are playable on the demo version.
  • A (K) indicates that the song is playable on Kids Mode.
  • A (BL) indicates that the song was exclusive to the Benelux region, but got released worldwide later on Just Dance Unlimited.
  • A (FR) indicates that the song was exclusive to France, but got released worldwide later on Just Dance Unlimited.
  • A (J) indicates that the song was exclusive to Japan, but got released worldwide later on Just Dance Unlimited.
There are 44 tracks in this game, including 3 regional exclusives.
Song Artist Year Mode Difficulty Effort Square
Adore You Harry Styles 2019 Solo Easy Low
AdoreYou Cover Generic.jpg
Alexandrie Alexandra* Claude François
(Jérôme Francis)
1977 Trio Medium Moderate
Alexandrie Cover Generic.jpg
all the good girls go to hell Billie Eilish 2019 Solo Medium Moderate
AllTheGoodGirls Cover Generic.jpg
Bailando Paradisio ft. DJ Patrick Samoy 1996 Solo Easy Moderate
Bailando1997 Cover Generic.jpg
Blinding Lights The Weeknd 2019 Solo Easy Low
BlindingLights cover generic.jpg
Boy, You Can Keep It Alex Newell 2020 Solo Medium Moderate
BoyYouCan cover generic.jpg
Buscando GTA & Jenn Morel 2018 Solo Hard Moderate
Buscando cover generic.jpg
Dance Monkey Tones And I 2019 Solo Medium Low
DanceMonkey cover generic.jpg
Dans van de Farao (BL) K3 2020 Trio Medium Low
Dansvandefarao cover generic.png
Dibby Dibby Sound DJ Fresh & Jay Fay ft. Ms. Dynamite 2014 Duet Medium Intense
DibbyDibby cover generic.jpg
Don’t Start Now Dua Lipa 2019 Solo Easy Low
DontStart cover generic.jpg
Feel Special Twice 2019 Trio Easy Intense
Feelspecial cover generic.jpg
Flash (Just Dance Version) (FR) Bilal Hassani ft. Sundy Jules, Paola Locatelli & Sulivan Gwed 2020 Solo Medium Moderate
Flash cover generic.png
Georgia Tiggs Da Author 2015 Solo Medium Low
Georgia cover generic.jpg
Get Get Down Paul Johnson 1999 Quartet Medium Low Getgetdown cover generic.jpg
Heat Seeker Dreamers 2020 Solo Medium Intense
Heatseeker cover generic.jpg
Ice Cream Blackpink & Selena Gomez 2020 Quartet Hard Moderate
Sorbet cover generic.jpg
In The Navy* Village People
(The Sunlight Shakers)
1979 Quartet Medium Moderate
InTheNavy cover generic.jpg
Joone Khodet Black Cats 2006 Duet Hard Moderate Joone cover generic.jpg
Juice Lizzo 2019 Trio Medium Intense
Juice jd2021 cover generic.jpg
Kick It NCT 127 2020 Quartet Hard Moderate
Kickit cover generic.jpg
Kulikitaka (K) Toño Rosario 2003 Solo Easy Moderate Kuliki cover generic.jpg
Lacrimosa Apashe 2018 Solo Medium Moderate Lacrimosa cover generic.jpg
Magenta Riddim DJ Snake 2018 Solo Medium Moderate
Magenta cover generic.jpg
Paca Dance The Just Dance Band 2020 Duet Easy Intense Pacadance cover generic.jpg
Que Tire Pa Lante Daddy Yankee 2019 Quartet Hard Intense Quetirepalante cover generic.jpg
Rain On Me Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande 2020 Trio Medium Moderate
Rainonme cover generic.jpg
Rare Selena Gomez 2020 Solo Easy Low
Rare cover generic.jpg
Runaway (U & I) Galantis 2014 Duet Easy Moderate
Runaway cover generic.jpg
Samba de Janeiro* Bellini
(Ultraclub 90)
1997 Trio Easy Intense
Sambadejaneiro cover generic.jpg
Say So Doja Cat 2019 Duet Easy Low
Sayso cover generic.jpg
Señorita Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello 2019 Duet Easy Low
Senorita cover generic.jpg
Temperature Sean Paul 2005 Quartet Easy Moderate
Temperature cover generic.jpg
The Other Side SZA & Justin Timberlake 2020 Solo Medium Moderate
Othersidesza cover generic.jpg
The Weekend Michael Gray 2004 Duet Hard Intense
Theweekend cover generic.jpg
Till The World Ends* Britney Spears
(The Girly Team)
2011 Solo Medium Moderate
Tilltheworldends cover generic.jpg
U.S.A. (J) Da Pump 2018 Quartet Medium Moderate
Usa cover generic.png
UNO Little Big 2020 Quartet Medium Moderate
Uno cover generic.jpg
Volar Lele Pons ft. Susan Diaz & Victor Cardenas 2020 Solo Medium Low
Volar cover generic.jpg
Without Me Eminem 2002 Trio Hard Moderate WithoutMe Cover Phone.jpg
Yameen Yasar DJ Absi 2020 Trio Hard Intense
HabibiYaeni cover generic.jpg
YO LE LLEGO J Balvin & Bad Bunny 2019 Duet Easy Moderate
Yolellego jd2021 cover generic.png
You’ve Got a Friend In Me (K) Randy Newman
(Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story)
1995 Solo Easy Low
Friendinme cover generic.jpg
Zenit ONUKA 2019 Solo Easy Low
Zenit Cover Generic.jpg

Kids Mode

Song Artist Year Mode Square
Rock N Roll Princess Fast Forward Highway 2008 Solo Badassprincesskids cover generic kids.png
Dance Of The Mirlitons Piotr Ilitch Tchaikovski
(The Just Dance Orchestra)
1892 Duet Balletkids cover generic kids.png
The Color Lab Dancing Bros. 2011 Solo Bubbleskids cover generic kids.png
Flying Carpet Persian Nights 2020 Solo Carpetkids cover generic kids.png
Space Cat Equinox Stars 2011 Solo Chasmonautekids cover generic kids.png
Let’s Save Our Planet The Sunlight Shakers 2015 Duet Ecolokids cover generic kids.png
Get On The Fire Truck The Step Brigade 2005 Duet Firemenkids cover generic kids.png
Here Comes The Spy The Step Brigade 2019 Solo Spykids cover generic kids.png
You’ve Got a Friend In Me* Randy Newman
(Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story)
1995 Solo Friendinme cover generic kids.png
Kulikitaka Toño Rosario 2003 Solo Kuliki cover generic kids.png

Removed Songs

These are the songs that were originally planned to be in the game but were later removed for unknown reasons.

  • An (RS) indicates that this song was replaced by an in-house composition designed to utilize the same routine.
  • A (2022) indicates that the song was later featured on Just Dance 2022.
Song Artist Year Mode Square
Habibi Yaeni (RS) Orgonite 2016 Trio HabibiYaeni cover generic.jpg
Habibi Yaeni (Extreme Version) (RS) Solo HabibiYaeniALT cover generic.jpg
Run the World (Girls) (2022) Beyoncé 2011 Trio Whorun cover generic.png
Run the World (Girls) (Extreme Version) (2022) Solo Whorunaltretake cover generic.png
The Sweet Escape Gwen Stefani ft. Akon 2006 Solo SweetEscape cover generic.png

Alternate Routines

  • A (G) indicates that the song was exclusive to Germany, but got released worldwide later on Just Dance Unlimited.
There are 13 alternate routines in the game, including 1 regional exclusive.
Song Routine Mode Difficulty Effort Square
Blinding Lights Extreme Version Solo Extreme Intense
Blindinglightsalt cover generic.jpg
Buscando Extreme Version Solo Extreme Intense
BuscandoALT cover generic.jpg
Don’t Start Now Extreme Version Solo Extreme Intense
Dontstartalt cover generic.jpg
Feel Special Extreme Version Solo Extreme Intense
Feelspecialalt cover generic.jpg
Juice Yummy Version Trio Medium Low
Juicealt cover generic.jpg
Juice (G) VIPMADE Trio Hard Moderate
Juicevip cover generic.png
Kick It Extreme Version Solo Extreme Intense Kickitalt cover generic.jpg
Rare Fairy Version Solo Easy Low
Rarealt cover generic.jpg
Samba de Janeiro Samba Version Duet Hard Intense Sambadejaneiroalt cover generic.jpg
Temperature Extreme Version Solo Extreme Intense
Temperaturealt cover generic.jpg
Till The World Ends Extreme Version Solo Extreme Intense Tilltheworldendsalt cover generic.jpg
Without Me Extreme Version Solo Extreme Intense Withoutmealtretake cover generic.jpg
Yameen Yasar Extreme Version Solo Extreme Intense
HabibiYaeniALT cover generic.jpg

Just Dance Unlimited

Song Artist Year Mode Difficulty Effort Square Release Date
DRUM GO DUM K/DA ft. Aluna, Wolftyla, and Bekuh BOOM 2020 Quartet Extreme Intense
Kdance cover generic.png
November 25, 2020
Dans van de Farao K3 2020 Trio Medium Low
Dansvandefarao cover generic.png
December 30, 2020
Flash (Just Dance Version) Bilal Hassani ft. Sundy Jules, Paola Locatelli, and Sulivan Gwed 2020 Solo Medium Moderate
Flash cover generic.png
December 30, 2020
Juice (VIPMADE) Lizzo 2019 Trio Hard Moderate
Juicevip cover generic.png
December 30, 2020
U.S.A. Da Pump 2018 Quartet Medium Intense
Usa cover generic.png
December 30, 2020
Tusa KAROL G and Nicki Minaj 2019 Solo Medium Low
Tusa cover generic.png
January 14, 2021
Stupid Love Lady Gaga 2020 Solo Hard Intense
Stupidlove cover generic.png
January 21, 2021
Girls Like Tinie Tempah ft. Zara Larsson 2016 Trio Medium Moderate
Girlslike cover generic.png
January 28, 2021
Calypso (Community Remix) Luis Fonsi ft. Stefflon Don 2018 Solo Easy Low
CalypsoFAN Cover Generic.png
April 6, 2021
Monster EXO 2016 Trio Hard Intense
Monster jdu cover generic.png
April 15, 2021
The Way I Are Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson, D.O.E. & Sebastian 2007 Duet Medium Moderate
Thewayiare cover generic.png
April 22, 2021
Come Back Home 2NE1 2014 Trio Hard Moderate
Comebackhome cover generic.png
April 29, 2021
Head & Heart Joel Corry ft. MNEK 2020 Duet Easy Moderate
Headandheart cover generic.png
July 15, 2021
Intoxicated Martin Solveig & GTA 2015 Solo Medium Low
Intoxicated cover generic.png
July 22, 2021
John Cena Sho Madjozi 2019 Solo Hard Intense
Johncena cover generic.png
July 29, 2021
All The Stars Kendrick Lamar & SZA 2018 Solo Medium Low
October 7, 2021
Rainbow Beats Yi Yan/Zhao Fang Jing/Suika Kune/Feizaojun 2020 Duet Hard Moderate
Rainbowrhythm jd2020c cover generic.png
October 14, 2021

ESRB/PEGI ratings

ESRB Rating

Resources can be found here

Category: 2000px-ESRB 2013 Everyone.svg.png

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Content descriptors: Mild Lyrics

Other: Users Interact, In-Game Purchases (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, Xbox Series, PlayStation 5)

Rating Summary: This is a rhythm-and-dance simulation game in which players perform choreographed routines by following the movements of on-screen characters. Players score points by accurately moving their bodies in time to the music and scrolling indicators. Some song lyrics contain the words “damn” and “hell” and references to suggestive material (e.g., “Feeling your hands/Upon up on my thighs”; "But friends don’t know/The way you taste..."; "Polyamorist dreams/Of a teen heart"; “I got the right tactics to turn you on”).


Just Dance 2021 received "mixed or average" reviews on Metacritic, with a metascore of 74/100 on Nintendo Switch.[4]


  • Just Dance 2021 is the first game to be revealed at a Nintendo Direct presentation instead of a major gaming convention. This is most likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing major gaming events such as E3 to be cancelled.
    • It is the second game, after Just Dance, to not be revealed at E3.
    • It is also the first game to have new tracks revealed at Ubisoft Forward.
  • Just Dance 2021 is the second game in the main Just Dance series to be leaked on the Xbox website, after Just Dance 2014.
  • Just Dance 2021 is the first game to release teasers of the songs after the game’s announcement, as opposed to alongside the announcement.
  • Just Dance 2021 is the first game in the series to be released on the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.
    • It is also the first game in the series to use the Ubisoft Connect name and logo.
  • On the Xbox Series X/S, the game requires an internet connection, due to the fact that support for Kinect was terminated, and using a smartphone requires internet.
  • Just Dance 2021 is the first game to be released in Japan via any PlayStation console.[5][6]
  • Just Dance 2021 is the first game in the main series to have kana support on a non-Nintendo console.
  • Just Dance 2021 is the first game in the main franchise to not be released on the Wii.
    • Additionally, Just Dance 2021 is the first game since Just Dance 3 to only be available on one Nintendo console.
    • Consequently, it is the first game to be unavailable on any 7th-generation platforms, ending the use of recycling assets from Just Dance 2015.
  • Just Dance 2021 is the first game in the main series to not contain any songs from the 1980s.
  • Discounting Kids Mode, Just Dance 2021 is the first game since Just Dance 2014 to have no instrumental songs.
  • Just Dance 2021 is the first game where only one box art is used for all regions. In previous games, there would be either a completely different box art, or some variations between box arts.
  • Just Dance 2021 is the second game in the main series to be rated E by the ESRB. It is preceded by Just Dance 2019.
    • It would have been the third if Just Dance 2 had kept its original ESRB rating (E).[7]
  • Just Dance 2021 is the first game in the series to display a tally of counted moves scored along with the ratings out of the total number of counted moves for each player on the results screen after playing a routine normally. Previously, this was only seen in the World Dance Floor from 8th-generation versions of Just Dance 2017 and onward.
    • This feature is only available if one person is playing.
    • The first Just Dance game also had a similar counting feature, however, it only displayed the percentages of each rating.
  • On some copies of the game, the catalogue order is randomized and updates daily, called "Pertinence".
    • This feature is later used on Just Dance 2022 in all copies when the game is opened with internet.
  • Just Dance 2021 is the first game with a Just Dance Unlimited season that doesn't feature any returning songs since seasons are added to the game in Just Dance 2019.
  • According to the Just Dance Now and Just Dance Unlimited files, most of the songs from Just Dance 2021 and its Just Dance Unlimited exclusives have default menu colors (Tundora, Cod Gray, Silver Chalice, and Boulder respectively).
  • A recent update on the game causes many of the Aliases to show "<Missing_[numbercode]>".
  • Just Dance 2021 is the third game in a row to have all its routines on Just Dance Unlimited.
  • Just Dance 2021 is the first game since Just Dance 2014 to include an unused coach on its boxart, this time being Run the World (Girls).

Beta Elements

For a full list of Just Dance 2021’s beta elements, see Just Dance 2021/Beta Elements.


Behind the Scenes


Promotional Images



Game Trailer

Nintendo Direct

Song Reveals

Promotional Content

In-Game Footage


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