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For the mobile app that was known by the same title during development, see Just Dance Now (Chinese Version).

舞力全开 (also known as Just Dance China) is a game in the Just Dance series. It is a Chinese version of Just Dance 2020, exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

Gameplay and Features

The Chinese version of Just Dance 2020 shares similar features with its international counterpart. However, there are still some changes:

  • All Stars Mode is removed from the game.
  • World Dance Floor is changed to "national" dance floor, which is a separate World Dance Floor and only features players of this game.

Through updates in later seasons, more changes were applied:

  • Quickplay Mode is added to the game, but with a fire icon instead of the triangle icon from Just Dance 2022.
    • Some bugs of the mode are also fixed, including:
      • If one quits and then starts again, the mode plays a different song (as opposed to Just Dance 2022, where the mode always starts with the same song).
      • 舞力无限 songs have more chances of being played.
      • Songs are now selected randomly, as opposed to Just Dance 2022.
  • A reminder of Happy Hour has been added to the game and pops up when Happy Hour starts.
  • A sorting called "Recently added" is added to the game.
  • In the Search tab, a "History" function is added to show the latest played songs.

Menu and Design

舞力全开 uses the same menu and gameplay interface introduced in Just Dance 2019.

Some deviations from its main series counterpart include the following:

  • The use of translated Chinese lyrics which auto-scroll with the music and are not highlighted, replacing the original English highlighted lyrics.
  • After Season 7, there is a calorie bar under each of the player’s names, replacing Sweat Mode.[1]
  • Menu deisgns are always changed to the theme of the newest game in the main series. However, during some special holidays, menu designs may also be changed to the respective themes for a limited time, including Chinese New Year in Season 12.

Track List

  • An asterisk (*) indicates this song is covered in game.
  • An (I) indicates that this map requires an internet connection to be played.
  • The songs colored in are playable on the demo version.
  • A (K) indicates this song is also playable in Kids Mode.
There are 41 tracks in this game.[2]
Song Artist Year Mode Difficulty Square
English 中文
(Cai Hong Jie Pai)
肥皂菌、易言、音阙诗听/赵方婧、西瓜Kune 2020 Duet Hard RainbowRhythm cover generic.png
(Guai Mei De)
蔡依林 2018 Trio Easy Uglybeauty cover generic.png
(Wo De Xin Yi)
VaVa毛衍七 ft. Ty. & 王倩倩 2017 Solo Hard Swag cover generic.png
(Huo Guo Shuang)
柳翰雅 2014 Trio Medium Jdchotpot cover generic.png
(Wang Fei)
萧敬腾 2009 Solo Medium Princess cover generic.png
最炫民族风 (Zui Xuan Min Zu Feng) (I) 凤凰传奇 2009 Solo Medium
CoolestEthnic cover generic.png
Baby Shark (K) 小鲨鱼 Pinkfong 2016 Duet Easy Babyshark cover generic.png
Bad Boy 坏小子 Riton & Kah-Lo 2018 Duet Easy Badboy cover generic.png
bad guy 反派 Billie Eilish 2019 Solo Easy Badguy cover generic.png
Bangarang Skrillex ft. Sirah 2011 Solo Medium Bangarang cover generic.jpg
Bassa Sababa 无处可逃 Netta 2019 Solo Easy Bassasababa cover generic.png
Con Altura 在高处 ROSALÍA & J Balvin ft. El Guincho 2019 Solo Medium Conaltura cover generic.png
Con Calma 放轻松 Daddy Yankee ft. Snow 2019 Duet Medium Concalma cover generic.png
Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)* 后街归来 Backstreet Boys
(Millennium Alert)
1997 Quartet Easy Everybody cover generic.png
FANCY 着迷 TWICE 2019 Trio Medium Fancytwice cover generic.png
Get Busy 忙起来 KOYOTIE 2019 Duet Medium Getbusy cover generic.png
God Is a Woman 她是光 Ariana Grande 2018 Solo Easy Godisawoman cover generic.png
High Hopes 希望至上 Panic! at the Disco 2018 Quartet Medium Highhopes cover generic.png
I Am the Best 我最红 2NE1 2011 Trio Hard
Iamthebest cover generic.jpg
I Don’t Care 我无所谓 Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber 2019 Solo Easy Idontcare cover generic.png
Infernal Galop (Can-Can) 天堂与地狱序曲 Jacques Offenbach (The Just Dance Orchestra) 1858 Duet Medium Cancan cover generic.png
Just An Illusion* 只是幻觉 Imagination
(Equinox Stars)
1982 Duet Medium Justanillusion cover generic.png
Keep in Touch 保持联络 JD McCrary 2019 Solo Medium Keepintouch cover generic.png
Kill This Love 埋葬旧爱 BLACKPINK 2019 Quartet Hard Killthislove cover generic.png
Le Bal Masqué* 蒙面舞会 La Compagnie Créole
(Dr. Creole)
1984 Quartet Easy Balmasque cover generic.png
Ma Itù 言语 Stella Mwangi 2019 Solo Hard Maitu cover generic.png
Old Town Road (Remix) 旧城小路 Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus 2019 Solo Easy Oldtownroad cover generic.png
Policeman 警察先生 Eva Simons ft. Konshens 2015 Trio Medium Policeman cover generic.png
Rain Over Me 甘雨降临 Pitbull ft. Marc Anthony 2011 Solo Easy Rainoverme cover generic.png
Skibidi 一起摇摆 Little Big 2018 Duet Easy Skibidi cover generic.png
Só Depois do Carnaval 狂欢之后 Lexa 2019 Solo Medium Docarnaval cover generic.jpg
Soy Yo 我就是我 Bomba Estéreo 2015 Solo Medium Soyyo cover generic.png
Stop Movin’ 停下来 Royal Republic 2019 Trio Medium Stopmovin cover generic.png
Sushi 寿司 Merk & Kremont 2018 Solo Easy Sushii cover generic.png
Taki Taki 尽情摇摆 DJ Snake ft. Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B 2018 Solo Medium Takitaki cover generic.png
Talk 聊聊 Khalid 2019 Solo Easy Talk cover generic.png
Tel Aviv 特拉维夫 Omar Adam Ft. Arisa 2013 Trio Medium Telaviv cover generic.png
The Time (Dirty Bit) 及时行乐 The Black Eyed Peas 2010 Quartet Medium Thetime cover generic.png
Vodovorot 涡流 XS Project 2011 Solo Hard Vodovorot cover generic.png
365 为爱而生 Zedd & Katy Perry 2019 Solo Easy 365 cover generic.png
7 rings 纸醉金迷 Ariana Grande 2019 Trio Medium 7rings cover generic.jpg

Kids Mode

Song Artist Mode Square
English 中文
Baby Shark 小鲨鱼 Pinkfong Duet
Babyshark cover generic kids.png
Freeze Please 请别动 The Just Dance School Duet
Freezekids cover generic kids.png
Happy Birthday 生日快乐 Top Culture Solo
Birthdaykids cover generic kids.png
Jungle Dances 丛林之舞 The Sunlight Shakers Solo
Adventurerkids cover generic kids.png
Kitchen Kittens 厨房里的小猫咪 Cooking Meow Meow Solo
Chefkids cover generic kids.png
Magical Morning 神奇的早晨 The Just Dance Orchestra Solo
Wizardkids cover generic kids.png
Mini Yo School 夏令营 Dancing Bros. Duet
Schoolyardkids cover generic kids.png
My Friend The Dragon 龙为吾友 The Just Dance Orchestra Duet
Medievalkids cover generic kids.png
The Frog Concert 青蛙音乐会 Groove Century Solo
Bandmasterkids cover generic kids.png

Alternate Routines

There are 13 alternate routines in this game, including one being free in both demo and the game but requires internet connection.
Song Routine Mode Difficulty Square
舞力全开 (Wu Li Quan Kai) (I) Alternate
Duet Medium
AllYouGottaCHN cover generic.png
Bangarang Extreme Version
Solo Extreme
Bangarangalt cover generic.png
God Is a Woman Goddess Version
Solo Medium
Godisawomanalt cover generic.png
I Am the Best Extreme Version
Solo Extreme
Iamthebestalt cover generic.png
Kill This Love Extreme Version
Solo Extreme
Killthislovealt cover generic.png
Old Town Road (Remix) Line Dance Version
Trio Easy
Oldtownroadalt cover generic.png
Rain Over Me Extreme Version
Solo Extreme
Rainovermealt cover generic.png
Soy Yo Snake Version
Duet Medium
Soyyoalt cover generic.png
Sushi Extreme Version
Solo Extreme
Sushiialt cover generic.png
Taki Taki Caveman Version
Duet Medium
Takitakialt cover generic.png
Talk Extreme Version
Solo Extreme
Talkalt cover generic.png
The Time (Dirty Bit) Extreme Version
Solo Extreme
Thetimealt cover generic.png
7 Rings Extreme Version
Solo Extreme
7ringsalt cover generic.png

Removed Songs

These songs were on the game, but have since been removed.

  • A (JDU) indicates that this song was originally only available through 舞力无限.
Song Routine Artist Year Mode Difficulty Date Added Date Removed Menu Square
(Da Wuan Kuan Mian)
吴亦凡 2019 Solo Easy Available at launch July 20, 2021
Bigbowlthicknoodle cover generic.png
(Da Wan Kuan Mian)
Solo Hard July 16, 2021 July 20, 2021
BigBowlThickNoodleALT cover generic.png
恭喜恭喜 (Gong Xi Gong Xi) (JDU) 舞力全开乐队 2022 Trio Medium January 21, 2022 February 18, 2022
GongXiGongXi cover generic.png


Beta Elements

For a full list of 舞力全开’s beta elements, see Just Dance China/Beta Elements.


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